by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight

This little book began years before my brain injury from toxic molds and ended years after my brain injury, with beginnings that never truly ended.  This book is not meant to be read in one sitting. My purpose is to refresh you, not to overwhelm you.

If you want to have a conversation about race, don’t make it a confrontation. You don’t start a dialogue by patronizing people, saying you want to listen to them, you want to know what they want, based on the premise that racism doesn’t exist against white people. If you’re white and you were born in America, you know racism. Dialogue has no preconditions. If a black person wants to know what it feels like to be white, look within, and vice versa.

God does get angry; don’t you?

The cycle of violence stops with you. No matter how much pain you’ve endured, no matter how much anger you harbor, no matter how much vengeance is in every cell of who you are now, as the result of horrific, horrific violence committed against you and those you love, our only hope, the world’s only hope is you.

It’s not easy to be offended and to feel the sting of injustice. Where do you put that rage that wells up in all of us? I’ll tell you another story about the bible. In the past I criticized all the violent, vengeance talk.  When I read it, I didn’t want all that stuff. It seemed like every story started out on an inspirational note, then ended up in the vengeance toilet. After I lost a case I should have won, by being sucker punched by the corruption of the courts in America, I returned alone to my hotel room, laid my aching body gently across the bed, stared at the ceiling and realized that my rage level wasn’t coming down. Crying was not an option, not for the way I was feeling.

I opened the drawer of the night table to reach for Gideon’s bible, looking for guidance. Pick a page any page. The first page I opened to told me something about injustice and all the bad things that were going to happen to my opponent. Something clicked in my brain and my rage level began to diminish. So there was a useful purpose after all for all that trash talk. Just because I recognize my own God and everybody else’s doesn’t mean I’m not going to become enraged when a gross injustice occurs. Just because I maintain my own integrity and the integrity of my God doesn’t mean I don’t bleed–copiously. It still hurts.

However, if I had reached for a book that promised only that the greater, universal God would handle it in It’s own way, in It’s own time, and for me to shed that burden and go out and have some fun, it would have satisfied me as much, probably more. The sadistic ramblings of a person gone crazy with rage, was not needed, though it helped, because I knew that the person who wrote it, knew how I felt. Still…a sadistic-free instruction would have also worked. I was alone, and that bible was what was in my immediate environment that my God and the God of the universe used to talk me down from my own anger. In addition, just the act of reading something –anything different than stacks of legal papers, created a new neuro-pathway in my brain, which shifted the focus from rage to no rage.

This reminds me of another story. An off-duty cop shot and killed a guy stealing a really nice car at the new state-of-the-art school beside our apartment building, while a meeting of all the big wigs was going on inside, shortly after it was completed. I only saw some of it. The cops interviewed me and although I didn’t see much, I probably saw enough that would implicate the cop in being over zealous. After all, somebody can’t shoot someone who is in the process of stealing property. Plus, he was off-duty. There was a big hoopla about it in the neighborhood and in the press.

Feeling badly for both the victim and the shooter, late one night, I made a burgundy and gold bow with two gold doves on it, then placed it on the fence where the victim was shot. One night when taking Rosie out for the last time before going to bed, I opened the front door and saw two people, a man and a woman, standing there, about ten feet directly in front of me. The woman photographed me with her cell phone, and the man turned to look at me, then, while remaining in place turned, looked down the street, lifted his outstretched arm and pointed it down the street, then clicked an imaginary trigger as he said, “POW”–all this for my benefit. The stolen car had crashed (after he was shot in the parking lot) up the street where the man was pointing. The little memorial stayed there for about two years, until one day, when the decision must have come down to exonerate the cop, somebody ripped it off the fence and wrote obscenities with chalk all over the parking lot where the shell casings were found. I forgot to note that I hadn’t secured the bow with anything to the fence. I just placed it and wove the ribbon a little inside the chain links. I was surprised that through the seasons of wind, rain and snow, it was still there.

The next spring. I noticed when walking Rosie, that where the memorial had been a single vine had grown in the form of a ‘T’. I showed Steve and we both agreed it was a miracle, that the greater God of the universe had not forgotten. It was God’s memorial now. The next winter, a white teddy bear with a large red heart on its chest appeared beneath the vine, in the snow, so someone else had also taken notice.

One weekend, Steve and I rented a car and went out to dinner, some twenty miles away. A woman walks in, comes up to the bar where we’re eating, takes a large pair of scissors out of her purse and slams them on the bar. I immediately note, out loud, that I considered those scissors a weapon and it would be best if she put them away. She did the usual ‘word dropping thing’ that these Federal operatives do, then left. Upon returning home, we walked by the teddy bear and saw that someone had cut out the heart of the teddy bear with a pair of scissors. Whoa. I couldn’t believe that someone would go to such extremes to send me a message that I didn’t get.

Shortly after that, somebody, a very tall somebody or somebody with a ladder, cut the vine right in half. Steve worked the pieces loosely back into the fence and wondered what would happen. This spring and summer the vine not only returned, but thrived, stronger and more copious than before, but still in the same place where the original memorial had been placed. We’re fully expecting the vine to be cut down again, by Federal operatives who don’t want any evidence of any miracles in any slum, especially if it immortalizes someone stealing a car or killing someone over it. CIA people don’t believe in God. Well, they must be starting to believe, otherwise they wouldn’t have taken such extreme actions to destroy the evidence of God.

In negotiations, all parties get the same instruction. You don’t give one party one set of instructions and the other party a different set.

Anti-prejudice is not extreme. Anti-discrimination, anti-enslavement, anti-torture, anti-slaughter is not extreme. Peace is not extreme. War is extreme. Prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter are extreme.

Go ahead and call your oppressors names. Make sure, though, that they match their behavior.

Prejudice is the root of all evil.

Food chain. How is it that scientists came up with this elaborate food chain theory to convince humans they’re supposed to eat other animals, because other animals do it? To the best of my knowledge, most other animals are vegetarians.

If you think you never have to be forgiven for anything, that you never do wrong, then you put yourself in a self-proclaimed position of authority, thus superiority. Bend a little and be sincere.

Healthcare.Use the Medicare system already in place and simply expand it to include everyone. While in the process, revamp Medicare to decrease doctor and hospital fraud. It’s not the patient committing the fraud.

Here’s a thought for you. How do you know that before your ancestors came from Africa to America, that they didn’t at some point, already mate with people from other continents? Arab? Jew? Those were the wanderers. Europeans were the missionaries. Asian? Russians? Australians?

If we define race as location, then there is no such thing as a pure race–not now, not ever. If you’re not sure what your family tree looks like, it’s pretty safe to consider yourself intercontinental. And even if you know what your family tree looks like, it’s safe to assume that you’re also intercontinental.

When we talk about having Jewish, Arab, Irish, English, African, Indian, Asian and any other types of blood in us, the good news is that we all have the same blood within the limits of type A,B,O etc. When looking at blood, the race or ethnicity of a person cannot be determined. So, race and/or ethnicity really is only skin deep. So, let’s take the blood talk out of the discussions on race, disputes and wars.

When veterinarians operate on other animals, and those other animals need a blood transfusion, where do the doctors get the blood? I don’t think they have blood mobiles around the nation set up so that these other animals can donate their own blood for their own kind.

If no two people have the same DNA, then no two white people, no two black people, no two brown people, or no two other hues of people are the same.  Blood and DNA destroys the foundation of the myth of the group, based on biology.

Whites used to have a rule, one drop of black blood and you’re all black. Blacks now have a fifty percent rule. Fifty percent black and you’re black. There’s no such thing as fifty-one percent or above, since it would require either two fathers or two mothers of one color. So, I guess we can scratch color as a definer of the group. I notice Obama, though half white, never calls himself white. He’s black with a white mother. In his position of huge power, he really should say that he’s part white. It’s prejudicial not to, and it hurts his mother. She told me to say that; don’t blame me. I don’t care what color you are. I never saw a red person, unless they had a sunburn, and it more resembled pink. I never saw a yellow person unless they were jaundiced. I also never saw a white person.  If you’re white, place a piece of white paper near your face or arm and compare hues. Even Albinos who are more white than others called white, aren’t actually white. And, the blackest of the black, living near the equator are more a mix of deep purple and brown, than black. That leaves us pretty much with light and dark. America didn’t invent the melting pot. Everyone who came here, came from melting pots, including the native Americans.

Israel needs to let in international inspectors to inspect their nuclear arsenal, if in fact they have one. To remain anonymous in the nuclear club puts the entire planet at great risk. No country can be trusted with nuclear weapons, especially a renegade country without borders who claims to have between 150 and 300. Now, which is it? Can’t you count? You mean you don’t even know how many you have? Israel will go the way of Iraq and Sadam Hussein with the proclamation of having weapons beyond it’s actual inventory, that served only to frighten the world into finally taking those phantom, mythical words seriously.

You never have to forgive the ideology of a country or a group that commits prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter against you. Forgiveness is reserved for individuals. If you think that an individual can become a monster when they lose their moral compass, consider the impact of millions of those monsters blindly following the monster ideologies of their respective governments and big businesses, and then profiting from your misery. The discipline required by you not to respond in kind, by becoming a monster to fight a multitude of monsters, is key to your success and the ultimate survival of the planet. That goes for all parties.

Why does God allow wars? Why do you? Why does God allow disease? Why do you? Why does God make people die early? Why do you?

Sometimes relaxing with what you have instead of worrying about what you don’t have or what others think you should want gives you greater freedom to make the best decisions for yourself.

We need to get back to what it means to be civilized. We need to examine tribal ways that still run through our cultures. It’s not a question of who is tribal and who isn’t. We all share the same background. Let’s start with Africa, and how tribal ways are adversely affecting the inner cities of all other continents.

White guilt used by blacks to get what they want is a lie. Slavery stems from tribal societies, therefore, black guilt should also exist and it doesn’t. White guilt is used by whites to make other whites work to set slaves free. Black slaves of blacks rarely get set free, because other blacks don’t care enough to dedicate their lives to the freedom of their own, when enslaved by their own. Enslavement on the entire continent of Africa is rampant. Black on black enslavement. Stop it.

“It wasn’t the size of the blanket that mattered. It was the strength of the arms that laid it.”

People say, ‘when one door closes another one opens’. They should add, “eventually”.

DNA is God. Nobody has any more God in them than anyone else.

Murphy’s Law, ‘If something can go wrong, it will go wrong’. God’s law, ‘If something can go right, it will go right.’ If something goes wrong, then people made it go wrong.

Changes are in the air. I know you can feel it, because we’re all part of the same air. The nature of the universe is to change. Evolution is survival.

We all come from the same atom. Adam and Eve are nothing more or less than the same atom.

It’s the arrangement of atoms that creates difference.

Everything in the universe moves. Move equals change.

It’s time to reinterpret old information for new insights in the absence of prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter.

The Ark was built in Africa, where the giraffes, elephants, tigers, lions etc, originated. The Ark was not built in Israel. The arc is the fundamental design of the universe.

Junctures are blocking and initiating points.

If all good things come to an end, then all bad things come to an end.

Discipline is about doing, as much as it is about not doing.

Opening a door is as easy as closing a door.

There is no such thing as an addictive personality, which results in addictive behavior. Addictive behavior creates an addictive personality. Addictions are a necessary part of the universe. We all have them. We all need them. People can just as easily become addicted to positive, life affirming activities, as self-destructive ones. Stopping a positive activity is at least as difficult as stopping a bad one.

When the body is continuously exposed to any substance, the body will attempt to get rid of it if it’s bad and keep it if it’s good. When the body is continually exposed to any substance, the body will eventually adjust to its presence by making it an integral part of the organism. When withheld, the body will react by ‘missing’ the substance, via withdrawal. If the substance is withheld long enough, the body will eventually adjust to its absence, and will make its absence an integral part of the functioning of the organism.

When you raise up your enemy, you raise up yourself.

Every atom is encoded with the elements of survival: no prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter, also called junctures. A juncture exists for the purpose of stopping an action and going in a different  direction, or for the purpose of evaluating an action based on new information, or for the purpose of facilitating an action. Every religion, government, philosophy, decision, must be superimposed over this basic foundation. What doesn’t fit gets discarded and what fits gets kept, in order to assure the survival of one and all.

People often say, ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’. It makes you injured. The more hits a person takes, the more injured they become. There are a whole lot of injured people walking this earth.

If God is in an atom, then God is in all things smaller than an atom.

Some choose to live their lives with their addictions, rather than live their lives in recovery. Perhaps the thought of always being in recovery, and relegating the rest of their lives to helping others similarly afflicted, in order to stay in recovery; and perhaps the thought of having to always put one’s recovery foremost in one’s life, to the exclusion of everything else, for the rest of one’s life is simply too overwhelming and limiting to some of those afflicted. Consequently, many choose to incorporate their afflictions into their lives, while pursuing other dreams.

Perhaps recovering addicts are not the most appropriate people to be counseling others with the same affliction, since the recovery rates are low and the recidivism rates high. Perhaps the need for those in recovery to keep helping those afflicted in order to stay in recovery themselves, sets up a relationship of enabling both parties. It’s okay to dedicate your life to a cause, as long as you consider yourself free, and not obligated, to do that.

Do unto others as you would have others do to those you love. Oh, come on, there must be someone or something you love.

Even though others can set you free, only you can give yourself freedom. I’m not sure what that means. It might be a contradiction that’s true.

You don’t have to love yourself before you can love somebody else. You need to care only about your own well-being. This still isn’t a prerequisite for caring about somebody else’s well-being. Do it in whatever order you want. Who cares?

Curing one addiction cures many other addictions. If you have a bunch of other addictions that you say rose up after getting rid of one of them, then you didn’t totally get rid of one of them. Perhaps, from this atom of a moment forward, you are cured. You will think of that which you can’t do without, probably as often as if you were still using, but you won’t want it. Over and over and over again. This is only one of God’s many gifts to you. Now rearrange the rest of the atoms in your life to accommodate and to reflect who you really are.  If some changes need to be made, make them. Very quickly you’ll begin to say, “I don’t need that either. I’m not going to want it tomorrow either. In fact, I’m never going to need it. If I need that in order to do something I didn’t want to do anyway, then why bother? I’m free and that’s the way I want to be.” Ease into it. Adjust and readjust till it feels right for you.

Now, you’re curing yourself. A balance is what your God is trying to achieve. If somebody asks if you want something you’re not required to say yes. Perhaps each individual does have all the answers. Some of you will look for loopholes.

‘She said, “perhaps”.

There’s nothing wrong with loopholes if they conform to the Five Principles, which means applied to yourself, as well as to others. Are you discriminating against yourself?

By death time, everyone knows who they are.

Kindness repulses those who see in you what they lack in themselves.

When engineering a city, begin with the prisons.

An astronomy teacher once said that earth is the Alcatraz of the universe. Time to clean this hell hole up. Perhaps we’ll all get out of prison when we see ourselves as worthy of getting out.

You don’t have to eat animal fat; you are the fat. You don’t need to eat animal muscle; you are the muscle. The body feeds on itself. Your muscles get used up whether you want them to or not. What, you thought you have the same muscles you had when you were born? Not a chance. You keep growing new muscles as you keep using them up, just like fat. You need to eat only what your body needs to create a balance with what it already has.

Perhaps is too passive. People want active. You’re muscles don’t need fat and protein from animal sources. They need carbohydrates, fats and proteins from plant sources. Eating a balanced diet doesn’t mean animals    interspersed with vegetables and fruits. It means all kinds of plant based foods.

Don’t give your addictions to God; you’re giving them back to yourself.

Rich people should help their less rich family members along, so they won’t become a burden to the government. Keep it in the family.

Family doesn’t loan, they give. Or at least no interest. Come on. There must be some perks to being a family.

I noticed that on the label of the vitamins I bought Rose, contained in the list of ingredients is: digest of poultry. You mean I’ve been feeding my daughter poultry vomit/poop, what’s inside of the stomach and intestines of poultry? Who would do that and for what insane reason? That’s a flawed question. Okay, I leave out the insane. Stop it.

We need to emphasize differences more. We’ve become so accustomed to thinking we’re all alike, that we get irritated when we see people act or look differently than we do. The ‘movement toward equality’ was wrong to assume, that by saying we’re all alike everybody would simply accept everybody else. To emphasize similarities instead of differences was only half right. We also need to address innate differences. The oppression should end first, so that we can see what differences really do exist and what differences are the result of oppression. Terrorists pop up under conditions of oppression. Get rid of oppression and you’ll get rid of terrorists. If you plan to hunt each one down and kill them, to solve the terror problem, then with each killing, several more terrorists will be created. Saying there will always be terrorists is like saying there will always be oppression. This is unacceptable.

The planet has too many categories. Categories block and discriminate. They also inhibit growth. How about putting all of us in the same world bucket. So what would you have us do? You figure it out. Start with the bucket I just gave you.

God speaks to us at every juncture, and along the way to those junctures, using every medium God has at It’s disposal, which means continually and in all ways possible. You know that’s true. How many times have you said in your mind’s voice, ‘should I?’ and how many times did your mind’s voice say, ‘no’, yet you still did it. Next time, argue the point, rather than simply doing the opposite. Yes or no, yes or no. Stop it. Why yes and why no.

If you think that your God isn’t talking to you, then you put yourself on automatic pilot and /or you’re letting your God run roughshod over you. Automatic pilot is reserved only for emergencies. Tame your God. “Faith, hope and charity, that’s the way to live successfully, how do I know, because the bible told me so”. I’m quoting Steve, while he’s singing in the kitchen. Not just because a holy book told you so, but because you see the result and the result is good and non-prejudicial. But wait? Faith in what? Oh-h-h, now that’s an animal of a different species. Faith in the Five Principles is the blueprint. Why? If we stop prejudice, we stop the slaughter. And, slaughter is what’s going to kill us all. After 9-11 the Feds, through back channels, kept telling me to stop focusing on why. We don’t need to know why, we already know why. Really? Then why? I haven’t heard you give a good reason, even after all these years; and it seems that the world isn’t any safer.

I want new thoughts; I don’t want to keep explaining old ones.

Psychoanalysis isn’t necessary. There’s a part of you that is aware of who you really are. Accept that everyone is dysfunctional as well as functional. Accept that we all have degrees of psychological disease as well as degrees of psychological wellness. We need to put more emphasis on mental health, across the board, so we don’t end up with catastrophic illness. Prevention is key. Cure the mind, and you’ll cure much of the body. Stop the stigma. Who do you think you are to stigmatize a disease? Get off your high horse, before the greater God of the universe knocks you off.

Some internal conversations are not meant for public consumption. When you work out issues in your mind, your God’s directness might be construed as abrupt and rude. Know that this is a sign to get your attention.

Your loyalty to your own personal God is tenuous. Strengthen that thread.

God wants you to cooperate with yourself. Begin by opening the God in you to the God in everybody else. Start a dialogue. You play each part, the same way you’d play each part in a play or game of chess, or all the players of a ball game. Dance with God by dancing with yourself.

We need to find a balance between malleable and immobile, so that no one succumbs or breaks.

If you don’t feel like getting up in the morning, you will. If you don’t feel like going to bed at night, don’t.

When you read that somebody else’s God is talking to you, you have a God connection, whether you want one or not. But, really, nobody has to preface the comment. If you’re speaking God is speaking. By the sounds I hear around me and through the media, you all don’t have much pride in the way your God gets presented. You care more about how you dress than how your God comes across to others. Take some pride in showcasing your God, for God’s sake. God intervenes through you and everyone else and everything else.

You’re going to exercise your mind more. You’re going to exercise your body more, even if somebody else has to do it for you.

You’re going to relax more.

You’re going to relax somebody else.

Don’t put your body into shock by not eating at all.

A few bites at a time, a few times a day, might work best for a reducing diet. Variety of plant based foods, in small amounts works best.

Drink when you’re thirsty.

Don’t hurt someone or someone’s family to get their attention. You’ll get hurt back.

Preach while you practice achieving your goals.

Fake it till you make it, and you’ll always be faking it. There’s some truth to that.

Be what you want to be every second of your life. This is bliss with an edge.

Instead of going straight up, raise your own plateau.

Balancing half good with half bad does not make a perfect balance. Balancing all good in all areas and facets of your life is a perfect balance.

You started changing years ago.

We tend to save up all the things we want to stop and all the things we want to start for the same date in time. Try one.

If you want your soldiers to remain standing, don’t take up arms.

You go God.

When good things happen, people tend to take.  When bad things happen people tend to give back. Try giving back before bad things happen.

The world is your audience. (You almost said oyster, didn’t you? That means you’ve been reading too many horoscopes. Stop the addiction. That’s a bad God trying to influence you.) Open yourself to everybody else’s God. Just say it to yourself.  Instruct your God to open channels to all Gods. You can do it, I know you can. You are dying to do it. Speak to your audience. If you want them to listen to you, you’ll have to approach with respect. So, do it, in the privacy of your own private world.

I sense all of you wondering where all this is going. That means you’re already on the path. Ease up and take a look around. What you see is…

You need to learn how to avert things.

Do you want to change, or do you want to change? Pick one.

You are cured of all your headaches.

Cure for migraine. Take whatever medication you take for migraines, if that’s what you do, then submerge self in full hot tub of water and lean head back as you relax, and feel the pain dissipate. Bubbles help, emotionally. Biologically, you open all your blood vessels which takes the pressure off just a few. Then lay down slowly on bed on your stomach with arms propped up to hold head slightly back. If at work, find a sink, fill it with hot water, get down on your knees and submerge your hands and arms into the water, getting the water as far up on your arms as possible. Wait for the pain to dissolve while you hold your head back.

If you spend all your time breaking down everybody else’s theories, you may never get around to developing your own.

I’m tired of starting over. I’m just going to go on from here and incorporate what I’ve learned from the past, without having to organize it all. I trust that my God has already done that for me. Whew! I’m finally in the on-going process of the future.

Your own God doesn’t accept anything on face value. Don’t worry if you do.

I’m changing your world by bringing you into mine.

Sometimes it’s good to rebuild bridges.

If you’ve come this far, you’re having a conversation with your God, my God and everybody else’s God. In fact, the second you looked at the cover of this book, the conversation started.

If you’re too insecure to talk back to yourself, because somebody will think you’re not quite right in the head, then you know you’ve been brainwashed by those in authority, who don’t want the slaves, or the troops, the rank and file, to have the benefit of the other half of their power.

I can say I’m talking to myself; I just can’t say that God is answering me. You just proved my point of oppression.

Oppressed people are blocked from using their entire box of tools at their disposal. Who would know anyway? See, they do control your thoughts and where you allow yourself to venture in those thoughts.

Fear, strategically placed to inhibit and prohibit free thought which otherwise would promote growth, is the tool the oppressors use, to keep your thoughts in their order. That’s why this book is in ‘no particular order’. There’s no plan to the pieces of the plan. It was like playing pick up sticks as a child. That’s how I did it, like a lottery, out of my Nanny Kay’s old blue suitcase, that I’ve carried around with me all these years–one note at a time. Hope it all makes some kind of sense.

God doesn’t care about borders; God cares about boundaries.

Conflict is the fuel required for all change. Conflict does not equal violence. Conflict by its nature is resolvable. Violence by its nature is not.

Don’t kid yourself, and your God won’t kid you.

This work is not a manifesto; it is you turned inside out. You’re lookin’ pretty good kid.

Wealthy people fund rebels. Where else do you think they’re going to get the money to live and operate?

If you’re not saying, ‘I don’t want that’, to your addiction(s), then you’re expecting God to do all the work for you. There’s a conflict. God is saying now, because of your earlier request, but you’re saying no. Resolve the conflict between you and your own God. God takes away the ‘need’; you take away the ‘want’.

You’ve become accustomed to taking shortcuts to feeling good. In fact, you like short cuts to everything. Who doesn’t? It’s normal; everybody does it. You want God to make the decisions for you. So, now you’re bargaining with your God. How about if I do the ‘need’ part, and you do the ‘want’ part?’ Okay, that’s fine. I’ll take away the want and you handle the need. As long as we’re working together, each doing a part, we’ll be okay. As long as you’re making a contribution, you’ll be okay.

There is such a thing as reality. There is such a thing as truth, regardless of anyone’s interpretation of either. Is reality and truth different? Then why have two words that mean the same thing?

One idea can change the world, which means one thought can change the world.

Why do I keep wanting what I shouldn’t have? Because breaking out of the prison of rules others force us to live by feels good. It makes us feel free to break the rules. That means the rules aren’t making us happy. You’ll notice that breaking them doesn’t have a long term feeling of freedom. We’re lacking power if we feel free by breaking the rules. That power can be restored by you, with your own God. Make your own rules and then live by them. Start with the Five Principles and you can have everything else. What else is there? Make one rule for yourself that conforms to the Five Principles of no prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter and see how powerful you feel when you keep your own rule.

You don’t have to beat someone into working unless it’s something that isn’t a good thing to do. Working with others is the individual’s most joyous part of living. Surviving is a joy in itself. To overcome rather than succumb reaps benefits greater than the rewards. For those who succumb, we will vow to make right what made that person’s life wrong.

One of the biggest prejudices throughout the world is rich against poor. Rich people are repulsed by those who slave to make them rich. Rich people can’t stand to be in the same room with a poor person, unless that poor person is cleaning their bathroom or pouring them tea. Ever be a poor person and try to make a contribution to a rich person’s conversation? They’ll patronize you by metaphorically patting you on the head, chuckling nervously, while their eyes dart around to all the other rich people in the room to see if they’re watching. Everybody stops talking and the throat clearing begins as the rich person tries to get away, looking frantically for another poor person passing a canape tray or another one with a half bottle of champagne that has their name on it. I met a rich person once who complained about the young ones wanting to get rich too quickly. He didn’t make his first million till he was forty. That was thirty years ago. He complained that when he vacationed in Mexico, the hotels were right next door to extreme poverty. He didn’t like it; it made him sick. Why can’t they move those people or build hotels where we can’t see them?

You–So what’s the answer?

Me–You are what you are until you want to change or until something outside of you, or inside of you changes you without your prior consent. Coping with adversity is a whole lot easier when you’re on the same page with your own God; and even if you’re not on the same page, being in touch, knowing that in a second that conversation and instruction can and will begin means everything. You do it by answering yourself. If the God in you is holding you back, or if you’re holding your God back, communicate more. God is the power you use for good or bad. Tame the God in you and you’ll have the control you want. God doesn’t want a condition of enslavement with you, nor does God want to be enslaved by you. God wants an active, participating partner.

Changing your mind is a normal universal atomic response. The next time someone challenges you on a changed position, hypocrisy, or a contradiction, simply say that you’re in a process of evolving into the right position. Someone who continuously tries to trip someone up by quoting words from years past, has as an agenda to humiliate, rather than understand where you are now and how you got there. With new information comes new insights; thus opinions change. The process of the evolution of ideas is fluid. Accept that what a person thinks to be true one day will be illuminated and either refined or rejected with additional information the next day, and we’ll all be freed up to think new thoughts, rather than get stuck with old worn out, no longer relevant ideas of the past, simply to avoid being called a hypocrite for changing one’s mind. It is not a woman’s prerogative, it’s the reality of all life and non-life to change.

The cradle of the universe is in the palm of your soul.

Most all our fears stem from fear of ourselves, not from fear of others or others’ opinions of us. We’re taught from infancy that we’re all born bad, and bad isn’t good, and bad should be feared, rejected, resisted, snuffed out, erased, and that only God can make us good, and  resisting ourselves will lead to our salvation and that salvation will unite us with God upon our death–if and only if–we were good. Our teachers in life don’t tell us where we were before birth. Great news. You were with God before birth, which is actually after death, and you remain with God throughout the after-life, until such time you are reborn. Being a child of God means an offspring, offshoot, likeness of, which means you are related, which means you share the DNA of God. There are no adoptees of God. We all come from the same seed, the same atom, which makes us all God.

So, with comfort and confidence you can call that distant star in the universe, as well as the pig or trout on your plate, or the fork you ate it with, your relative. Now that we’re all equal…..stop the prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter. What precisely did God choose the Jews to do, above all others that all others are not also capable of doing?

Groups or individuals who think God made them superior to all others hold the rest of the world hostage to their megalomaniacal whims. Prejudice has as its foundation the ideology of superiority and arrogance, which is manifested by a group’s lack of concern for others not like them, and an unwillingness to engage in rational thought in order to seek rational solutions to the challenges of life. Their ideology of absolute selfishness and greed is the process by which they satisfy their need to be the most important, the most powerful, people on earth. As with all addictions, enough is never enough and before long, what was taken by means of nuance, subtlety and persuasive threats, no longer satisfies the ego, and outright massacre and holocaust become the means to achieve the end–an end that never does end. When eventually, they beg to be stopped by intervention of international forces; when they say, we can’t help ourselves, take that as a sign that they mean exactly what they say, or the next step may be a Nuclear holocaust.

Child pornography laws allow depictions of children in pornography, as long as it isn’t actually a child. The appearance of the pseudo-child engaging in sexual acts  encourages and promotes child pornography, thus it is child pornography. Any depiction, which violates the innate rights of a child and puts any child at risk in the larger society must be banned. Rights of speech did not intend to insult, degrade, demean and put at risk children via porn magazines and videos. Children’s rights need to be included in the Constitution of all nations. If it is being sold as child pornography, then it is encouraging sexual acts against children and must be outlawed. It’s shocking, how worldwide, children are considered the property of adults. That’s enslavement. Children need protection–all children.

Those who put obstacles on the paths to your dreams, will say when you achieve them, that all you went through because of their prejudice, needed to happen to get you where you are today. No. You could have gotten to the same place by a shorter route and avoided the suffering caused by the prejudice.

Torture defined: Purposely imposing psychological, physical, social, economic, spiritual discomfort or pain upon an individual or group. Enslavement equals the loss of physical and emotional control over one’s self.

Someone asked me once how to forgive. I said, start from here. He shook his head no. Since then I thought, start from here acting as you always acted, business as usual. Still…no. Okay, you know I love you, have always loved you and always will love you. Still no. At that point you’ve done all you can do. If someone wants to bring you to your knees, then their goal is not to forgive but to humiliate. Even if you knelt, they would still say no. If they force an apology they want superiority over you, while they squish you under their thumbs.

Some people go around expecting apologies from everybody, yet they fail to see their contribution to a problem or often times that they created the problem. It seems that these people are addicted to turmoil. They’re not happy unless they think somebody needs to apologize to them. Consequently they will bully, reject, talk behind someone’s back knowing they’ll find out, anything to make that person pop, which will then require an apology. Stop playing mind games, nobody likes it. Keep loving the person who is in constant need of apologies and maybe someday that person will forgive themselves. I hear lots of people say that they can forgive everybody except themselves. Stop giving yourself so much importance in the lives of others. If you forgive everybody else, then that  includes you too, since you’re a part of that group. Grow up, for God’s sake!

Genetically engineered meat is the same as cloning. Taking enzymes from a cow and mixing them with a pig, to  create piglets that grow quicker, thus generate more income for the slaughter industry is corrupt. Don’t you know you’re not to cross breed species? Okay, let’s take the enzymes of a Jewish boy and cross it with a pig, and see if we can make little Jewish boys grow quicker, so we can make more money in the financial markets. What, you don’t think scientists have already cloned humans with other animals? Take your blinders off. You don’t cross humans with other animals; you don’t cross other animals with other animals. And you don’t slaughter, period. And, you don’t put animal enzymes in vegetables, fruits, nuts, beans, grains, and any other non-animal food source. Did I tell you fish are animals? Did I tell you birds are animals?

The cycle of violence stops with you, no matter how much pain you’ve endured, no matter how much anger you harbor, no matter how much vengeance is in every cell of who you are now, as the result of horrific violence against you and those you love. Our only hope, the world’s only hope is you.

Conserve, conserve, ration, ration. Start from here and don’t look back. Everything you need for tomorrow is with you today.

Talking to God. This notion that we have to refer to a couple of books written thousands of years ago, that have been translated in as many versions and rewrites, to tell us how to behave sounds to me like we’re either too lazy or too programmed (like the Moon children) to figure out anything on our own–or else we’re looking for a cop-out to justify our perversions. We follow these books more than anybody realizes—-right down to the holocaust offerings. “We have the results of a holocaust in the meat department of every supermarket in the world. We snuff out callously and viciously the lives of other creatures for our own pleasure and gratification. And we’re untouched as we stroke the loins and marvel at the cut. All my senses, with all that I learn, tell me it is wrong. But how do I argue against years of blind, unquestioned tradition?

God–In a poem, perhaps. “I have heard the screams. And felt the terror–I invite you to do the same.”

Sounds pretty barbaric to me.

What? God stopped talking thousands of years ago and everybody accepted that? As what, punishment? For what? Come on, help me out here. Why do you think God, your’s or anybody else’s, stopped talking thousands of years ago? And what, said, “finito; bye bye; had enough of you jerks; ciao; that’s it; it’s over; you’re on your own? And you all accepted that? How come millions of Jews marched to their deaths without resisting? What God were they following? The same one you followed–right into your own hell. The Jews didn’t do anything different than you’re doing right now, by following the course of prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter. And you’d let the oppressors of the world slaughter you too. You do it every day of every year. You say, “it’s okay”.

You think that somehow God is going to save you, if you only pray hard enough. Well, if God couldn’t save all those Jews and all those Africans and all those Russians and all the Chinese, and all the animals slaughtered every day of every year, and on and on and on, then what makes you think God is going to save you? Where’s the history? Where’s the precedent? There is none. There is none. Even the guy who claimed to be the only son of God didn’t get saved. So what good is God if God can’t perform miracles? What, people can, but God can’t?  What sense does that make? I want to know why God stopped talking to people thousands of years ago. Somewhere out in the desert somebody must have done something pretty horrible for God to keep silent all these years.

So I say to God let’s talk. About what? About a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g you want–as long as we keep talking. Because I really do want to know what’s going on inside of my God’s proverbial ‘head’. No surprises for me. I do not want, nor do I like blind faith. I want faith with eyes and heart and mind and soul–wide open. So…I talk and talk and talk. And guess what? My God talks back. Yup. You heard it from the horse’s mouth. Not through hallucinations disguised as miracles, not through voices in my head, but through signs, through logic, through math, through music, through answering myself, through every little thing that you could possibly imagine that cannot be labeled sick. Because the God in me is the only thing that is well.

But as long as we’ve gotten to the sick part, let me tell you that the sick among us are closer to God, their God, than anyone on the face of the earth. Try making fun of somebody with a mental sickness and my God will give you a glimpse of what a mental sickness is and why you should be happy you don’t have it. But, just in case you may have some misgivings about your own mental wellness, there is not a person on earth, who is free of mental disease–just as there is no one who is totally physically well. So, don’t get all arrogant, thinking you’ve been spared. No one is spared. Why? Because we’re made up of a bunch of atoms that bounce around a lot. It’s their nature. It’s how the world changes–by moving.

Tame your own God by implementing the Five Principles. Get out the blueprint and use it. Please.

Proving the existence of God.  In science, nothing can be proved unless it can be disproved. In other words, to prove that you exist, you must prove that you don’t exist. According to the method, you would have to disappear and then reappear to prove your existence. If you can’t prove that God exists unless you can prove that God doesn’t exist, then logically, if you want to prove that God doesn’t exist, then you need to prove that God does exist. That there seems to be no interest in the latter, proves prejudice regarding the entire issue. According to the method, you would have to make God disappear and then reappear to prove God’s existence. Scientists, if they really do exist, need to take a hard, fresh look at the scientific method of proof.

A tiny microscopic seed, not visible to the eye, pierces an egg and creates a body that can grow to eight or more feet and weigh over 500 pounds.

One tiny seed when inserted into soil can grow a tree mammoth in size. The tree emits carbon dioxide, which allows us to breathe.

Hydrogen and oxygen, both invisible to the eye, create water to drink.

Many tiny seeds when sprayed over the soil create food to feed the planet.

The fact that you can’t see the process of the growth, only the result of the growth, doesn’t mean the process of the growth doesn’t exist.

God is all of it. But the process is what allows it all to exist.

Put any animal, including the human animal, in solitary confinement, and you will witness a withering of the organism. Thus, solitary confinement is enslavement, torture and slaughter.

It has been my pleasure and duty to share with you a glimpse into the world of Gods: good Gods and Gods gone bad.

Be your own good God.


No Prejudice, Discrimination, Enslavement, Torture And Slaughter against any/all being(s)


Dislike of an individual or group based on their characteristics or attributes.


Preferential treatment of an individual or group over the lack of equal treatment of an individual or group.


Taking away the free-will of an individual or group.


Imposing physical, psychological, economic or spiritual discomfort and harm

onto an individual or group.


The taking of life of an individual or group through and for sinister, self- group- or nation- serving reasons.

If you can discover a more precise or meaningful definition of prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter, by all non-prejudicial means do so. This is all about the evolution of thoughts, actions, and yes, how we define those thoughts and actions.

Challenge prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter with truth, respect, action and persistence.

I don’t talk much about patience. Too often people equate patience with inactivity which leads to a lack of will to change, hoping that things will simply work out on their own. In doing that, you unintentionally give away your power as an individual.

I don’t talk much about love either. Love is such a personal matter, that for me to impose my personal views on what love is or isn’t or should or shouldn’t be would be over-reaching on my part. Just as there’s a fine line between a flaw and a principle, there’s often a fine line between love and hate. Nobody has to love anybody, but if you say that you love someone as you send them to slaughter, I will on behalf of the one being slaughtered intervene with an opinion.


when we say YES to prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter.

Prejudice leads to discrimination, discrimination leads to enslavement, enslavement leads to torture, torture leads to slaughter if left unchecked.

Summary Of Intent

The following is a mission statement put forth by word warrior during her years as president of Challenged By Handicap:

Word Warrior, Essays On The News, is a publication for those challenged by handicap, prejudice and discrimination. All life on this planet is in some way adversely affected by these three flaws, which impede our ability to achieve success by maximizing our potential.

The foundation of these writings presupposes that a God force exists in all life and non-life, and that we are, in conjunction with all the universe, the designated caretakers, not the designated destroyers of this garden earth and all that inhabits it.

It is the goal of this publication to inspire, motivate, protect, teach, and to recognize the God-given talents and gifts of all life and non-life, individually and collectively, by bringing a different slant in the form of Word Warrior, Essays On The News, to those challenged by thehandicaps, prejudices and discriminations that keep them from participating in the process of social, cultural, governmental, legal, economic, educational, environmental and ethical change.

It is the goal of this publication to encourage those challenged to take part in, and make contributions to, the decision making processes that affect their lives and the lives of those similarly challenged, and to speak for those who have no voice. Since contribution cannot be measured, we don’t place a greater value on one contribution over another.

Central to the belief structure is the ability we all possess to control our own evolution by changing ourselves, our views, our actions, becoming the pebble in the pond that produces the ripples for far reaching change.

A logical consequence to that doctrine illuminates the indisputable fact that one person can make a difference, thus one person can change the world. And, since God puts the individual first, then it is with ourselves that God works most diligently to affect the changes which ultimately promote well-being for all.

Word Warrior does not engage in enforcing the laws of government nor the laws of God. It points them out, how they differ, why they differ, and how we as God’s partners can bring the laws of government and the laws of God closer together.

Word Warrior does not support nor participate in malice, and promotes a platform of non-violence when confronting, discussing or proposing change regarding any issue that  affects the planet, and all life and non-life forms which inhabit it; in particular: issues concerning those enslaved,  tortured and slaughtered: the end product of prejudice and discrimination when left unchecked.

To the extent that this publication encourages those challenged to change the world by changing themselves, through evolution, not revolution, Word Warrior has succeeded in it’s mission.

There’s a continuous balance being sought between anxiety and depression in your brain.  If you get too anxious, your brain naturally slows you down. If too depressed, your brain naturally speeds you up.

In times of stress, that seeking becomes more like a struggle than a natural flowing process. As a result we get stuck in an emotion that becomes unhealthy for us and those around us.

In times of stress or lack of stress, you need to take a more active part in stimulating or relaxing your brain to balance your emotions. What works for you may not work for someone else, and vice versa. What’s critical, however, is that you recognize the power of God that is you, and work together by incorporating that power, thus not blocking that power, to correct what needs to be corrected in the privacy of your own thoughts.

What I admired most about my father and mother while I was growing up was their ability to rise above adversity by thriving and surviving in the moment. I believed they passed that quality onto all of their children and all of their children’s children. And they to theirs.

Fragrant steam escapes through the port holes in the stove as the Raisin Bread Pudding baking in the post holiday oven begs to arouse the senses–for just a while longer. Happy, nostalgic, even peaceful thoughts, warm both heart and hearth, even as we all remain just a little bit nervous. In a world torn by war and savagery, terrorism and fear, spying and lying, those thoughts won’t last for long.

But, there seems to be an almost necessary justification for prolonging the joys, and the feeling of security that a warm, fragrant dessert, baking in the post holiday oven, forces us to experience–even if for just a while longer. 


To AP, I love that you love to dance. It’s such a beautiful expression of life, love and freedom. No matter what else you do in life, always do that.   AS.

I wonder why when I try to install software onto my new MacIntosh laptop computer, a window pops up and says I’m not the administrator of my computer. My username and password are always said to be invalid and that I should contact the administrator of my computer. I wonder who that is? I also wonder why when I’m not moving the mouse, the cursive/pointer moves on its own, eating up text that I’ve written. The computer set in a drawer seven months before I used it. I wonder if that has anything to do with it. Maybe the drawer is the administrator. I wonder if this new laptop is really private or if the Feds can access it by remote control? In the past few weeks and months they seem to know spot on what I’m writing. Segments have appeared in the transcripts of news-type shows and spoken by people when I’m out and about. They must feel that they’ve got the right because the Tehran Times published a few of my very short essays. Mr. Paranoid Cheney-Bush thinks I’m co-plotting with the enemy. They think because I was published in the Tehran Times that Osama bin Laden is going to try to contact me. They’re using me as bait. Yup that’s right. Ask them yourselves. I’m a worm to them. A minnow maybe.

Be careful when you publicly attach a mental illness label to someone. The Jews are big on that one. Chris Matthews plays Hardball by making a living out of being rude and cutting into people’s personalities with snide remarks about their mental health, because they do or don’t come on his show. Mr. Smith better go to Washington with better and higher ideals than that. And better that you fess up before you run into the script writer whom you knew to have inappropriate connections, before you run your own seat off. Better be careful with that talking in the third person stuff to Sarah Palin. Threaten her why don’t you with the Jewish treatment if she keeps making mistakes you find threatening, or your script writers with the Jewish cause to dominate the world through threats of financial ruin, rape and murder if you don’t give a wink and a nod to everything they aspire to–no matter what that may be.

Will the real Chris Matthews please stand up, or sit down and shut up. You mean you don’t write your own stuff? Did you ever protest on air what you were forced to read as if it was your ideology? Then you’re a fraud and we don’t need another fraud in Washington. We’ve got plenty of those. Frankly, I was shocked when I heard you were a democrat. Not that there’s much difference. Raph Nader was right on that and a whole lot of other stuff too. I didn’t like the disrespect Obama showed the ideas of Ralph Nader. Obama got his ideas from somebody. In fact, they both got them from the same source.

And what happened to Rachael Maddow? If you wonder how you got your show think no longer, because it doesn’t appear that you’re doing much of it yourself. Either that or you really are a clone of Keith Olberman. What a disappointment. I regret saying such positive things about you. You got the show then pooped out.

What’s MSNBC doing, trying to save money on script writers, so you share? How about having all the shows sound the same, like the same editor finished off everyone of them? Two for one sale? I think you have a traitor in your midst; you know the one who’s always asking if he’s doing okay and acts real sheepish and looks like he needs a hug all the time and wouldn’t hurt a flea? Oh, come on. He raises fleas with the express intent of hurting them. It’s just that they’re so small that he thinks no one will notice the holocaust; nobody likes fleas anyway. Fleas have eyes. Did you know that? I once saw a blue eyed, red headed flea. Not a lie. It was one of the most beautiful, delicate sights I had ever seen. I marveled at it. He/she must of known, because it didn’t go anywhere, just stood there so I could take in the view. I later learned it was a gnat. Well, what’s the difference, flea, gnat? Nobody likes any of them. Better be careful, I do.

I think we’re living in a world where people feel they can get away with anything. Bush basically gave everyone a free pass, so nobody can get sued by or get prosecuted by anyone, and if they did, no lawyers wanting to live and wanting their children to live will take the cases. There’s anarchy in the Halls of Congress and every other branch of government. Strange how most governments fear and focus on   anarchy by the masses. Just goes to show you, that if you’re not vigilant, your own values will go down the drain, while making everybody else toe the line.

The Jews have taken over the country at every level. From the washroom to the television tower, to the satellites orbiting above. Now when Israel bombs, everyone who thought they were the USA, steps aside and lets Israel run all the military shows. The Middle East is not a threat to the USA. It’s not even a threat to the Middle East. The USA and Israel are the only ones dropping bombs and popping people into a planned response so they can hit them harder. With oil so cheap I wonder what’s the point any more. If you’re Jew you know. Enough is never enough. A house, a piece of land, a bunch of money, a planet, the solar system, the universe, and then what? The then what, has already been planned out by the masters of the mindless chicken  little minds. There will be no what. It will be Mt. Mosada all over again and they just can’t help themselves. What would you have us do? We hate to kill, but we must. We simply must.

Give us the money we want and the building contracts to make this country we’re sick of calling Israel viable or we’ll do a Mt. Mosada and take the whole world with us. You know we can and you know we will. Sharon’s right about the holocaust. It was our design. It worked perfectly. Perfectly. Not a flaw. We controlled all the records, all the books, nobody had access to anything. And then we rewrote the holocaust as we rewrote the bible. Fess up? Who cares already? We won. We got the bank and the store and the planet. And now everybody is on their knees to us. We finally hold all the cards. The world really is letting us do anything we want to do. Wow we made it. Now, stop us from destroying it. How do you like that satire? Make you laugh did it? Like all satire, the satirists say, there are grains of truth to it. Are there really, or are they grains of fear, fear of being oppressed by the masses who read or look at the satirical art piece?

When I see on a crawler on MSNBC that a school is closed in Israel, I know the real name of the country I keep calling USA. I guess USA could loosely include Israel. If Israel is a state belonging to the USA, somebody might want to list school closings. But then that makes Palestine a state too, loosely covered under the same USA umbrella. In fact, all states would be loosely covered under our umbrella. Guess it’s going to be one big RAIN party, with everybody under the same tent. Not so bad–if the violence stops.

I stopped sending essays to the Tehran Times, not because of the government, theirs or mine, but because they seemed only interested in the articles that they viewed as anti-Israel. Still, every article I sent to them I sent to newspapers all over the USA and the world. They were the only ones with courage to print the Five Principles, so hats off to them for that. I don’t like to fight wars, once they’ve started. I did that during the Kosovo war and lost three dogs as fatalities of that war. Even so, prevention is the key. I don’t believe Israelis when they say they hate to kill, unless they’re habitual offenders, like serial rapists and serial killers, whereby they cannot stop themselves, until they either become impotent or no longer get the power thrill from the deed. If someone hates to kill, they don’t kill. If you hate to kill, you’ll find any means to prevent it. I don’t see any of that happening, except maybe in Iran and the countries that don’t offer up their boys and girls as holocaust sacrifices for the Jews.

The entire continent of Africa is a huge offender. But, since everybody is scared of their war tactics of burning people alive, butchering them slowly, nobody wants to fight that fight. What’s in it for them anyway? Diamonds, gold? Diamonds and gold are going to go the way of the hula hoop real fast. The beauty of the rocks and metal won’t fade, but their value will. People will begin to place more value on what it takes to survive and not what it takes to lord over everybody else with high cost jewelry. Those gold bouillon bars are pretty heavy to be carting with you from tent to tent, homeless shelter to homeless shelter. If you can’t burn them for heat, wear them for clothing or eat them for food, better dump them now. Put all the bars in the basement of area hospitals, then give everybody healthcare as they ask for it. That’s all the pay you’ll get for a long time, sort of an insurance policy.

Everybody and I mean everybody is going to be living off the planet, literally. I’m not going to catch someone falling from a burning building with a sack of gold bouillon bars in their arms. So, leave it behind. This is God talking in case you forgot. Remember prophecy. The good, correct, right ones you facilitate, the bad ones you prevent.

Sometimes I make myself sick by the ease with which I forgive people. Then I realize that that’s the way it’s supposed to be. Not the sick part, the easy part. What really makes me sick are the opinions of others that say I shouldn’t forgive, that I should hate who offends me and who offends them, even when I don’t know how someone else has been offended. It’s sort of like Dictator Bush telling me to hate certain people and certain groups and nations, just because he does. He enslaves, tortures and slaughters as much or more than most other people, groups and nations. Guess that means I should hate him and hate the United States of Israel. Yet, I don’t. Just got a sick feeling again. But, again, it’s because of the expectations I’m not fulfilling.

I’m beginning to think that not forgiving is masochistic. The person wants to keep feeling the offense over and over and over again. It’s the only thing that makes them feel alive. When an old offense gets too old and won’t by nature conjure up those feelings, people, groups, nations will do something to pop someone, so that that someone will pop them back and there you have it: an unforgivable offense that can be enjoyed by the prime masochistic offender for a while into the future. Sadistic too. Shooting someone is sadistic. Dropping a bomb is sadistic.

I don’t care what the dictionary says, I can define a word in my terms. Don’t tell me how to define anything. How dare you try to control every thought, every facet of my life with your obsessive compulsive perversions. Ever wonder why learning vocabulary is so difficult? It’s because somebody determines for you what something will mean, and you had better get every word, every punctuation mark correct or you’ll fail? Fail what? Fail your definition? I love these people who get on TV and use a word that they know nobody else will understand. For what? To make somebody go to the dictionary? Not selling enough dictionaries? Who thought that up?  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve looked up the same word and still don’t remember what it means. For words that difficult to decipher the meaning, stop using them. Evolve.

We don’t need to use every word, just because it was invented. I still have a hard time with partisan and bipartisan. I always have to stop and try to remember which means which? Sometimes the news broadcasters get it wrong and confuse me all over again. Add a ship to it and I’m really thrown. Don’t think you’re smarter than I am because you don’t have a problem with it; I can think of a lot of areas in which I’m smarter than you, but I unlike you, don’t go around pointing it out to you. Change the words. Make life simpler not more complex.

Schools are a joke. Steve and I figured out the other night that kids probably need only to go to school through the sixth grade to learn basic, math, reading, writing, art and science skills. History should be an option. Nobody gets it right anyway, and it’s always about men fighting wars and dates and times and places and a whole bunch of nothing, since reading it doesn’t make one not want to repeat it. In fact, it teaches you how to repeat it. Once someone knows how to read, they can read anything they want. If a book needs another book for interpretation, it isn’t worth the  paper it was printed on.

For specialties, kids can pick their own areas and start learning them right away. Why wait till college? Kids waste the best part of their lives in school,  sitting at  desks day dreaming about the world outside that they will never experience till after high school or college. Then after school, just to make sure they don’t quench those curiosity thirsts, they load them up with homework, more homework than they could possibly finish and still do their chores and still try to explore the world. So they cheat. Then when they get caught it’s like the worst possible crime in the world. You violated our no curiosity rule. Kids want to work. Kids are curious. It’s almost like we keep them in school, forming them into our likeness, until they get beyond the impressionable stage, the best stage, the curious stage of their lives. We enslave them.

For kids to be expected to sit still in chairs eight hours a day, five days a week, in a group of different individuals and learn in a threatening environment, focused on grades arbitrarily given by some dictator teacher isn’t natural. Prove it? What? We shouldn’t have to put so many kids on medications that stop their creativity, that stop them wanting to romp like the young pups they are. It’s not the kids’ problem; it’s a problem with the system. When a society has to medicate their children to make them sit still at a desk for eight hours and learn nothing, that’s enslavement and torture. That’s taking a child’s free will away from them. Why is punishment even a part of the curriculum? If anything, make prisons like school is now. You’ll see the recidivism rate (the rate upon which offenders will return to prison after released) go down.

If you have a brain injury, it’s good to rearrange things–a lot. The Jews in the Fed gave me a brain injury, then monitored me to see how I was going to treat myself. They withheld treatment even though I had insurance. The building I was living in was owned by CIA/Mosad affiliates. I got poisoned there; they refused to let me leave, denied everything, then ‘learned’ by the monitoring of me. They wanted intel on how to treat the TBI’s coming back from war, since a toxin injury to the brain is the same as a trauma injury to the brain. They wanted to know how to do it as cheaply as possible so that the Feds wouldn’t have to shell out so much in care-taking funds. You should be horrified by this. If you’re not, you’ve been desensitized by CIA controlled TV shows. They monitored my every breath. It was part of a carrot stick strategy. She finds Osama or she gets no treatment. It’s been since 2001 and I still have had no treatment, except that which I did myself. I don’t have to write a book on it; they’re already implementing it.

I remember reading a little book I bought at a tag sale in Portland, Oregon years ago. In the book, on each day of the year, was a one page essay about life, about the holocaust, about individual accounts, but it was done in a tasteful way, an inspiring way. One day it spoke about scientific experiments and that even though the torture during WWII was horrific, some knowledge was gained from those experiments on human subjects. I recall thinking in horror that the same information could have been obtained by non-intrusive means.

I recall thinking that no matter what ever happened to me or to anyone else, I would never say that the end justified the means. The minute you hear that phrase, you know that something very bad was done to somebody. I still reject it. They didn’t put me in a tub of water and raise the heat to see at what temperature the skin peeled off, but they injured all systems of my body by allowing me to be poisoned and then withholding treatment and then monitoring me to see how I handled it myself, then gave the information for profit, or not for profit, it all ended up either giving somebody money or saving somebody money–everyone except me. And they did all this without my consent. That’s enslavement, torture and slaughter of my body systems.

The prejudice entered the picture because I was antiwar. I was a writer for peace, and they saw my words as influential to the masses. They saw me as a militant animal rights activist. Every step of the way an hysterical Jew convinced some higher up that I was a threat to society, even before I ever wrote a word about Jews. Barack Obama being elected president proves the power of those writings. After several years, one doctor who saw me in the beginning was surprised to see me alive. He said he didn’t think I’d survive the assault by the toxins. I was meeting with him to firm him up on being an expert witness in my upcoming trial, which he was glad to participate in–on my behalf. Not long after, the Jewish lawyer, who kept my file for six months missed a deadline and I lost without ever having my day in court. All this after his firm promised to take the case. The Jewish network, which is the federal network, did their thing. You know, the thing about making your life a living hell. I know that hell. And they say, but we’re not finished with you yet. I say, yes you are. I’m coming on through.

I’m not going to scare someone into doing the right thing. Scared doesn’t work long term. I’m going to give the alternative that is better. Now you try.

I used to envy people who came into Village Mart, that my husband and I co-managed, when they’d announce to all in the store that they  were retired at age forty, golf club in hand, walking on tiles with cleats, not a care in the world, for just a half a moment, till I realized that that was a rich, lazy man’s life who didn’t give a hoot if he destroyed somebody else’s flooring with his golf shoes. He didn’t stay in the air too long, as I quickly pointed out that he wouldn’t do that in his own home, or his own store. Thereafter, when he came into the store, he’d stay at the door and holler for me to get him a beverage. I’d have to walk over to the cooler, then take his money, then go to the register and make change, then return the change to him, all while other customers waited and I left my cashier drawer unattended.

I soon realized why he was retired so early. He had a gift of getting people to do what he wanted them to do. I let him know in a jovial way that I didn’t do curbside service. It wasn’t long after that I saw him again, this time in a suit and tie, somewhat sheepishly entering the store to get his own beverage and this time, instead of shouting, he hung his head shyly as he proclaimed, so only I could hear, that he was out of retirement. I was probably the only person who had cared enough to challenge what I saw as a bright young mind going to waste on a golf course. I didn’t plan it that way. I simply and spontaneously reacted to a prejudice in a constructive way without being mean. When you can trust your own nature to do that, you’ll be one with your own God. Still…be vigilant.

It isn’t prejudice to want to be around people similar to you. It isn’t prejudice to want to marry someone in your own group. But it is prejudice to discriminate against someone who wants to go outside the group, or to prohibit somebody different from joining the group.

I’d like to see Goya fruit nectar juice bars spring up all over the world.

Classifying people into political groups/parties is a way to openly disdain someone for their distinguishing features that they have no control over to change, without appearing to have prejudice. When a government instead of God decides what is prejudice and if those assigned prejudices don’t align with the Five Principles, then the government is being prejudicial.

Just as Hitler’s experiment failed, so did the Israeli experiment. It’s over. You’ve been evicted by world consensus. Like how that feels? Not being able to leave of your own volition, but at the demand of somebody else, who will make sure that you’re not welcome anywhere else, because of your inability to get along with your neighbors? Where will you go? To a slum probably, to be rehabbed. Israel has an insatiable need for world attention, but oddly, they have nothing of value to show the world, except committing massacres against their neighbors when they need money and building contracts. That repulses the world.

Simon and Schuster once said in ‘Turning The Pages” that it doesn’t matter the paper a book is written on. A good book could sell if written on toilet paper. I used to believe that, then I didn’t when publishers would demand camera ready copies, while still claiming to pay an editor, but I’m beginning to believe it again. The word warriors were xeroxed and the words on those sheets made it all the way to the White House in the arms of Barack Obama, claiming to want change. He didn’t focus too much on the change yourself part, because everybody wants it done for them, but he did allude to it now and then. Not a good idea for Obama to claim Nader wanting attention. He was running for president. I don’t like that he voted for the surveillance act, and I would suggest that in the future he question that which he is told to read to the public.

All speech writers have agendas, that’s how they got where they are. Watch those code words, in fact, refuse to use them. More often than not they get misinterpreted by those they’re meant for and correctly interpreted by those they’re not meant for. Somebody tell you to wink? Enough said? Don’t think that once you’re in office I’m going to write clandestinely on my computer for the Cleveland Feds. That’s what they’re hoping. I voted for you, not them. Oh, they told you I voted for McCain? I wrote that on the computer to test if they were still monitoring. They are. It didn’t take long for that to circulate. In fact, everything I do write on that computer is a test to see if they’re still monitoring it. They still think that God is talking directly to them. They keep forgetting or disregarding the Five Principles, though. I also voted for you in the primary. It was close though. I didn’t like that you hijacked Michigan and Florida using affirmative action via Donna Brazile. If that’s the logic you’re going to use in the White House, I’m worried. Somebody didn’t vote, so you’re going to count the vote not cast for you? Hillary said that the votes didn’t count either. Her name was on the ballot. Still, there were people who might have voted for her who didn’t because it didn’t count.

The compromise was not done accurately. Threatening to burn cities was not the way to go for Donna Brazile. It was an implication with facial expressions, tones, pauses and words left out that she seems particularly good at. It tarnished the outcome, in my eyes. Her being drunk when she did it, showed a lack of respect for all who viewed her on TV during the process. But Howard Dean arbitrarily  deciding to punish voters for something the candidates did was all wrong from the get go. Be careful about thinking that all you need do is appoint cabinet members who know the ropes. If you’re the only one with the ideas, you’ll be outnumbered, and one person standing alone takes a lot of spunk and courage–a lot more than you needed to become president.

Israel consistently misses the boat in strategizing. ‘Win them over’ is the strategy it keeps rejecting, thereby keeps it losing. Make friends, doesn’t mean making friends with everybody except the people whose land you’re trying to grab. It means working together with the people whose land you’re trying to grab. You make friends for that which they can give you. And they won’t give the land, so you massacre them. Whoa. So, then you take the land. Take away their hope is BB’s mantra. He likes being the most dangerous man in the world. Drive them out, make life miserable for them so they’ll move to another planet. I know the method, because I lived in the middle of a Jewish colony in Cleveland Heights. Why do you think they call them colonies? I talked to a neighborhood merchant once, and he said that the Jews (he being one) don’t like the United States, but here they let us do whatever we want. So we stay.

How many negatives make a positive? In human relations, none. Break that pattern. NOW. I know you can do it. If you can do it on stage, you can do it in real life.

If the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world, then we need to challenge our mothers more than we do.

We’ve all seen movies replicating life, where a mother holding a baby who is crying, smothers the baby, holding her hand over his/her mouth with tears running down the mother’s face, to keep the baby from alerting the enemy to the location of the group. Is that different from abortion? This requires more than a yes or no answer. Those who answer the quickest are wrong. This isn’t a contest to see who can answer the quickest to get the best grade or appear the smartest.

When I hear people say that nobody wants abortion, I’m reminded of all the children who become pregnant, who have abortions out of fear of their parents’ retribution. Children should never have to fear their parents, because of their parents’ fear of what the neighbors will think.

The world eats vegetarians, you know.

People often say that one bad thing leads to another. What’s left out is that one good thing leads to another.

A real feminist will criticize other women when it’s valid. Nobody knows what a feminist is when asked and somebody is always asking. Why do you ask how to define a word? Ask instead if you believe in equal rights for women. Ask if you believe woman are equally worthy. Ask if you believe in discrimination of people based on their gender. Some person will always come up with some job a man can do that a woman isn’t as well equipped physically to do in order to negate the whole issue. That’s prejudice.

I’m getting sick of being called Joe average, middle America, working class folk, common people as if the news commentators of the world are prima donnas, over the top special, intelligent, big money making people. Normal, regular, everyday people. Run of the mill, nothing special, ordinary folks. I’m tired of your clumping and lumping together the majority as if no one in the group has a mind or thought of their own. Stop looking down your reconstructed skeptical noses at us. We don’t like it. Take your scripts away and you’re all a bunch a nothins’.

After the win by Barack Obama I’ve noticed some individual kindness coming from people of the black race, that wasn’t there before. I hope it isn’t all for show or a trick or insincere.

Everybody’s life is affected by discrimination. A short-haired black woman on TV made it sound like only blacks are discriminated against. I guess she’s putting out the black threat to keep whites at bay who might otherwise expose their prejudices. It didn’t work on me. If you don’t like being described that way, then fight for the rights of a group other than your own. That will broaden your view.

Many a Saturday morning my mother would take me to the mills to pick out fabric from the bins. I made my own clothes. Me and Mom meandering through the factory mills, wishing for better fabric, but settling on the best we could find in the bins, and there was always plenty to find if one looked hard enough. I cherish the memory. Six years ago I didn’t have memories. The toxins took them away, but slowly some have returned. Tomorrow I won’t be able to recall the memory if my life depended on it, but now and then, the memory moments that seem like gifts are appreciated. To lunch after, always at a nice place. I remember once ordering a pear avocado salad and when it arrived asked where the pears were. We both had a big laugh. I think she wondered where they were too. That was a long time ago when avocado was only served in French restaurants. So we got fine fabric and a fine meal.

Somebody wants me to talk about purgatory. I suppose I can, but want to wait till the thoughts are more clear.

Joseph Lieberman is a double agent. He has American blood on his hands, but then I guess all of Congress has that too. He pledges allegiance to Israel first, but then I guess all of Congress does the same. He’s just more open about it. Obama really begged him to stay a democrat? Wow, Lieberman is lacking in grace and good manners. If you’re always celebrating the holidays of another nation and not the holidays of your own I say there’s trouble in paradise.

Everybody wants to know what’s for supper, but nobody wants to know your opinions on the news of the day. Maybe I’m using everybody, somebody and nobody too much. Wonder if that’s a prejudice. Hyperbole probably isn’t a good thing. Once someone uses it, then someone else cranks it up to be heard, and on up the pole till everybody is screeching absolute falsehoods to the world. Now that’s a word I don’t often use, absolute.

Short term anxiety relief. Laugh out loud. Force it. It works by shifting neuro-pathways.

Allies aren’t supposed to spy on allies. Why if Israel is the USA’s greatest ally, does Israel spy on the USA?

My gas company is fining me $12.50 a month because I’m not using enough gas. Guess I’m conserving too much and they want me to subsidize the usage of rich people. Whoa. Stop that.

Specieist ( An individual or group that commits prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter against another species.

Specieism. The act of committing the above.

Bill Mahr. No I didn’t see your movie. ‘If there was a God you would know it and you don’t therefore there’s no God?’ Chew on your own words for a while, instead of somebody else’s.

If you can make a whole wheat English muffin without milk, then you can make a regular English muffin without milk. Keep the milk out of all breads. Keep it out of everything.

Putting people in cages as punishment doesn’t rehabilitate them, it makes them want to kill. We’re still living in the dark ages of dungeons, except now they’re all above ground. Well…most of them. The ones underground are secret. If they’re secret, then you know what’s going on behind those steel doors.

If you want scientific proof of effects of putting people in cages, look to the animals you enslave. What happens to them? This doesn’t require a degree. Nothing in this book requires more than a sixth grade education to understand. One of my CIA/Mosad doctors told me I have the reasoning ability of a seventh grader after my brain injury, but that I also have the equivalent of several PHD’s. What kind of mix is that? This is the doctor who sent me to a lawyer because of the profoundness of my brain injury, then when it came time to put out, he said he would hurt me in court–like reliving a rape. Whoa. Even my neurologist was shocked that he did a personality inventory when all that was ordered were cognitive function tests.

Jews get satisfaction. Muslims get credit. That’s the game in a pea pod.

All countries have caste systems. India takes pride in theirs, while others hide their systems behind a democratic curtain.

Committing crimes against people who commit crimes doesn’t rehabilitate the offender or the one offending the offender. It perpetuates the cycle of crime–in both instances. An eye for an eye is not a legal law in the USA. It is a law of a God gone bad to justify committing crimes against those who commit crimes, to satisfy their thirst for vengeance. Those who seek vengeance are as much offenders as serial molesters, rapists and killers. Vengeance is the end result of a superiority ideology and mind set gone amok.

By maintaining a Jewish majority in a Jewish dominated state, that state becomes a democracy within a theocracy. And a theocracy is still based on a foundation of prejudice based on supremacy.

It’s not easy to see white on white, when you’re looking for black.

The way it is, isn’t the way it has to be. The way it was, isn’t the way it’s destined to be.

You don’t put pearls on swine, didn’t mean that you don’t put pearls on a pig. Most people wouldn’t do that anyway. (See, I learned about using the term ‘everybody’ too much; it’s easy to note a prejudice and then to correct it and feel right about it to boot.). What it meant was that you don’t give items of value to poor people who can’t tell the difference between a pearl and a polished quartz rock, or between a real one and a fake one. It was an elitist comment made by Jesus, if indeed he really did make it. I did, he says. Okay, you heard it from his mouth. It was made to belittle peasants so that they might feel ashamed and want to better themselves. It was a wrong thing to do. Okay, I live in a slum. I want a pearl, a ruby, an emerald, a diamond, and a few more shiny rocks just to look at them. I want sparkle. I don’t care about rare. They don’t have to be big either.

If someone isn’t understanding what you’re saying, repeating it louder and louder isn’t going to increase the person’s ability to understand better. Pause, then say it using different words. If you scream, a wall of defense and resistance goes up involuntarily. It’s a survival mechanism. I’m not going to teach you how to torture people. It’s against the principles. Even if it weren’t, I abhor it. It’s clear cut wrong. How many Israelis did the Palestinians have to torture to   reveal the surprise attack against Gaza? They knew the attack was pending. They knew there was nothing they could do about it. No means to stop it.  But to return to the torture. Whether it happened or not, didn’t change the result, it didn’t change Israel’s goal, which means Israel is not a partner in peace. When the USA gets attacked it won’t matter how many people they torture to get intel, the plan once in place will be carried out. Everybody knew about 9-11. Nobody was surprised. Torturing someone would have only changed the target, but maybe not even that. It’s time to change the rules, time to change the plan, time to use the blueprint.

Insurance companies, banks, credit card companies are all selling life insurance like there’s no tomorrow. I receive at least four offers a week. My husband even more. Stop. You’re making the world think they’re dying. All you shylocks out there, my God has your numbers. If there’s no tomorrow nobody needs life insurance. Oh, and the rules have changed. Now if you die by natural causes within the first two years of the policy you don’t get the face value, only the premiums and only if all premiums were paid on time. So if you were late one month, yet they still continued your insurance, and you were on time with all your other payments, they don’t owe you a dime when you die. That’s a loophole that needs to be plugged. NOW. Stop cheating people. So, some congressperson will say to a lobbyist, “is that right?” And the lobbyist will say, “nah, she doesn’t know what she’s talking about.” And the congressperson will say, “okay, just checking, that’s my job.” My husband has life insurance with United of Omaha and they are sending out riders that look like big coupons that say an addendum has been added, which states the above. The congressperson should have done his own homework, like Hillary does.

People repeat their successes as often and as easily as they repeat their mistakes.

Without much effort everyone, nearly everyone, can do less of whatever they do too much. And everyone, nearly everyone, can do more of what they don’t do enough. All or nothing is not a viable strategy to get you where you want to go now, otherwise you would have done it already.

God cannot be defined by a religion. That’s why religious leaders don’t do it when asked to do it. All they can do is define their particular church and they don’t do a very good job of that, or refer to a passage in a very old book, that also can’t define God. ‘It’s a mystery’, is the best that current theologians can come up with. So stop all the arrogance over something you claim to be a mystery. Come back to earth and you’ll find the God you seek–in yourself.

The slaughter industries via the CIA spent so many years turning people off to soy or anything to do with vegetarian, that now that the world needs soy to survive, most people reject it as a conditioned response. Block that thought and open your mind to the miracle of soy. Allergic? Dogs and cats allergic too? Where did that come from? Who made that nonsense up? Mr. Slaughter, that’s who. But nobody’s allergic to dead carcasses? Whoa.

Egg whites and milk products are not needed in soy meat products. When you see them, be assured that the slaughter industries worked together with the fowl and dairy industries to keep the purveyor belts of slaughter running through your veins via your vegetarian, vegan, animal-free, plant-based diet choice systems, lest you forget who’s really in control of what you eat. Block that practice. No eggs or milk in my veggie sausage, please.

The best advice I can give to couples in retirement is to know that you’re both in transition. Everything is up for grabs and everything changes. Just knowing that, will make the transformation easier. It’s like getting married; it’s all new. Be flexible. Forget most of the past, the rules are changing.

Minority immigrant gangs terrorize communities. One must question who they terrorized in their homeland before immigrating to the USA.

My slum apartment is held together by steel wool, spackle compound, caulk, paint and wax. When they built the new school next door, the wrecking ball and pile drivers shook the building for weeks, loosening all I had put in place to keep out the granddaddy roaches–water bugs the landlord calls them. It originally took me three months to completely seal off the apartment. Except for the insides of the windows and under the front and back doors, no cockroach could enter, and that’s exactly where they entered–right under the back door, walking down the middle of the hallway (these roaches were not baseboard huggers), bold as brass.

Let it be known that I forewarned them to stay out of my living space. Let it be known that those who entered didn’t leave alive. Let it be known that I caught every single one of them. I didn’t have to see them to know they were there. My instincts would wake me up at night telling me there was a big one entering through the bathroom window or under the door. I’d turn on the light, the roach would freeze and I’d pounce with a precision and speed that shocked even them. If I winged him/her, I didn’t let it die a slow death, I’d hunt it down and finish the job.

When the grandaddy scout didn’t return to the nest, word got out. Still, now and then a brave roach, thinking I’d be caught off guard makes that suicide journey into my living space. They knew there wasn’t any food, because all food is in sealed containers. It’s the smell of food cooking, the smell of people which tells them they have to eat sometime; maybe they’ll leave something out for us. They pretty much stay away now, unless the landlord fixes another apartment and the pounding and ripping and noise confuses them into wandering into the forbidden zone and whamo, they’re gone as soon as they decide to enter. The roaches are so old in this building that when I ripped out the carpets and steel wooled and waxed the old hard wood floors, as the liquid wax for wood seeped into the cracks between the boards, it flushed out dozens of tiny Albino roaches.

Yup, they feed off of wood when there’s no other food around. It’s a little like some of the cereals on the market, tastes like wood. I guess we do the same thing, when there’s no food we eat cereal made from bark. I learned a lot about survival and competing for living space in the same environment from the roaches. I learned a lot about adaptation. Fearing them is the worse thing to do. They don’t fear us. Building a strategy to keep them out works best. So I bought some roach motels to put by the doors, then put them at everybody else’s door too. Once I saw a huge roach actually climb the stairs with the purpose of entering my apartment. I thought how stupid is that. I’m sitting right here watching him/her and they did it anyway. Now I think I’ll try that Riddex product. No poison, no slow death. Just plug it into the wall and something keeps them away. I’ll check it out and decide for myself.

I’m not recommending anything here, just telling a story that’s true. They know the price when they enter, but because we humans show fear they think they can do whatever they want. I have to call it slaughter. So there’s a prejudice. If those roaches are as smart as everybody says they are, then they know what’s in those motels. My guess is that they’re terrorist roaches, marching into hell, hoping others will follow.

God grant me the courage to change what the majority of the world says never can be changed. God grant me serenity while I set about doing it.

“A ripple of relaxation undulates through  my weary mind as you touch my soul with your tender thoughts.  A rainbow explodes into a billion microscopic stars  at the juncture of the universe of my God,  opening my soul to play!”


At the end of the marathon of my mind,

At the top of the mountain of my climb,

The question to the answer I find,

Somewhere in the middle

of the beginning.

Now I’m laughing.


You can call me God if you want to, but because it’s such a common name, and since we all share the same name, for clarity purposes I’d prefer to be called Sharon, Shar, Sharon Lee, Davies-Tight, or just Mum. DT is reserved for my husband Steve, but I can be called Mrs. DT. He, more often than not, calls me Lee or Bear. I, more often than not, call him Hey or p-s-s-t, or Babe.

There is such a thing as too white, too black, too Jewish, too Asian, too Russian and on and on. Too Indian. What people really mean when they say that is they fear that you are considering too much the characteristics/needs of your own personal group and not considering the characteristics/needs of all groups.

ADD-ON. RE: off-duty cop who shot and killed man stealing really nice car. From the stealer, through me, to the off-duty cop, “my mistake”.

The memorial was for both of you. Two gold doves, two ribbons, one burgundy and the other gold mesh/netting.

I’ve been on course since conception. I’m almost sixty years old. Actually, when I turn sixty on March 2nd, I’ll be entering my sixty-first year. I’ll be a senior soon, which means I have seniority. That’s what senior means: seniority. I’ve been derailed a few times, but I always managed to get this locomotive back on track. If there’s a man or woman among you who thinks it their duty to derail me again, for your own personal or group agenda, your own God has a big surprise waiting for you.

The Albinos of the world are going to complain that God, my God, painted Albinos as cockroaches who feed on wood under dead carpets. This carpet was by all standards, dead. Wait just a minute. Not so fast. Don’t jump the gun. The center piece of the art collection, which is GOD – SELF-PORTRAIT, will change your mind. When the painting was done, I knew it lacked something. When I adjusted the eyes I knew it was done and I didn’t put another drop of paint on it. The very last strokes on that painting were to make the translucent eyes, which are windows to the universe, into the eyes of an Albino. This was done in an abstract way, as all the paintings are, but you cannot mistake it for what it is.

A presidential pardon for two turkeys a year. Don’t you have to do something wrong to be pardoned? I’m questioning why every news reporting person and their guests that I personally saw on TV laughed hysterically at the slaughtering of a turkey on live TV Didn’t anybody who works for these cable shows and networks have a twinge of conscience, or see the horror for the turkeys? Didn’t anyone see the terror on the faces of the turkeys? Where does the human enter into the enslavement, torture and slaughter of other species? The blacks on TV are always saying that white people have a distance to go on matters of race. Why not start with the slaughter of other species and stop focusing so much attention on the black face and how their feelings get hurt because white faces what? laugh at them while they’re being slaughtered? By standing up for the rights of others you validate your own worthiness. On the hopeful side, do you see a wedge there? If you can pardon one turkey, you can pardon them all. What was their crime, again?

The Feds who monitor you have more than one agenda, just as everybody has more than one reason for doing something. It’s like, okay since we’re doing this and that, why not take advantage of the situation and do more; we might not get another chance. And then it’s who wants in? They take sides in your daily encounters with others. If they take the side of your adversary, which they’re programmed to do if some special interest group is willing to pay them, then you’re cooked, since your adversary now has inside information and insider access to your thoughts, words, strategies, actions, making it a slam dunk in defeating you. It’s done under the label of disruption and containment for national security. Then they sell all the scripts to Hollywood. Don’t believe me? At your own peril.

Animal rights organizations are all infiltrated by the government. Ever wonder why P.E.T.A.(People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) used to ask on a membership questionnaire if you’d break the law to save an animal? That was the Fed, looking for possible law breakers to monitor for ‘learning’ purposes, but it most often resulted in the terrorization of the animal right’s advocate. P.E.T.A. put every member at that risk.

Believe it or not, people like to be told what to do. Yes you do. That’s why people read, listen, watch. They want to know in which direction to proceed. They want someone to tell them what will work for them without going through the trial and error period. Only you know what’s right for you. So start telling yourself what to do–verbally in your mind instruct yourself. This is a way to unbrainwash yourself from the past eight years of being mentally controlled by a dictatorship government and a dictatorship financial industry. Start small. If you can’t sleep, tell yourself to go to sleep; don’t count sheep. Decide that your racing thoughts are spinning their wheels, by over-riding them with an opposing instruction. Repeat, repeat, repeat. If you can’t get out of bed, tell your God before you go to sleep what time to wake you. Map out your day, or instruct as you go along–always verbally in your mind, till eventually you don’t need words, you need only to open a door and your non-verbal thought will instruct at your will, until you veer off course, then make a correction.

I want to win the lottery isn’t a goal or a strategy. I want to be happy isn’t a goal or a strategy. How to make the money to obtain in life specifically what you want is a strategy and a goal. Recognizing what makes you happy and figuring out how to get it is a goal and a strategy.

Stop the sweeping generalizations that leave you limp from the mere thought of getting from A to Z. Make a detailed plan. Giving up is no longer an option. Sink or swim. If you can’t swim, learn, or get a boat, a raft, or get out of the water and use your legs or prosthetic devices to walk. If you can’t walk, then use your mind to help others walk. This is a metaphor (an example of something else to apply to your own unique situation).

Judges are accountable to no one. Judges should not have immunity from law suits for verdicts based on agendas, pay-offs and prejudice. The judge has the final say in any court. If the jurors didn’t follow the rules then the verdict needs to be redirected by the judge. That there are so few re-directed verdicts implies a dictatorship of the judicial system.

Dictatorships tell the masses who in the world to hate. The USA has become a dictatorship, a police state implemented at the local levels of government to keep the people in line with the agenda of the dictatorship. Obama can’t undo that dictatorship by sitting in the Oval Office. Remember, wide sweeping change happens from the bottom up. Simultaneous at all levels is best.

You own only you and that which you create until such time that you release it.

The news media loves to test those they interview on what they know. It’s like watching a teacher give an oral exam full of trick questions, in order to deflate to the public someone’s IQ, in order that the public ignore the views of the one being interviewed. I don’t care who the twenty–third president was. I care about ideas, strategies and solutions. If you work for the government to control the masses I can understand, though not approve of, the method. If you work for a special interest group, I can understand, though not approve of, the method. If you do neither, then you wouldn’t be on TV asking questions on national/international TV cable and network news channels. If someone tricked you into thinking you’re a lone ranger, independent, free lance, do it your way reporter/commentator, may I ask who writes your scripts and who approves them and who edits them and who inserts blurbs into them just before air time?

We all love great tasting food, yet we balk at the notion of a recipe as if it’s low class, women’s work, something to be laughed at or trivialized. Knowing how to cook what’s good for you and how to make the foods most of us are conditioned to avoid is a survival tool, which gives you a survival advantage, which allows us, through good health and stamina to achieve the lofty goals to which we aspire. Without good health and stamina nothing can be achieved without great effort.

One standard for healthcare. Our health is too important to leave to the availability and quality of care to free market forces. The phrase free market forces conjures up thoughts of crisp, fresh, equal, decisive, absent of corruption, make everybody healthy by healthy competition, whereby the greatest care at the lowest prices can be and will be enjoyed by all. Maybe we should drop the free part altogether or, if not, add corrupt to the phrase, because nothing on this planet is free, unless legislated to be free to be corrupt. Free to be good or free to do right doesn’t exist in the market place.

Free market forces means free to do whatever you want, which always involves corruption. In the instance of healthcare it means big pay offs to those who keep costs down by diluting services and products, which always results in harm to the patient, even if the harm isn’t evident in the short term. For instance, telling a patient nothing is wrong with them in order to satisfy a quota for the insurance company that pays for your vacations, may be okay for now. But, in the long run patients will hesitate to return for the same symptoms, which when occurring over time can pose a life threatening health risk.

Correction: Doctors tell their patients, especially the young ones, who experience heart arrhythmia not to worry, that everybody gets them and simply disregard. This instruction leads patients to continue the activity they’re engaged in when the arrhythmias occur, which is the worst thing to do. Stop the activity until your heart returns to its normal rhythm. If the abnormalities are benign, then you’ve practiced preventive care. If they’re not benign, then get yourself to a hospital. Doctors have multiple prejudices against those they treat.

If you take a puff on a cigarette or cigar and your heart skips a beat, throw the damn thing away. Immediately. You have just practiced, again, preventive care. Bravo. Oh boy, I’m going to get in trouble for saying damn. Keep it in kiddo. Yul Brynner? Is that you? Still bad after all these years.

Organic people seem so moral and responsible, don’t they? No nitrites or nitrates for them. No chemicals or pesticides. Feed the animal the diet they eat, so they can better enjoy the slaughter, is what that’s all about. It’s like looking for a loophole. I’m more important than the cow, so that makes me want to eat one. But, o-o-o they may not be healthy for me. Bet if I make the cow eat what I eat, I’ll just be eating myself. What’s wrong with that? Bingo. Busted.

The shine from your moral eyes is blinding me. I thought the seeing of the light was supposed to feel good. Oh, it’s not a light, it’s a bomb gone off, mirrored in your eyes, destroying all the animals on the planet, and you’re one of them? Suicide bomber? Organic? What? Wake me up from this nightmare. Change that dream. I know you can, because you created it.

Two Choices. You have to see the animal when you eat the meat. You have to see the mother and father and children, romping together in bliss. You have to see them slaughtered for the purpose of your pleasure. You have to look the animal in the eye and argue to slaughter it for your plate. Mares eat oats and does it oats and little lambs eat ivy, some animal said through a writer once on behalf of those slaughtered. If you can still slaughter and enjoy the meat, I’m going to call you a terrorist. If you blind yourself to the slaughter and eat the meat anyway, then I’m going to call you a coward. Terrorists are cowards. They’re cowards when they slaughter and cowards when they blind themselves to it and tell someone else to do it for them. Sometimes I’m a coward and sometimes I’m brave. I strive to be more brave by a large margin till brave becomes effortless. I can just hear the Jews now, look, look, she admitted she’s a terrorist. Find a judge, let’s raid her, strap her to a chair, she’ll talk–we may not get another chance. The words speak for themselves. She called herself a terrorist. Whoa.

I don’t do favors, so don’t embarrass yourself by thinking your more special than everybody else. Don’t ask.

No more winning by losing for me. In spy Fed speak that means keep your mouth shut and you win by living–maybe.

It’s strange how people really do consider animals the forbidden fruit. They talk in soft tones when marveling at the cut, almost wanting to hide it from view. That’s called a ‘tell’.

It’s not the corn that produces the allergy. It’s the mold on the cobs that produces the toxins that don’t get destroyed during processing that causes the allergic reaction.

There will be no index to this book. In no particular order, what’s the point. If you can’t locate something you read earlier and are ready to pull your teeth out, don’t sweat it. You probably remember the gist of it anyway, but if it’s that important to you, ask your God to locate it for you. Wait for the signs; you’ll get them, guaranteed.

People who are unsure of things, doesn’t mean they lack confidence any more than somebody who is sure of everything means that they possess confidence. You can be very confident about how unsure you are. That’s part of the confidence equation. Some people can be sure of everything, yet lack the confidence to believe what they’re really sure of.

Cows eat the same toxins you do. They eat toxin ridden veggies, grains and other animal parts. Then you eat them, along with the toxins in their systems. You can’t hang a cow upside down, cut it’s jugular then drain out the toxins. The toxins you eat in the meat are not destroyed by cooking.

Eat colors. Think rainbow, sunshine and roses.

Don’t wait for the government to tell you something is harmful. Their job is to protect the interests they serve, and those are not yours. Their job is to stop panic so that the purveyors of toxins can keep poisoning you. They’ll basically feed you what you want to hear–everything is just fine, honey. Don’t you worry about a thing.

It’s past time to reign in the credit card companies. They keep telling people to pay on-line, then when you do, they charge you a $7.95 fee. Guess they figure that those who pay on-line would otherwise be late in the mail, so stick it to them, while making you think they’re saving you money by averting an even larger late fee. Stop figuring so much. You all over figured the entire world right into a Great, Great Depression. They tell you not to close accounts with zero balances, even with monthly or yearly fees to keep the account open, because it will lower your credit score, then they close them for you, even though you have a perfect repayment history, making it look like you defaulted on the loan. Throw the credit scores away. They’re prejudicial and discriminatory. A $39.00 fee for $1.00 over limit, when they arbitrarily raised the interest rate is fraud. All their fancy calibrations and formulas didn’t work out for anybody but the individuals who got the whole world into this mess.

Congress, show some spine. Limit golden parachutes?! Eliminate all parachutes. We’re already acting as their parachutes; they don’t get two. Tell them to sell their assets if they can’t put food on the table, just like they tell us common folk to do. I keep asking when Congress is going to show some gumption, then realize I’ll be waiting forever. Congress is part of the problem; they have their hands in those cookie jars, yours and mine, and they can’t live without it. One goes down and they all go down, so let’s save us all. The American people, you know, the ones they kept calling unpatriotic, will understand. We’ll just keep feeding them that line of bull, till we pass laws that protect all of us. Entering into a contract where they can change the rules at whim and you have no say is a dictatorship of business, worse than the worst of the Mafia.

So you think that God can’t talk about credit cards, business or such mundane concerns like interest rates? God should talk about loftier, more existential considerations, moral dilemmas and what else? In unison now: CREDIT CARDS. You’re learning quickly. To all of you bankers, financiers, rich get richer, born to exploit people, better start redistributing your wealth. There are no laws in the land, no security forces nor army that can protect you from what’s about to happen. A lot of angry Gods are hunting for you. Millions upon millions of them.

Can you tell when somebody is lying to you? Okay, so the learning continues.

I question whether every Jew worldwide approves when a single Jew gets on TV, for the whole world to hear, and speaks their own beliefs on behalf of all Jews. Personally, I don’t like it when a single vegetarian speaks for all vegetarians, or when a single woman speaks for all women. It’s not their place.

I don’t care how you perceive your God or no God at all, as long as you realize that you create your own God by creating your own character. If you’re going to tell your children that God is up in the sky someplace, only available if you do good, and if not then, then don’t expect a response just because you did something good; and if you’re going to tell your children that rewards and riches can only be attained by sacrificing in this life to obtain what they seek in life after death, then I’m going to challenge you. Let the child discover their own God absent your prejudices.

Let the child discover what you fear to acknowledge out of fear of rejection or being laughed at. Leave the children alone. Guide them in the Five Principles by living the life. Stop the double standard. Most kids grow up to be young adults and most spend most of their early adult lives trying to reconcile what their parents taught out of prejudice, and what they (the kids) see as reality. It’s okay to preach without yet being there. Just don’t lower your standards when you don’t meet your own expectations. Keep them high, and your children will respect you for returning to the values from which you from time to time fall short.

Being gay has nothing to do with being liberal.

If you want to be respected by other races, then you must respect those of other races as well. There are no one way streets here.

The Greatest Bank Heist in the History of the World occurred on Wall Street in the USA. Bandits without disguises entered the biggest bank in the USA with a three page note demanding 700 billion dollars, got it without a blink, then walked away with impunity. The bandits did it in broad daylight, while news agencies around the world recorded it in real time. When later demanding more of the same and encountering some backlash from the first heist, the bandits went directly to the makers of the money and had another 700 billion printed up especially for them–on acid-free paper, it was noted.

A threat to destroy the economies of the world if the banks didn’t comply, or anybody else who stood in their way accompanied the three page note, and subsequently the demand to print 700 billion more dollars–on acid free paper. Nobody knows how the money was spent or even who it really went to. Fourteen hundred billion dollars gone up in smoke. There’s talk of passing the cost of the Great Heist onto the individual tax payers. There was no mention of the responsibility the insurance companies would bear, since the Fed only insures up to one hundred thousand dollars per account. The FBI failed to comment beyond a statement that they weren’t looking for criminal activity here. It’s suspected that a good portion of it ended up in off shore accounts under assumed names.

Greater doesn’t imply superior to. Did I already mention that?

Since one out of five people have the Aids virus, require that all people beginning at birth get tested once a year–to be covered by insurance companies. One out of five is an epidemic. Simultaneously educate the public. It’s not enough to tell people they can’t catch it from a toilet seat or unless they actually have sex. State the why of it. Simplify, but be precise. Nobody trusts these nurses who get on TV and speak in sweeping generalizations, like anybody is really believing them, just because they say to trust what they say.

Any religion that requires memorizing voluminous amounts of material for membership is not a valid religion; it’s an exclusionary club. If you have to meet certain criteria to belong, then that religion has prejudice as its foundation and should lose its non-profit status. Non-profit requires that all meetings be open to the public.

We’re all born with wisdom. It’s the flawed teachings of misguided principles that leads us astray. When we finally discover the essence of who we really are, we’re not surprised by the familiarity of the nature we knew all along to be true.

Just as each individual is unique, so is the expression of each individual’s God. Your God is an expression of the totality of the atoms and junctures and interactions within your organism and with atoms outside of your organism. My brain, although similar, is different from yours, thus my God, though similar to yours, will be expressed through me on the basis of the make-up of my brain and all its functions. If I can’t understand something at your level, my God will circumvent that which prohibits understanding, taking a different route to illuminate the correct conclusion, until such time that new information leads to a new conclusion. All is fluid in the universe. Even that which seemingly stands still can be simultaneously moving internally at a thunderous pace.

You’re always an example to others, whether it’s how to be or how not to be.

It doesn’t matter if the five percent who control the wealth is government, as in communism, or is big business, as in democracy. It still adds up to ninety-five percent of the people not having enough to meet basic needs.

With all the skin diseases out there, maybe it’s not a good idea to be rubbing our bodies with toxin ridden animal adipose tissue that’s the main ingredient in most soaps. Look for the animal-free soaps. They’re out there, some cheap, some expensive, but they all work better than the animal-based varieties.

Most people don’t start eating right till they discover they’re dying, then they think a few animal-free meals should cure them. I’ve got news for you. The day you’re born you begin your death journey, so eat right from the get go.

Cock fighting, dog fighting, bull fighting, human fighting, and every other type of animal fighting ends now. I thought the gladiator days were over. End barbarism now! There’s no place for barbaric activity in civilized societies. Stop progressing backwards.

Stop trying to own those of your own species or those of another species.

Separation of church and state is valid. Separation of any other club and state is valid. Separation of God and state is impossible.

Those societies that torture animals also torture humans.

Are you going to dislike somebody just because somebody else tells you to? Are you going to disrespect somebody at somebody else’s request? Are you going to discriminate against someone for someone else? Enslave them for someone? Torture them for someone? Slaughter someone too? Then you are being totally controlled by somebody else’s God. Bring your own God back to life and say no.

Terrorist groups carry out the orders of countries that hire them.

All this talk about my people, your people connotes ownership. Change those pronouns.

Times sure have changed. It used to be that all you’d see in a laundromat were women. Now it’s all men. So what am I doing there? Waiting on my husband, while he does the laundry. I can see those wheels in your head burning rubber. Why don’t I do it? I do. For six years in the bathtub. Every now and then when we rent a car, he treats me to a wait and watch. All I have to do is wait and watch while he washes and dries. It’s a togetherness moment: me feeling like a queen with my king.

Nature didn’t provide for mass production of food, clothing and shelter. That’s why we run into so many problems with molds and toxins. Developers, engineers didn’t think it through. Ever wonder why all these molds and toxins have names? They’ve already been studied, because adverse affects were experienced by people infected. Neurotoxins are never good for you, though the EPA and CDC will have you believe them to be harmless. Harmless doesn’t exist when it comes to toxins of any type.

This book is in part about finding sanity in an insane world. If someone calls you insane, say, welcome to the club bro. Members only. What a roster!

Don’t kill yourself. The world needs your presence in the day to day; the world needs you to light the world with your talents and maybe later to lead the world out of darkness. That other person you were thinking about killing? The world needs him/her as well. Make death by your hands an option considered but not implemented.

Nora O’Donnell: Stop classifying people as those who shower before work and those who shower after work. Stay out of people’s private spaces. If you didn’t write it, you shouldn’t have read it.

My husband is an Irish, German Jew. If anybody on the planet thinks that I don’t know what tough is or that maybe this Irish, German Jew wanted a doormat for a wife, then you’re the only one on the planet who thinks so. Being part Lithuanian doesn’t mean I’m not tough. It means only that you should be grateful for the part in me that won’t hang your sorry looking bee-hinds.

It’s the quiet ones who do all the learning by watching, while the loud ones brag about all they don’t know.

If men think they’re better chefs than women, maybe they should make a greater contribution to the home kitchens and free up women to do the work of the world that better suits them. You can cook on your days off for the week.

To Judges of the world: Stop making the sentencing of people entertainment. Judges are the most corrupt people in the world. Every single one of them thinks they own their courtroom. Every single one of them abuses their power. All have agendas; all take pay offs of some kind; all use prejudice as a tool to do harm, ruining countless lives, while putting themselves above everybody else. The God of the universe hereby sentences every single judge to two years in a maximum security prison, without parole, so that they can experience first hand the places to which they send those they deem not fit for society. There will be no trials; the charges will not be fully known by the defendants, and the defendants cannot be present at their trial for national security reasons and concerns.

You know, for chicken little reasons. Sorry chickens; I’ll try to refrain from using your fine name in conjunction with humans. Since the purpose of the courts is to exact vengeance, instead of finding more humane viable solutions, now we the people stand as one jury and convict the judges on all charges and remand them to the jails and prisons to which they have remanded so many others without so much as a blink. Judges need to be required to visit every single person they put in cages once a month. Judges need to be actively involved in finding alternative solutions to cages.

No more cages. No more room mates. If your living units are full to capacity, then too many people are being sentenced to those units. If you want clients to be civilized then you need to treat them in a civilized way. See ya in two years–unless you’re looking for a piggy back sentence. If you want the lawyers to go with you, that can be arranged. Start yappin. Maybe we’ll give you credit for two animal-free big macs, a soy shake and a super-sized fry. When you get out of jail, the debt is still not paid. You will be scarlet lettered as a felon forever; you’ll never be able to vote and nobody will give you a job. The punishment will continue until you die.

Lawyers who use prejudice to argue cases before the court will be found in contempt and serve a mandatory thirty day sentence to begin the day after the trial has ended. Better bone up on what’s prejudice. Want to put the whole world in cages? That’s where we’re headed.

If you need to go on automatic pilot, tell your God to take over for a while. Tell your God you’ve been working overtime on overload. Tell your God the rules; lay down the law. Take a slow deep breath or two, stretch like every other animal in the kingdom, straighten your posture, adjust the waist band on your pants/skirt, then walk away from your cares knowing you’ve got the best in the business minding your store. Go out and have some fun, then when you’re ready to take the controls again, tell your God just that, thank him/her and resume your duties.

Marriage doesn’t mean ownership in God’s law. If it does in human law, change it. I know you can. You own only you, not your spouse, not your children. Your spouse is your partner and you’re the caretaker of your children. God does not own you either. Don’t ask to be God’s slave; you’ll be turned down.

Adaptation isn’t something that eventually happens in response to an event. Adaptation happens simultaneously with that event. Some will claim a two second delay. In fact, there’s no delay. In fact, your God is already adapting you to up coming events that you know nothing about.

Living Hells. If the Jews crucify me for talking about them, it just proves the Hitler lineage. If they make lives living hells for criticizing them, it just proves the Hitler ideology of superiority. Hitler did it and he did it to his own. Proud of Mt. Mosada? Mass suicide as a protest of capture? Hitler was there. He was you. You’re still there. You’ll still blow up your own to satisfy a demented urge to reign supreme. Stop right now, before the world gives you exactly what you crave.

Search and seizure of my private thoughts is a violation of my constitutional rights. Search and seizure of my private thoughts is a violation of my God given rights, no matter what worse case scenario proposed by some paranoid Jew crazed military mind. Paranoia leads to torture. Maccabees around the globe infiltrated all governments under assumed/changed names that wouldn’t reflect their Jewness and those are the ones in all governments around the world who argue for torture. That the Secretary of State of the USA spent so much time brainstorming on ways to torture Arabs/Muslims and anti-war Americans proves that she has Africa under her skin. Africa has a long standing history of gruesome torture that continues unabated and effectively unopposed throughout the continent and the world. Calling someone ‘upset’ who corrals people into barns then burns them alive–in one huge furnace for the living–is trivializing the act and excusing it as a bad boy behavior. In Zane?

Hunters will use every excuse known to humans in defense of why they hunt. There’s only one fundamental reason; everything else is window dressing. They love to kill. And then brag about it, then stuff it and relive the killing sensation by hanging it on a wall so they can look at it. They go back again and again, because the thrill will only last so long, and they need to fulfill that killing desire. So are we going to say about the hunters what we say about the prostitutes? There would be more rapes if prostitution wasn’t   allowed? So we put out our young girls and boys to satisfy the rapists need to rape to keep the rest of us safe? So you’re going to say that if we didn’t allow people to hunt other animals, more of us would be killed? So we sacrifice the other animals whom we enslave and offer them up to the serial killers to keep the rest of us safe? Cowardly, immoral, convoluted thinking is what that is. There’s no way that anybody could construe that as logical, rational thinking. That’s thinking based on a desire to kill, and fear. A fearful megalomanic is a highly dangerous and volatile mix of negative, destructive traits. LET MY ANIMALS BE FREE–NOW.

If you think for one second that God would sacrifice even one of it’s children (if that’s what you prefer to be called) for one other person or one other group or nation, you are mistaken. If you do that, then your God has gone bad. Your God has turned into the devil. You send your child to war on your behalf to kill or be killed, because you can’t talk to those with whom you disagree. Change that. I know you can. If you can kill, then you can not kill.

Don’t tell me to tell people not to smoke. Tell the tobacco industry to stop growing tobacco. You always want the little person to take on the huge conglomerates, while you remain faceless behind the scenes, destroying the lives of others who have progressive ideas. Come out of the shadows. If you can’t show your face, then you’re doing something wrong. You take on the tobacco industry. Stop taking on the smoker and then demand that the smoker take on the industry. They can’t win. You set it up that way. We live in an anarchy of powerful people moving in the shadows. That’s all going to change, much quicker than you could have ever realized. There won’t be any need for you in the very near future. You’re going to be scavenging for food like everybody else, as Israel takes the world down the road to ultimate destruction.

Some may be discouraged that God is only as good as we are. The hope lies in the truth that God can be better. So go ahead and make your God better. What’s holding you back? You like a bad God don’t you? God’s goodness which is your goodness advance logarithmically, but so does evil. Be real careful with that evil stuff.

Kentucky Fried Chicken and Taco Bell are not Green, as they claim, as long as they continue to serve animals.

The Prevalency Theory. Because it’s common it must be good for us, you know, like mold.  How about cancer, AIDS?

Israel to the World. We’re going to keep picking off Palestinians, whom we know the world loves, until the USA gives us the money we want. Every time Israel gets the financial squeeze from the international community, Israelies commit massacres against the Palestinians, while demanding money and building contracts.

Don’t remain actionless and expect your mood to change.

Air strikes over Concentration Camp Gaza by Israelies, in a highly dense area without any means for the Palestinians to escape, is exactly like the African War Lords corralling  villagers in barns, locking the doors then torching the barns, burning the villagers alive. There will be huge consequences beyond which the Jews who remain silent worldwide, are  capable of imagining, and I can guarantee you that those consequences will not include money and building contracts.

A hidden sign of jealousy: when somebody refers to somebody else’s God gift as “inspired”. A person who has yet to acknowledge or discover their own God won’t acknowledge the God in somebody else, out of envy. Change that.

Because something in the universe has more or less atoms contained in it than something else, doesn’t mean the God force is greater or smaller. For example, if you weigh three hundred pounds, your God force is not greater than someone who weighs ten pounds. Okay, so God is in the atom, which means God is the atom. Adding a bunch of atoms together doesn’t make it more God. That’s a concept not easily understood, now. Eventually someone will add to this concept and bingo, we’ll all understand. I can’t do all this alone, you know.

Stop speed reading.

No one could criticize Hitler either.

Depression and anxiety have become worldwide epidemics. Stop telling people that their rage and fear are unfounded. All Gods are connected, which means when someone is being slaughtered half way around the world, or in your state, everybody feels it. Stop fighting, stop the greed and stop contributing to somebody else’s misery.

Rush Limbaugh and Don Imus appeal to the base nature of people, the bad nature of people. They call on the bad Gods in you to increase their ratings, thus their salaries, all the while creating chaos in the minds of the listeners, who want justification for their own bad thoughts and behaviors. Don’t flock to those who provide it. Change that channel. Both men work for elements in the government who preach and practice prejudice as a foundation of their mania, and they want you to perpetuate your prejudices, which will keep the purveyors of torture in business.

Why isn’t abuse of power against the law? Why is it only an ethical issue? When you abuse power you make miserable a whole lot of people’s lives. A slap on the wrist for that one? Nah, accountability will work. By way of the judges you go. Live the lives of those you destroyed for two years without parole.

No leader is any better than any one of the individuals within a group who supports that leader.

Enslaving someone via surveillance, and blocking emails in and out via telecommunications companies is bad enough. Charging victims for these services which are used enslave them, further proves the dictatorship that exists in the USA.

Why was the USA attacked on 9-11? It’s not enough to say that’s what terrorists do; they don’t need a reason. Whether they need one or not, they have one. Everything happens for a reason. That we don’t know why we were attacked opens us up to further attacks. So why don’t we know again? Why hasn’t the government cared to inquire? Let bygones be bygones isn’t going to work with this one, not this time.

When business leaders replace political leaders, when political leaders become figureheads for the interests of big profits over the well-being of the people of a country, then a dictatorship has been founded. When the defense of a country depletes the resources needed by the people who live in that country, putting all the people of that country at a survival disadvantage, then a dictatorship has been founded.

Too many laws in society signals that individuals have   insufficient self-control, or that a dictatorship is exercising obsessive compulsive control over those they deem inferior. Stop that prejudice. Change those laws. When laws benefit only a privileged minority, that’s a dictatorship. When police don’t enforce laws against the privileged, that’s anarchy of the privileged and the police. This prejudice is a worldwide problem.

Service is different from slavery. You can serve God and not be God’s slave.

I spent most of my adult life leaving the animals out of my recipes. Then I turn around and see people putting the animals back into my recipes. Let’s see, I think a little cubed chicken would be really great with this sauce. It’s stunning how people resist change, but will go to extraordinary lengths to change a recipe. You have to figure that if someone is that resistant to change, that they’d force an animal back into a recipe, then they must be really addicted, emotionally and physically, to eating the blood.

There is no such thing as two genders. There is a continuum of genders.

Zero is a reference point, not a number.

If perfection is nowhere, then it’s everywhere. Because it’s so common we fail to see it as special. We think perfection is rare, actually, imperfection is more rare.

If you have to make a statement in the chef world, go beyond the animal; don’t traverse the entrails looking to be creative. All you produce is outrageous.

The Dictator Doctrine is the Bush Doctrine. Bush didn’t invent the doctrine.

It’s time that all those doctors and hospital administrators who demand satisfaction in their own business dealings, extend the same courtesy to their patients. Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.

When lawyers are required to interpret the law, when laws are written so that only those specifically schooled and trained can understand them, when a sweeping law states that ignorance of such laws is not a defense, then a dictatorship of the legislative and judicial branches of government exists. Change that law.

It’s okay if your first response to any thought or request is no, as long as that ‘no’ is a means to think it through before giving a final answer.

Infertility is not a disease, and selling eggs is not a treatment for a disease that doesn’t exist. That’s slavery.

Don’t sweat the small stuff is good advice, just be sure you correctly ascertain what’s small and what isn’t.

Utensils don’t make the chef, just as the brushes don’t make the painter or the pen the writer.

Grassroots Torture. Torture isn’t only committed by the military and intelligence and law enforcement agencies of the world. It’s done by individuals around the world going about their daily lives, who have the power to offend without consequences. It happens in families, in friendships, in the work place and by people in positions to make decisions that    affect the lives of others, which means everyone. For example, when you’re sitting in the dentist chair, where that dentist has complete control over you, you had better hope that the dentist doesn’t have torture tendencies that he/she acts on. And when you become a victim of this person’s torture tendencies and report it, you’d better hope that those in a position of authority over the offending dentist doesn’t also have torture tendencies. And you’d better hope further, that this dentist doesn’t volunteer as a professor at a renowned dental school, teaching by example his torture tendencies to young, impressionable students. Even worse, let’s all hope that the CIA/military doesn’t recruit dentists with the purpose of calling on them to commit acts of torture.

Be careful when you decide to shake that baby or slap that elderly patient or deny someone benefits they’re legally entitled to, or clean a coffee pot with a washcloth that somebody cleaned their behind with, or put harmful chemical fillers into drugs and food to save a dollar, or lie about running a red light that caused an accident that resulted in injury to people and damage to property, or cook the books and blame someone else when the auditor finds out, or slam a door on somebody’s hand when you thought no one was looking. Be very careful about those sadistic tendencies that you express through actions that you call practical jokes; if you’re the only one laughing, then you have torture tendencies. Be careful about serving food you know to be bad, or serving food you wouldn’t eat, or putting Visine in people’s drinks to make them vomit, or starting a vicious rumor or intentionally misrepresenting the words or actions of others, or wrongfully interpreting factual data, or putting animal products in food and calling it vegan, because nobody will know the difference if they can’t see the meat.

Be careful about stealing someone’s material and calling it your own, or telling judges the people you spy on are okay with it, or poisoning your neighbor’s dog or cat, or pretending you don’t see, when someone is clearly in distress, or refusing to make repairs that you know put tenants at risk of injury, or changing the terms of a contract at will without the consent of the party you entered into the agreement with, or purposely walking slowly in front of a car to make them wait for your slow motion sickness. Intentionally interfering with the flow of traffic can make an ambulance down the line take another route to your mother’s house and make it too late. Be careful about raising the bar, knowing full well that no one can reach it.

Be careful my friends. God sees it all. Sadism is torture. Be careful the next time you decide to humiliate someone to teach a lesson that you’re the one who needs to learn, or just because you can. Be vigilant of that vengeance gene you lay claim to as your right because your God gone bad chose you above everybody else, to do what, again? Superiority is torture. The next time you laugh when a turkey gets beheaded, or when someone sticks a pole of the behind of a pig, or puts a cherry bomb in the mouth of a dog or cat, or douses an animal with gasoline then lights it up, or forces anybody to fight for greed or pleasure, think again my friends, about the act and the condoning of the act and how they differ and how the universal God regards that difference that you so cleverly delineated so as not to accept responsibility for the act you encouraged by your laughter.

If you voted for the surveillance bill, you voted for torture. Sending a dead fish to someone; that’s torture. Terrorizing someone with your car or bus; that’s torture. So you think rape isn’t torture because you didn’t electrocute or pull the fingernails from your victim? What God have you been talking to? Sounds like a devil in God cloth to me. You’ve been duped into thinking you get away with torture because you didn’t get caught, because somebody condoned it, because the law was reinterpreted to pardon you. Did you forget the King of Lawyers? The Queen of Justice, the Almighty Jew of the Universe (who happens to be in jail, by the way, for claiming vengeance was his to mete out)? Did you, did you? Better make your own personal laws that align with God’s law before you all end up in the HOHOHO, Merry Christmas, Happy Menorah, pen. Wicki wicki, chop, chop, quick, quick, hurry up, click, click; you get the picture. Change that film.

What college did you go to in your dreams that condoned torture of fraternity brothers and sisters for membership purposes? Hazing is torture. I felt somewhat deprived when the ‘nappy headed’ story took you from T.V. I was supposed to expose you for working with the Feds to torture targeted individuals. Codes. It was all in the codes. The blacks knew I was ready to make my move; they monitor me too–but they beat me to the punch. Not that I wanted to punch you; I just wanted you to get some integrity; you know, to match up with the integrity of your wife. Damn. Here I had a story of substance, a spy novel and Al Sharpton blew the whistle before I could get the damn thing written. All over a hair cut. Damn. You would have gone down James Bond style. Instead you ended up entwined in somebody’s mythical thread nest. It made you look like Mike Tyson on estrogen. Yuk.

When I used to go to book signings for my cookbooks, the Feds would always send people out (they call them operatives), to make loud, negative comments over the books, and the food I gave away as samples, like, “that looks like cow shit”, so loud while people were putting it into their mouths. That’s torture and that’s how the Feds spend their time; they’re hit people for the slaughter industries.

The industrialized world economies are built on the slaughter industries. Yes they are. Stop eating animals and using them for glue and the world economies will collapse. That’s why Feds of all nations persecute vegetarians, vegans, animal-free chefs and animal rights advocates and  activists. Guess what folks? The world economies collapsed and we’re still slaughtering animals.

The money grubbers say we need war to survive, by giving contracts to the wealthy so they can keep making bigger and bigger profits. Guess what folks? The world economies collapsed while the most expensive wars in history were being fought. Smoking cigars instead of cigarettes is still using tobacco. Drinking beer instead of vodka is still drinking alcohol. Eating fish and chicken instead of pigs, cows and lambs is still eating meat. Eating the eggs, extracting the hormones, pumping the milk, pulling the tusks, shaving the hair, is still desecration of the body.

No matter how you rewrite torture and slaughter laws to make them more acceptable, it’s still torture and it’s still slaughter. Changing a word from slaughter to harvest doesn’t negate the killing. If you can only rescue an animal from religious sacrifice if it’s feet are bound; if the justice departments of nations serve at the pleasure of a dictator government or dictator financial institutions, then it’s time for the individual to stand up and change all that is wrong with this world in the absence of prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter (PDETAS). With courage, calm, confidence and compassion, yes you can. Who says? My God, your Gods and the God of the universe, says. That’s who and that’s you!

Don’t diagnose me with cancer using your convoluted insurance coverage program and then refuse to treat me  because I can’t afford the policy that treats the illness. Don’t steal my gifts, call them your own, profit from them and leave me penniless in a ghetto with no health benefits for my asthma that I got from your toxic molds. Don’t you dare even think about it, unless at the next juncture in your thought process you plan to change it.

It doesn’t matter if somebody lies to you, if you’re living by the Five Principles, since your behavior shouldn’t be contingent on what somebody else says.

Every time you discriminate, you block somebody’s freedom to be. Prejudice is about the lack of freedom. Freedom is not about doing anything you want. It’s about doing whatever you do responsibly, so as not to block another’s freedom.

It’s not about just saying no. It’s equally about just saying yes. It’s going to be one or the other, so it might as well be spot on. When you slaughter a million to free a million, when you slaughter one to free a million, then you must also be willing to slaughter a million to free one. 

It’s all wrong and it’s all based on a violation of the universal law of survival –of the individual and the group. For one and for all. Lay down your arms. Turn off your engines. Close your silos.

There’s A New God In Town. That God is you!

Go in peace and may peace be upon you.

God is Willing.   


The day you were born,  this earth became a brighter, happier, more peaceful place to be. 

Your kindness spreads joy to all those who cross your path, or hear of you.

You are an intelligent, good-humored, worthy person with extraordinary talents. 

Your confidence and relaxed nature make all who meet you want to be near you and to get to know you further.

Your happiness stems from your ability to find peace within your own heart; to love without prejudice; to give without reservation; and to forgive those who offend and abandon you. 

You are a courageous, independent thinker with enormous power to negotiate, influence and organize.

You know what you want  in life and you go after it with integrity. You walk with grace, talk with purpose and laugh with ease.

There is no problem you cannot solve, and no happiness you cannot achieve. 

You meet each day with enthusiasm;  you work rigorously with vigor; and play with carefree delight.  

You challenge adversity and chuckle at your failures. 

You eat and drink that which is good for you. You breathe slowly, and sleep each night, peacefully, with happy dreams of the past, present and future. 

You appreciate all that has been given you–your blessings and your afflictions.

You are an insightful, eager to learn Star of the universe, becoming all that you’re capable of  becoming– at your own pace–listening to the beat of your own heart. 

And I love you! SL

Rose petals brush soothingly across my brow. Their velvet touch is not lost on my old leathered skin. Bold lightness, abundantly, judiciously, gingerly, playfully, discriminately, rushing lavishly between fragile threads layering woven webs of pink silken molecules of thought, dissipating into disintegrating balloons of wonder anticipating exploration. I think I made it. I know I made it. If I can, I know you can.

This book is dedicated to you.

Thank you for trusting me with your soul. This work would not have been possible without that access. I hope that I have treated your God with the candor, fairness and respect it deserves.


In No Particular Order,

success is best served now! 

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