Violence = Hate

Violence hates itself. ~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight  

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Call Me What?

You can call me anything you want, but I'm the realist writer there ever was. And yes, I can change my own grammar. The usage of words is what it's about. And I'm using the words as I see fit for the occasion.  

How to Keep the Hugs Away

I want my words to land into the hearts and souls of all terrorists worldwide. I don't work the mind. Actually I don't work the heart either, but I'm trying. All terrorists are welcome on all my sites. Criticize me for talking to a terrorist, hugging a terrorist and you become the threat. Block my... Continue Reading →


FIVE DAYS IN MARCH DAY 1 It’s the climate. If a small difference in climate can change the quality of the wine, imagine what it can do to the human. Imagine what it can do to the quality of the entire planet and all existing on it. I’ve been looking all over the internet for... Continue Reading →


FIVE DAYS IN MARCH DAY 2 My mother once said to me, “Never be ashamed of your religion”. I thought to myself, “or afraid of it”. Your viewing audience says to themselves, what’s she/he mean by that? Or, what’s he/she saying? The soul door opens only if the viewer leans into the door. When they... Continue Reading →


FIVE DAYS IN MARCH DAY 3 Remember the burning of the book that you were so interested in? An Asian woman sitting behind me at a Jewish play said, “She burned the book. We’re not interested in her anymore. We wanted the book.” Out in full view, in the long driveway, sat a fifty-five gallon... Continue Reading →

HUGGING – day 4

FIVE DAYS IN MARCH DAY 4 My evolution from not wanting somebody to hug me or even tap me during a conversation – except family – to initiating the hug to overcome some ridiculous rule, that probably somebody else made for me. The fear of strangers that our mothers make us be. Fathers too. Hindsight... Continue Reading →


FIVE DAYS IN MARCH DAY 5 Stop recreating the past. Create the future by writing about the present. The past is gone. Random ties everything together. Does it really matter? There’s too much detailed history in many articles I read – even too much detailed account in one current happening. Unless you’re trying to change... Continue Reading →


FIVE DAYS IN MARCH DAY 6 Raw material is necessary to build the foundation upon which I form my final conclusions. To the writers and speakers of the world, use your raw material as a foundation to polish the thought. Don’t feel compelled to publish or speak everything that’s in your bank of ideas. Not... Continue Reading →


FIVE DAYS IN MARCH DAY 7 “A natural born molester of the innards, he relishes getting his creepy little fingers straight into the belly, that which should be the private space of all creatures, he invades, laughing all the while, like the devil he chose to be, sucking up the blood with his thirsty, vengeful... Continue Reading →

WHY SAY 5 INSTEAD OF 8 – day 8

FIVE DAYS IN MARCH DAY 8 It’s always a good idea to give a little more than you promised. Never short-change your reader. Not “the” reader. “Your” reader. You’ve been a pleasure and a pain in the neck. Always be honest absent brutal. ~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight  


FIVE DAYS IN MARCH DAY 9 You made me listen by terrorizing me in my own home, out on the street where I live, the restaurants where I eat, and at the stores where I shop. This is my response: You barbaric pieces of African Dung. We want equal time. choke choke choke Those dead... Continue Reading →


FIVE DAYS IN MARCH DAY 10 I don’t care if the group survives. I don’t care about groups or following the leader. All leaders are flawed. They just don’t care if they’re flawed and seemingly neither do their followers, because they’re flawed too. The difference lies in the followers caring about their own flaws yet... Continue Reading →

Politics Has A New Face – accept it

Frankly, I've never witnessed in my lifetime the power that one man has over the emotional responses of so many people worldwide - instantaneously. This is no slow burner. He pops people. One person does all that with a tweet - less than 144 characters. Usually it's a massive government operation designed to sway the... Continue Reading →

It’s Not The People…

It's not the people - it's the culture. Any and all cultures that enslave, torture and slaughter other species as the foundation of their economy must die. Not the people, the cultures. Get ready for the rapid and mass extinction of all participating cultures. You move too slow. You move so slow that you go... Continue Reading →

Picking On Minutia To Avoid The Truth…

Auntie was a Lithuanian. Over time, so many countries occupied and then absorbed Lithuania into their own countries that one might think that Lithuania would eventually lose their identity. They didn’t do that. That didn’t happen. According to my own DNA recently tested I still have Lithuania in me, along with everybody else in the... Continue Reading →

Rose-Colored Glasses

Looking through rose colored glasses enables you to see the hope and possibilities for a better future. You can then look back through the lens of your present-day reality with greater confidence and determination to change what you once thought to be impossible – because you’ve already seen what that change looks like. ~ Sharon... Continue Reading →

Ritualistic Slaughter Comes From The Satan Within

The Gods look unfavorably upon those who brutally enslave, torture and slaughter animals meant to roam free on this earth. Humans pay through disease and misfortune all their lives for these egregious acts of hatred. God does not want back as gifts the animals whom God created. Dead humans are not to be given as... Continue Reading →

A Smart Heart

A smart heart lets you distinguish too much from too little. ~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight  

Rock A Bye Baby

Gray waves black as thunder–white caps foaming peaks of violet snow–crash through transparent rainbows dancing on violent waters sucking tremulous defiant skies kneeward toward the ocean floor. Rocking cradles of transformation–birthing (as if it were easy) new and strange worlds from tainted boulders, that live. Yes, rocks are alive. As hosts. To bear life. How... Continue Reading →

People Without Prejudice Don’t Exist.

Just because you're old doesn't mean you're wise, nor does it mean you're set in your ways and incapable of change. People, all humans and all creatures, evolve from conception to dust. Just because you're young doesn't mean you're innovative, eager to learn or beyond prejudice. People and all creatures are born prejudiced. It's in... Continue Reading →

PHVAF (Phivida Holdings Inc.)

PHVAF (Phivida Holdings Inc.) I bought in at 0.91 $ per share on 2-23-2018 Based in Canada. No Company Profile available. Hemp infused products. BUY, SELL OR HOLD AT YOUR OWN RISK!  

GE (General Electric Company)

GE (General Electric Company) I bought in at 18.28 $ per share on 11-16-2017 COMPANY PROFILE: General Electric Company is a global digital industrial company. The Company's products and services range from aircraft engines, power generation, and oil and gas production equipment to medical imaging, financing and industrial products. Its segments include Power, which includes... Continue Reading →

My DNA Results Are In

  ANCESTRY.COM \ ancestryDNA The big surprise was the SCANDINAVIAN influence coming in @ 31%. GREAT BRITAIN including WALES AND SCOTLAND @ 21% no surprise there. A separate category for IRELAND, SCOTLAND AND WALES was a little surprising @ 20%. EUROPE EAST including primarily Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Austria, Russia, Hungary, Slovenia, Romania, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova,... Continue Reading →

Deciding Whether to Impose Sanctions On Foreign Countries For Disseminating Propaganda

THE COUNTRIES IN QUESTION are the USA against Iran's Propaganda Machine. How would the USA determine in Iran what is false news and what is not false news? It's difficult enough in the USA to fact-check the lying fact-checkers. It really isn't our business to be proof reading the news stories in a foreign country,... Continue Reading →

Suicide By Cop Or Homicide By Pastor?

It's difficult to pin a crime on an individual, when leaders of the group they belong to instruct their members to resist arrest, flee when told to halt, lie when questioned and steal whatever and whenever they can. Human shields in Black communities have long been popular in the USA as a means to gain... Continue Reading →

Why Fool With The Perfect Foods?

A plant is a plant and an animal is an animal. Right now, meat can mean either animal or plant. Eventually, and that day will come, animals will no longer be considered food on this planet, so the term meat will refer to the main part and/or texture of whatever plant is under discussion. Ever... Continue Reading →

Humans Are Animals

Animal Rights are Human Rights. Human Rights are Animal Rights. Humans are animals. As a consequence, all the human rights protected by law apply to all other animals. ~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight  

The Hand Analogy

My hands look the same. One is right, one is left. Although they look the same, they don't act the same and they both can't perform the same functions equally well. They are not equally proficient. One is dominant and the other functions in a more supportive role. You hold a piece of fabric with... Continue Reading →

Evolution = Creation

The universe has a plan. Not everything happens randomly - not every action that leads to evolution is a mistake or dumb luck. In fact, for you sticklers who like that fifty/fifty rule, evolution is creation and creation is evolution. They are equal. There's too much perfection all around for all of it to be... Continue Reading →

Sexism | Male vs Female | Female vs Female

Girls have fathers, brothers, boy cousins, uncles, grandfathers all whom discriminate against them based on their gender. Girls have mothers, sisters, girl cousins, aunts, grandmothers who do the same - discriminate against them based on their gender. Whether it began in the family or not, that's where it is now and has been for a... Continue Reading →

Go Back To The Prejudice

Meaningful solutions cannot be found at the levels of discrimination, enslavement, torture or slaughter, unless you first understand the prejudice. It is in the area of prejudice, before one discriminates, that we must revisit to find the cure for what later became discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter. What caused a movement within the prejudicial realm,... Continue Reading →

The Physics Of Resistance

The stronger your resistance, the more unhinged and incapable of acting rationally you become. Those who resist the hardest, break down the quickest from the sustained unforgiving effort to maintain a resistant posture. It's all about physics.  

A wreck found in Alabama may be the last American slave ship



(CNN)In a remote river delta on Alabama’s Gulf coast, partially hidden under water and mud, may be the answer to a mystery that has baffled scholars for more than 150 years.If experts’ suspicions are correct, it’s the long-lost wreck of the Clotilda — the last known ship to bring enslaved Africans into the United States.Its precise location has eluded archaeologists and historians since the vessel was burned in 1860 by slavers seeking to hide evidence of their illegal trafficking.

But after the wreck was recently exposed by unusually low tides, reporter Ben Raines discovered its remains near Mobile and has taken the first step towards verifying its authenticity.

“We did not see anything on the site that would say it’s not the Clotilda,” said Gregory D. Cook, assistant professor of maritime archaeology at the University of West Florida. Raines brought Cook and several other experts to examine the wreck…

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Gray Area

Of The Five Principles: No prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter, the only gray area lies within the realm of prejudice. That's where decisions are made whether to discriminate or not. And from there one leads to the other if left unchecked. ~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight  

John Lewis Makes a Huge Move

John Lewis, African legislator in the USA, went on international television and called the President of the United States a racist. He wasn't crying per usual. He wasn't speaking rapidly, spitting as he spoke per usual. He wanted finally for the entire world to believe him, even though he couldn't hide the lie from his... Continue Reading →

Evolution – Creation

Evolution involves the destruction of some elements of an entity to lay way for the creation of something else. Elements that are no longer viable wither in order to lay way for the creation of something more viable. ~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight  

Stop Taking Hostages

A female Honolulu Hawaiian cop once said on a television news show regarding the apprehension of a Samoan rapist: "I'm here to tell you that if you rape somebody and then ask them out on a date, I'm going to be the one answering the door when you knock". Black Lives Terrorists can take a... Continue Reading →

Systemic Sexism

I'm more concerned about systemic sexism that permeates every facet and level of societies worldwide, than I am about systemic racism. Those claiming systemic racism are some of the biggest offenders of women. Half the human race is discriminated against by the other half. Racism wouldn't exist if women were considered equal to men.  

Name Calling Won’t Produce Social Change

You think you can call somebody an ugly name and that will make them change into your way of thinking? Has it worked for you, when somebody called you nigger? Did you change your ways to satisfy the one calling you a name? Calling someone a racist isn't going to change them into a non-racist, since... Continue Reading →

You're holding on too tight to something that no longer works.  

We're going to get through this.  

Black Fathers

Nobody talks about the Black fathers who raise their kids alone with the help of volunteers from the church. My mother was one of those volunteers. She was white.  

Good – Bad

The benefits of acting good outweigh the benefits of acting bad. If you have to ask, how do I know the difference between good and bad, then you're blocking the instincts that are inherently designed to guide you in the pursuit of rightness. Guilt is the # 1 blockade. Not wanting to know for the... Continue Reading →

Discipline vs Corruption

Discipline is the key to all success, and corruption is the flaw that ultimately undermines that success, if not blocked.  ~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight from LITTLE BEAR THOUGHTS  

Basket Weaving?!?

Basket weaving? That's all you got? Feathers? You don't want to lose your heritage, your history? You mean the history where you tortured people? Murdered innocent, defenseless animals and cried that you loved and respected them as you did it? You thought killing an animal was brave? And thanked them for allowing you to trap... Continue Reading →

Plants Are Medicine Animals Are Not

Plant foods are nature's medicine for the body. Animals are not. Plants do a body good. Animals do a body harm. ~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight  

Your Message vs My Message

We're different organisms, so the message you get will be expressed differently through your organism than through mine. Different = Not the same. However, there is only one constant, one base, one foundation. The Five Principles. Adhering to and living the Five Principles is the only way for life to survive and thrive on this... Continue Reading →

The Smart vs Dumb Tactic

If I'm smart, that doesn't make you dumb. If you're smart, it doesn't make me dumb. Why do people do that, looking for attention, oh you think you're so smart, I must be the dumb one? Why does there have to be a dumb one? You're not the only smart one in the room or... Continue Reading →


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