Pitfall Of Conformity – cornerstones of socialism and antifa

You can't build anything without individuality of all contributors. When all people are the same, only one job gets done. For all people to possess the same attributes in equal measure, brains would be so big you'd have to carry them outside your bodies in wheel barrels, unable to function except to complain. Hey, everybody … Continue reading Pitfall Of Conformity – cornerstones of socialism and antifa


MY Tom Brady MUSCLE ANALOGY For Politicians – actually for everybody

SHOW SOME  MUSCLE. SHOW SOME PLIABILITY. Yeah, not a punch, not a kick, not a slap or turning of the back, but a pliable move. Show some pliability in your actions. Different than flexibility, which stretches and conditions only the extreme ends of the muscles, where they attach themselves to the bone and not the … Continue reading MY Tom Brady MUSCLE ANALOGY For Politicians – actually for everybody

Love Goes Where It Hides

Can I hide inside your heart for a while? ~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight  

Where’s The Black Heart?

In reference to: https://wordwarriordavies-tight.com/2018/11/04/white-people-need-to-heal-from-the-abuse-unjustly-imposed-upon-them-by-blacks/   Seven Shakur lyfegetsbetter.wordpress.com White people seem to be heartless. And no I do not blame every white person for the past actions of other white people but hey Chef Sharon Davies-Tight sharonleedaviestight.wordpress.com In reply to Seven Shakur.  I don’t blame every black person for the past or present actions of other black … Continue reading Where’s The Black Heart?

Increase Your Perceived Worth

If you don’t think from a position of despair, you don’t act it. Some people hide their wealth so others won’t expect a cut. Others with a low net worth, think, walk and talk the language of abundance. ~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight  

White People Need To Heal From The Abuse Unjustly Imposed Upon Them By Blacks

White people, all white people, of European descent, have been openly and subversively blamed and targeted for reprisals by black people in America for decades, without any recourse or recognition, legal or otherwise for being falsely accused, abused and collectively punished for enslaving blacks centuries earlier, a practice which they did not create, condone nor … Continue reading White People Need To Heal From The Abuse Unjustly Imposed Upon Them By Blacks


I see a good reason for white people to start wearing black make-up when they leave the house: for personal protection against aggressive, malicious, black hustlers wanting to BLACK-FIST them. READ ON > https://wordwarriordavies-tight.com/2018/11/03/catching-up-the-cleveland-hustle-11-03-2018/ By controlling what you can look like and what you put on your body, they own you. Don't let them. It's a … Continue reading BLACK FACE STAYS

Catching Up – The Cleveland Hustle 11-03-2018

I see thousands of people who support forcibly impregnating young girls to gain entry to the United States litterbugging their way to freedom from oppression? Does anybody know how that looks? Thousands of miles of trash left by poor people wanting to move to a place where everything is free? How do poor people create … Continue reading Catching Up – The Cleveland Hustle 11-03-2018


TO THE FAMILIES OF VETERANS: THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE "If we don't need the gory details to tell a story about gore, then maybe we don't need to accept war as inevitable." ~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight "LEAVE WITHOUT A TRACE" A war story-movie about the sacrifices a family makes in real time on the … Continue reading THE MAKING OF A VETERAN: A Movie Review On “LEAVE WITHOUT A TRACE”

A Territorial Daughter

I'm a territorial daughter of a natural born engineer and a mother who possessed exceptional reading, intellectual and organizational talents, both of whom were savy enough to follow their own minds in their own ways. The two left a mark on me that nobody except me can own. Not even them. ~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight … Continue reading A Territorial Daughter

The Right To Own Myself And My Work – catching up

I don't belong to groups, so don't anyone ever expect me to take one for a mythical team or to sacrifice my work for somebody else's gain, because it's their turn and I happen to have the words they need to succeed. I'm a territorial daughter of a natural born engineer and a mother who … Continue reading The Right To Own Myself And My Work – catching up

Benefit Of The Doubt

The same benefit of the doubt you give to those in your own family, friend, ethnic, racial or religious groups, try extending that courtesy, without specific or implied gain or preconditions, to members of other groups. ~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight family, friend, foe, acquaintance, everybody else  

What Are You Doing To Our Drinking Water?

Is Cleveland fortifying the water supply? It tastes sweet - not like normal drinking water should taste. I never tasted sweet tap water before now. Okay, I filter it, but it never tasted sweet - filtered or not. When Cleveland dumps a load of fluoride into Lake Erie, one can taste it for days after, … Continue reading What Are You Doing To Our Drinking Water?

World Memo: Fear Black People. Prepare to Get Kicked

Blacks don't use metaphors. When a white person says, "I would have beat the shit out of somebody", they usually don't mean it literally. It's how they feel - what they felt like doing, but they don't (not usually). When Lebron James, a black person, says, "I would have whooped his ass", referring to the … Continue reading World Memo: Fear Black People. Prepare to Get Kicked

Death Of A Movement Wish

I'm giving you the tagline right off the bat, so you lazy activist readers who like to jump on whatever it is that anybody else is saying or doing that doesn't line up with your distorted perception of reality can move on to your next target. Picking the wrong battles to fight, because something pops … Continue reading Death Of A Movement Wish

Universal Justice

What goes around comes around? Back to you? Like a boomerang? No. What goes around...ends up on somebody else's doorstep, not connected to the deed. That's universal justice. The universe doesn't discriminate. It sees a weakness and pushes through it - with no expectations. You never know when you throw something, where it's going to … Continue reading Universal Justice

RE: Black African Teens

Since when do we judge a person's character by what they did as a teen in high school? If that's the case, then most black African teens would never get their foot in the door of a decent job or career. Your past in high school will follow you all the days of your life. … Continue reading RE: Black African Teens

Is Teen Groping A Crime?

What's the statute of limitations on teen groping? What country do we live in? Could someone please remind me? What kind of person goes off to college, then returns to high school parties? What? No new college friends? Ten times to a place where teen girls were being gang raped? What was she doing there, … Continue reading Is Teen Groping A Crime?

SOCIALISM vs FASCISM what it means here

Socialism and fascism are to me essentially taking the power of the individual - relinquishing one's control over one's own destiny - and handing it over to an oppressive ideology via the state and/or designated groups operating as co-ops to use or neglect as they see fit for the state and/or group. Everyone looks the … Continue reading SOCIALISM vs FASCISM what it means here

Sharon’s All Animal

SHARON'S ALL ANIMAL - unpredictable for the sake of her own survival - like all animals. She's not afraid like we are - of that connection. We fear it. She recognizes it. Embraces it. Accepts that which she cannot change. She is it. She has all the animal moves - the gender moves too. It's … Continue reading Sharon’s All Animal

The Party Of Pity (POP)

The democrats, upon failure to deliver on promises made to be broken anyway, morphed into the Party Of Pity (POP). They wallow as they mock those who dared to try a new way - one different enough to be called progressive - one that shakes the status quo, loosening past ideals that no longer work, … Continue reading The Party Of Pity (POP)

If We Always Hurt The Ones We Love…

"You always hurt the ones you love", I heard grown ups say while I was growing in the 50's, 60's, 70's - yeah it took me a while. Actually, truth be told I was born grown up, I just didn't know it, so I kept growing thinking that's what I was supposed to do. Although … Continue reading If We Always Hurt The Ones We Love…

Colin Connotations


Colin Kaepernick puts his name on Nike products – big time sellers of footwear

Nike’s worth sourced from The Motley Fool: 

“The simplest measure of Nike’s worth

The stock market gives the most obvious indication of a simple valuation of a company. Nike currently has about 1.35 billion shares of publicly traded stock outstanding. A price of around $56 per share puts the value of Nike’s publicly traded shares at around $75 billion. However, Nike has non-traded Class A shares outstanding as well. When you add those in, Nike’s total market capitalization rises to about $94 billion.”

Sourced from Forbes: as of June 2, 2018

#39 Nike


TICKERNKE  $83.49 $0.02 (0.02%)

INDUSTRY Apparel/Accessories


COUNTRY United States



SALES $35.3B

HEADQUARTERS Beaverton, Oregon

As of Jun 6, 2018



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The Will To Change

There is no hope where there is no will. ~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight  

Culture Clashing

The world needs laws that are enforced. Simply having a law does not guarantee compliance. It should, if we all had integrity, but it doesn't and we don't. Some people will skirt the law looking for loopholes, others will outright defy it, if they can get away with it. When enforcement of laws is down … Continue reading Culture Clashing

Working It Out With The Main Brain (controlling the fat)

FAT CONTROL If my brain gets that I'm unpredictable in my food consumption choices within the category of animal-free, then that's what it will expect as being okay with me. I'll stay in the unpredictable category and my brain will rest easy with that, since there's a lot going on there to focus on without … Continue reading Working It Out With The Main Brain (controlling the fat)

Phantom Teeth

You know somebody flosses their teeth often, when they have a couple of extractions and still try to floss where the teeth used to be.  

Forever In My Soul

Once you laughed with me, and I thought it the most beautiful sound I ever heard. I still do, and throw my head back in remembrance, cherishing that time - forever in my soul. ~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight  

Xenophobia isn’t really a phobia

PHOBIA  A phobia is a type of anxiety disorder, defined by a persistent and excessive fear of an object or situation. The phobia typically results in a rapid onset of fear and is present for more than six months. All those rapid-fire name callers popping up all over social media confuse dislike and self-preservation with fear. Some spiders are … Continue reading Xenophobia isn’t really a phobia


I wonder why people speak of nature as if they're not part of it?  

Late for work?

Looks like we're going to be a little late for work today. That's okay. We'll just push the time back a bit, so we're not late.  

Hedonism – Freedom Or Chaos

Everything in life wasn't meant to come easy or even naturally. Work, hard work, is an integral part of challenging us to do and be better. Always giving way to what is most comfortable or taking the path of least resistance is seen as hedonistic - selfish. As long as we live among other animals, … Continue reading Hedonism – Freedom Or Chaos

New! Fantastic! Best in Taste! AFC SPOON FILLS – 6 bites to freedom





Do you think it’s time to put the whole world on a diet? I think so.

The world, the whole world, needs to stop eating animals.

Everybody – adults, children, and other animals too. We need to find a way to feed the carnivorous animals on the planet plant food. We can do it with the will.

We need to replace animal with plant.

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African Tomato Nut Pesto Linguini





Made with veggie pepperoni, garlic and extra virgin olive oil. Powerful flavors that pack a powerful pasta punch. Serve with red wine, beer or lemonade! This is my Vincent van Gogh of pesto pasta dishes. Rich, filling, satisfies on all levels.

Serves 6-8

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To Brits Jews Arabs – and any others who like to dominate the dialogue

TO BRITS JEWS ARABS and any others who like to Dominate The Dialogue "Do you know what anal retentive means? It means you're a hoarder of your own waste. ~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight Brits Jews Arabs are impeding progress across the pond as they say, minimizing the size of the ocean as they like to … Continue reading To Brits Jews Arabs – and any others who like to dominate the dialogue

Groups Are Over-rated

I don't really want to be connected to a group. I don't know why I'm that way. I love to be around people. All kinds of people. It doesn't even matter if they're nice. Maybe because my DNA matches so many regions around the world - and I draw on all of them by the … Continue reading Groups Are Over-rated

The Giver Of The Gift

People who want to be asked as a precondition want something in return - usually, not always. Governments use it when another government is in trouble. "All they have to do is ask" means you'll either be perceived as begging or if helped with the problem the giver of the gift will expect compensation of … Continue reading The Giver Of The Gift

Welcome To The State Of Mockery

I don't make fun of people. I never liked it. I didn't like it in others. I didn't participate when others engaged. Maybe I was born that way. Maybe there's a mocking gene. If so, it's recessive in me. That the entire world broke out into mockery mode seemingly simultaneously and laid it all at … Continue reading Welcome To The State Of Mockery


The British are the biggest Anti-Trump offenders of American Liberties across the board on social media and in the press. One must wonder why after all this time British Intelligence - not too smart - seeks to undermine our system of government and control our politics. Trump hasn't been in politics long and to be … Continue reading TRICKY BUSINESS


Vulgar doesn't win the competition - even when you're Stormy Daniels hitching a ride to fame and wealth on somebody else's genitalia. Historically, all such endeavors lacked sustainability. ~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight  


Jealousy breeds contempt in all its grotesque forms. ~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight  

I’m An Idiot

I never call myself names in my thoughts. Maybe I should. Maybe that's why I don't call other people names. Maybe I will, if you terrorize me by threatening my physical or emotional self, you're the idiot, because I'm the best and only friend you ever had. You see, I respect your right to be … Continue reading I’m An Idiot

CATCHING UP 7-10-2018

> Alcohol and drug addicts are becoming a menace to society. There is a cure. The alcohol and drug industries are blocking it. Profits are too high across the board. The high cost of liquor and drugs isn't a deterrent to those who use; it's a liability. People are vomiting in bars all over Cleveland. … Continue reading CATCHING UP 7-10-2018


When justice means revenge I don't support it. When people scream NO JUSTICE NO PEACE they threaten violence if you don't meet their demands for revenge. Maybe in Africa that works, but in the USA we stopped allowing mobs to hang people a long time ago. ~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight  

Religious Doctrine Based On Faith Not Fact

Using religion as a reason and a basis to refuse service or other freedoms afforded others equals discrimination on the basis of religion or creed. Religion is a creed. Religion is a philosophy. Religion is an ideology. The provisions of the law must work both ways - to prevent discrimination against one who is practicing … Continue reading Religious Doctrine Based On Faith Not Fact


Predictions are like superstitions. Dangerous. Irresponsible. Reckless. Evil.  

Some Freedoms Oppress Others

Freedom to worship shouldn't mean freedom to deny the freedom of others by refusing them services sold in the public marketplace. ~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight  

Force Your Own Change Now

If we keep doing everything the way we've always done it, nothing can change for the better. That's usually when we need a catastrophic event to force change. Why wait for that to happen?  

The Real Natives In The USA and Canada

My grandfather was born and raised in Inverness, Quebec Canada, yet my DNA results do not reflect me as being Canadian. I was born and raised in the Unites States of America, yet there is no DNA marker that proves that I am an American. Canada and the United states are not ethnicities. The ethnicities … Continue reading The Real Natives In The USA and Canada


The universe doesn't favor humans over other life forms. Their self-declared privileged status exists only in the mind of the human. ~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight