Suicide By Cop Or Homicide By Pastor?

It’s difficult to pin a crime on an individual, when leaders of the group they belong to instruct their members to resist arrest, flee when told to halt, lie when questioned and steal whatever and whenever they can.

Human shields in Black communities have long been popular in the USA as a means to gain world attention for the purpose of addressing grievances. They just haven’t been called human shields.

When Black mothers and fathers, pastors and ministers, community and national leaders tell young Black people to run from cops, knowing they’ll get arrested or shot, then that’s not an actual suicide by cop. That’s the community throwing their own children in front of a loaded gun, hoping they get shot, so then the community leaders side by side with the parents can stand in front of the cameras and cry foul play to the rest of the world, for the purpose of gaining political capital.

That’s the primary reason why most non-blacks and others around the globe think that American Blacks don’t love their children.

Who could do that to one’s own child – for any amount of attention or personal or group gain – to use them in such a violent procedural game of war, a war they know in advance they can’t win?

But it isn’t the same as a real war where the youth of a nation go into military training with weapons, armor and strategies to stay alive while fighting the enemy that tries to invade their nation.

Israel sees Palestinians using their children in much the same way, and they come to the same conclusion: Palestinians don’t love their children.

These children aren’t equipped to defend themselves, the parents know it, but they sacrifice them any way.

Make the police kill one of our children and that will get us attention. Or, make Israeli soldiers kill one of our children and the world will make Israel give us back our land.

The family and the community are responsible for leading their own children to slaughter – for profit. That the children as a group blindly follow the orders of parents and pastors with terrorist tendencies, who would use them as their personal arsenal to effect social change needs to be looked at realistically and not through the prism of some snappy sound bites.

Homicide by pastor sounds more accurate than suicide by cop. The pastor didn’t pull the trigger, but he might as well have.



3 comments on “Suicide By Cop Or Homicide By Pastor?

  1. Suicide By Cop Or Homicide By Pastor?


    18 FEB 2018


    As a black father, I struggle at being a loving a caring parent to my black son, which is why he’s being raised by a white man his whole life. And when I got out of prison, I was really living the thug and nigger life. I would let my ex-wife hear, though my son, that I was being lazy and not being present at all. Many times I would just leave my son at my mothers house, while I hung out with my boyz.

    I made myself the victim and I wanted everyone to feel sorry for me.

    So instead of getting a job, I fell behind in child support. And even though I was taught a lot in prison by white inmates on how to be a good black man. I was quickly back into the black environment, where being an uncle Tom, would get a person’s ass kicked real fast.

    I was afraid of those black thugs, so just to show them that I was down, I would skip weekends from picking up my son, or sometimes I just wouldn’t show up. It got so bad that one time I showed up so late, my ex-wife didn’t say anything to me, but the next time I showed up, my son’s step-dad made sure that his friend (who was a big and beefy white man) spoke to me right when I walked in their house.

    And the conversation wasn’t us sitting down. It was him with his hands around my neck, pushing me down to the ground where I saw in his face nothing but anger and hate.

    For less then a second, I thought I couldn’t be letting this happen to me right in front of my son. But I quickly realized that I had no idea how to fight, so I didn’t do anything stupid. If I did, I would have gotten my ass kicked really bad.

    With my son standing right there, I felt emasculated at first. But then I stopped to think about why am I even in that position. And the answer is simple: I drove over to my son’s house drunk and high (which is against the law). I was late, and not only that, but I was disrespectful to my ex-wife and her time.

    I was told by this white man that they were going to supervise my visitation with my son, until they felt like I was fit to be around him on my own. At that point, I stopped being angry because I was in the wrong. And the first thing my son said to me was that he was glad that I didn’t fight back, because he knew I would have gotten my butt kicked.

    I didn’t live my life correctly at all. And when I share my life stories, I’m not ashamed for the path that I took, because living the life that I did, has allowed me to see all of the hate and racism that my black race has against white people, and it makes me so mad, that now I do everything I can to help expose it. And if noting else, to keep that crap away from my son.

    I was that nigger who was on the path of self-destruction, until I was saved while in prison. And not from being in church or group sessions. But one-on-one talks with white guards, and white inmates, who saw something different in me, and really wanted to give me honest love and true guidance, so I didn’t become another black man, who just hates, just because.

    Black parents don’t love their children, and I feel like if the cops have to shoot and kill a black child because of their silly behavior. Then I feel like the parents of that child should be arrested and sent to prison, for terrorist threats and endangerment towards a white police officer.

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