Picking On Minutia To Avoid The Truth…

Auntie was a Lithuanian. Over time, so many countries occupied and then absorbed Lithuania into their own countries that one might think that Lithuania would eventually lose their identity. They didn’t do that. That didn’t happen. According to my own DNA recently tested I still have Lithuania in me, along with everybody else in the geographical and geopolitical neighborhood too.

When the Soviet Union broke apart, and the Red Cross told the Lithuanian soldiers who were part of the Soviet Army that they had safe haven when they didn’t, and many Lithuanians who deserted the Soviet Army to go home to protect their homeland of Lithuania died as a result of that misinformation, and the President of the USA said “no” to Lithuania’s new woman President, who came to the USA pleading for financial help, the Lithuanians sang and held candle light vigils, following Martin Luther King’s non-violent steps to freedom, then rose to the beat and the sound of their own music, making themselves an independent state – a nation – in the absence of war.

DESTROYING THINGS IN THE NIGHT. Many Jews tore up documents that didn’t mean anything, anyway. Many Jews protected their families when they didn’t need protecting. Many Jews in the middle of the night would erase any fact that they existed – out of a fear that their way of life would be questioned – and maybe that questioning would lead to incarceration. Many Jews spoke silently, without even a breath that would prove that they were doing anything else but breathing. I know that breath – not by Auntie’s outstretched hand, because she was too old and hardened to ever speak to a child about oppression, but by the life I live now.

Auntie’s outstretched hand, simply and beautifully validated it, many decades later. I destroyed so many parts of my life out of the same fear. What if they (the gov) think this or that? What if they put a listening device in the plant I just bought? I know they’re listening, because they show up where I go and repeat to me so I can hear what I say in my private home space.

Everything went into the trash. Nobody should have to live this way. So, the same tactics that were used on those who were oppressed by poverty or religion, the Jews use and continue to use on everybody else today. It’s all wrong. Nothing about it is right. Don’t forget lest it happen again? Nobody forgot, yet it happened and continues to happen to me – and to people all over the world.

Aside from other species, vegans will become the most disriminated against worldwide.

The suffering of the Jews had nothing to do with the Arabs. When they couldn’t find any more satisfaction out of blaming Germans, they turned to the Arabs so as to blame somebody, anybody, for all that went wrong in their lives. they needed to keep the blame game alive.

Auntie was different – she didn’t befall on others what befell on her. That’s a powerful message that all people’s of the earth need to heed.

When God communicates the message of changing yourself, what that really means is putting yourself (your organism) into the best possible framework, using what you have to work with, in order to give yourself the best possible advantage to make the appropriate decisions in life, based on the Five Principles To A Better Life. At those junctures, where options are presented, you need to be in the best condition to make the correct decisions – for you.

Changing yourself doesn’t mean you have to stand alone in the world–or even stand alone with yourself.

Rachael Maddow  (of MSNBC notoriety) wants to do away with the word ‘right’ and substitute the word ‘correct’ to mean the same thing. There’s too much baggage associated with the word ‘right’ from the media’s persistent and obsessive use of it to describe in sweeping terms a person with conservative ideas. Then there’s the problem with the word ‘conservative’, which is also used persistently and obsessively to describe in sweeping terms a person’s political party, the way they act, their eating habits, dress habits, speech habits, motives and on and on – where they live, the schools they attend, the charities they give to, the sporting events they go to, the drinking holes they frequent, and on and on again all done without ever having to give specifics about any of it.

It’s like a great big cloud that follows you everywhere, with all the labels that everybody else said must be a part of you, if you vote for a particular candidate, thus a particular political party. It’s a way of categorizing you forever; and if you should want to change any of it, a new cloud labeled ‘traitor’ will follow you around with the other bag of stuff that you’ll never be able to get rid of. It’s a punishment for changing anything about you that doesn’t conform to the group in which you’ve placed yourself, or that the members have accepted you into. ‘Left’ gets left out in the cold as anything not right. And ‘right’ gets a blast of that same Arctic air from the ‘left’ for being so prejudicial.

That’s going to change right now. Dump that bag of trash – now. Left, right, above, below and sideways. Just dump it. Now, start over. Refuse to accept a label that isn’t accurate–according to you, not according to somebody else’s criteria.

Perhaps Rachael’s issue isn’t really with conservatism and the subliminal underpinnings of using the word ‘right’ vs the word ‘correct’. Maybe she just doesn’t want to deal with the wrongness of some of her own tactics. That she’s correct is all she needs to keep feeling good about herself. Yet being a hit person for the Jews, tearing apart, bringing to one’s knees, mocking, laughing, then bragging to everyone that she got somebody to apologize to all Jews worldwide on her T.V. show, may fall under the category of correct, in that she followed the instructions of her bosses (including herself), and her targets obediently complied out of a fear that the Jews would ruin their careers, businesses, children’s lives and on and on…but was it right? Was it the right thing to do?

By Rachael calling herself crazy as she often does, doesn’t absolve her. Saying it was a joke doesn’t absolve her. Just because someone has a deformity, doesn’t give her/him the right to make fun of someone else with a deformity. It makes it even more repugnant. At least if you don’t have one, you don’t know what it’s like to have one. When you know what it’s like, and you want to humiliate someone who has what you have, then it really is rehab time. Even that word – rehab – is loaded with prejudice. Rehab yourself. Check in with your own God and see how you’re doing. If you’re not honest, then your God won’t be able to cure you. Even that last sentence is loaded. You don’t have to be honest with yourself. If you want to change, your God will make that happen. Even that’s loaded. It’s like you have to want to change – and because you want to change, then you must be thinking submissively, especially if somebody else is telling you that you should want to change – and nobody wants to appear submissive. And of course there’s a problem with ‘everyone’, because there are those who do want to be submissive, so there goes THAT straight out the window.

Picking on minutia is what it’s called – and everybody seems to be doing it–to make an argument or to counter an argument.

In the end, however, nobody knows anything more about the issue; it’s all about getting the apology and another notch on the Jewish Belt of Accomplishments and Acknowledgements.

All you have to do is put yourself at the best possible advantage for making decisions – big, small and all decisions in between – that will benefit you and those around you. Stand your ground on something of substance. I’m not talking about living your life with political correctness. All that does is make everybody seem perfect, when they’re clearly using all their energy to cover up the crime. If you’re black and laying in waiting for the next white person to slip up by saying something you don’t like that connects them to a prejudice against you in your mind, then I’d call that predatory behavior – and maybe that cowchickenlambpiglobster on your plate explains it all.

I agree that there could be a subliminal issue with the word, ‘right’. Use it enough, and you’ll always be connecting the right way to do something with the right-wing political ideology. But let’s not get too hasty. If we ban all words that could convey a subliminal connection to something else, then we’ll end up with no words to use. Maybe people are micromanaging words, not so much for the slur/insult factor, but for the brainwashing effect.

‘Don’t call us anything connected to poor’ is what the feigned horror is all about when somebody uses the trigger ‘nigger’ word. You can call yourself poor, but nobody else can. When people do this, I figure they have so little power in real life, that the indignation and  demand over control of a word that practically no one uses, except those who complain about it, is like a slap by their own hand to their own face. Remember what they did with the word gay? It used to mean happy. Now it means in which direction your genitals fly. So now, nobody can use the word gay, unless they’re referencing somebody’s genitals, and most of the people using the word, are gay.

The same goes for the word ‘Jew’. Who would ever think to classify it as an epithet, except a Jew complaining that another Jew called even another Jew, a Jew. I don’t know where the slang words of ‘left’ and ‘right’ came from when describing political parties. Maybe left field. She/he is wa-a-ay out in left field. How many times have people heard their ideas dumped into the left field bin? It’s a way to humiliate, to demean, to take the punch out of your ideas. Well, God doesn’t care how far out into left field a person is [see how we inadvertently switch the ball to an idea and then the idea to a person?]

As long as you stay within the boundaries of the Five Principles, you’ll be okay. So somebody says, yeah, I did the Five Principles, then my wife left me, I lost my job, my car died, the landlord raised the rent and I got….Yeah, and you handled it all didn’t you? You kept your self-respect. And you lived to tell about it. Bravo.

The point of this introduction is to shine a star on you. You don’t need to be somebody’s hit person to be in God’s play. Everybody gets a part, and if you don’t like the one you were offered, then God will find one that suits you better. God wants you to shine. It doesn’t cost a dime. It’s free. You own it. It’s you. However, if you want to be a hit person for somebody else, then I suggest you check in with the Five Principles and see where that job lies. You don’t have to make somebody else shine. Make yourself shine by who you are, and what makes you special – and not by how many people you hit for some other group, in order that the group keep feeding you. It’s easy to be a hit person when you think you can’t be valued for anything else. All life has value.

Referring to the introductory paragraph: “…At those junctures, where options are presented, you need to be in the best condition to make the correct decisions – for you. I now change that back to “the right decisions…”. No one should try to ban such a beautiful word as ‘right’ by replacing it with something that’s amoral. Take the morality out, and next thing you know, you’re parading people on T.V. in order to humiliate them, knowing in advance that they’ll do whatever you say, in order to keep their careers and their families safe from the Jewish Underground Network, that’s apparently operating above ground these days.

They removed ‘stocks’ from the village square many years ago, whereby people’s heads and hands were locked into wooden holes in a big wooden plank for the purpose of humiliating them in public. How about if we burn the plank instead of the person? Humiliation doesn’t change behavior for the better. Oh, it may produce an apology, but seething beneath the fold, an equally offensive behavior will be expressed in a different way. Humiliation is a lazy mind’s knee-jerk way of criticizing an individual or a group.

It takes some thought to criticize without humiliation. When the person doing the humiliating derives pleasure from the act, then sadism becomes involved. It may be time to impeach Rachael Maddow, before she decides to run for office, where she can pass laws using humiliation as her foundation for change. I’m taking away your name and giving you a letter (RM). So you R trained in the Maccabean tradition of destroying gentiles – just as the Muslims are trained in the holy tradition of destroying infidels – those not faithful to your respective traditions of owning the world. Oh, you’ll say, ‘it’s not about owning the world, it’s about making the world let us do whatever it is we want to do for our own benefit – in the absence of opposition’.


from VV I


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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