What Are You Doing To Our Drinking Water?

Is Cleveland fortifying the water supply? It tastes sweet – not like normal drinking water should taste. I never tasted sweet tap water before now. Okay, I filter it, but it never tasted sweet – filtered or not.

When Cleveland dumps a load of fluoride into Lake Erie, one can taste it for days after, which signals to me, they’re dumping too much. Complaints will go unheeded, like they always do. Look what happened in Flint, Michigan.

Flint is the perfect example of how the government – local, state or federal – behaves when the populace inquires about anything they see is out of the ordinary.

It’s like, “you’re the first one to complain or mention, or nobody else has or this is the first call on…” whatever it is you’re calling about. They make you out to be a bad guy for even inquiring. “We already check (what you’re calling about) on a regular basis; we have very strict controls and methods”. They’ll even apologize and tell you the policy – over and over again till you get frustrated and hang up, but not before they make you feel guilty with a “You don’t think we would purposely harm people do you? “

It’s all done to discourage anyone in the populace from complaining about services provided. They want total control over everybody and how they regard any situation that effects ‘we the people’.

This is in a democracy that this occurs. It’s clear that when it comes to institutions, they are already under fascist/socialist rule.

Authority figures and organizations always seem to know what’s best for the populace and it’s always based on science they don’t understand, so why should you? Because they say so. That’s why. That’s a socialist and a fascist and a communist set up.

It’s futile to even inquire, because the people answering the phones, if and when they do, have prepared answers, that really tell you nothing.

My shower water in the bathroom burns my eyes when it gets in my eyes – burns more than any chlorine treated swimming pool ever did. This is absent facial/eye make up, absent soap yet, just plain tap water burns like acid.

My nose starts running the minute I turn the shower on as I step into the shower. Runs like a faucet, like I’ve got the worst cold ever. Brushing my teeth creates the same nose runs. Why? What are you doing to the water? When I lived at home as a kid and young adult I never experienced a reaction to plain tap water. They’re putting something in the water – either purposely or unintended run off or both, or something else – companies are dumping illegal chemicals and drugs into our water supply rather than properly dispose of them – because it’s cheaper and quicker. Not in the long run it isn’t.

Probably all of the above. Why do we have to be a nation of bottled water drinkers? Are we that close to becoming a Third World Nation?

Nobody complains because the complaints aren’t specific enough to make the call in the first place, or if they do, the complaints don’t get registered. Dismiss the complaint, avoid paperwork so they can show the house they’re trying to sell on company time. Everybody is avoiding paperwork, because there’s too much of it, for legal reasons – lawsuit reasons, that nobody does any of it.

Hey, the insurance companies love it, but real problems aren’t addressed till it’s too late, then the insurance companies lie, cheat and steal their way out of the predicament they placed everybody into, because they demanded too much paperwork to be filed. It’s always on the insurance companies.

The post office does the same thing. Postal workers are instructed not to bring any mail back to the post office. It must all be delivered. But so many workers conduct personal business while on the job, that they don’t have enough time to deliver all the mail, so they either take your mail home with them or they stash it some place. If you don’t get the mail, that should have been delivered it’s in some postal carrier’s trunk or garage or being rifled through on somebody’s kitchen table.

Over and over again they’ll tell you the policy, but won’t solve the problem of where your mail is.

The government has been involved in “populace engineering” in Cleveland for so long that I wouldn’t put anything past them, regarding drinking water. We’ve been in Cleveland since 1994 and they’re still talking about removing lead paint from houses. How long does it take? You mean they do one a year? You mean black kids chew on painted wood and become lead poisoned? I never chewed on wood. What kid does that? Black people don’t know how to scrape and paint?

We painted every rented house we ever lived in. We left every building in a better condition than when we rented it. That’s why the lower rent, so you fix it up to your liking. We bought cheap paint, not paint with lead in it.

Blacks won’t fix up anything they don’t own and even then, they don’t. It’s not the amount of money, it’s what they do with what they have. Let the government paint the house. Where’s the landowner? Nothing gets done except a lot of finger wagging.

Over half of Clevelanders vacated the city. Did you know that? I think the population was one million when we moved here and now it’s something like a half million. Maybe they include in the census bordering towns. I don’t know. They manipulate figures to get more federal dollars.

That’s the word on the street. And the street is usually right. I remember Oprah saying once how much she hated Cleveland and would never go back – if indeed she ever came here. Being in Chicago for so long she probably did.

These are all good reasons not to go down the road of socialism and fascism. The line between the two becomes blurred beyond recognition. What are we going to do turn the USA into Cuba and Central and South America? It looks like that’s where the democratic party is headed – exactly the place like the ones the Spanish-speakers fled supposedly to go to a better place.

Do you see the irony in that? Bringing the politics you hate with you to your new homeland?

If the government gives all the people who reside in the USA illegally, the right to vote, their vote could tip the scales in the next presidential election. Everybody comes here to get rich. Then when they don’t, they want a welfare system where everybody gets the same amount of whatever they need.

So now they want to TURN the USA into the countries they left. Maybe when they do that, their countries of origin will be rich, because all the poor people left, and they’ll go back.

I suspect that there are a lot of people in the USA illegally, who don’t want citizenship for that reason. Can they have dual citizenship? I don’t know and I don’t really care. I’m not moving anywhere.

Sure Cleveland’s like living in a human made hell most the time, but it’s the only home I know. At nearly 70 years old I’m too old to start over. What would it get me? Nothing different probably.

I don’t believe the people who get on television from the water companies who say there’s nothing wrong with the water. Your concerns are unfounded, see, we drink it too. Watch. We drink it too. Don’t you think we want clean water? Ah-h, delicious filtered sewer water filtered everything out, all your poop piss drugs and cleaning supplies. De-e-elicious!!

Rich, powerful people do a lot of stupid things, least of which would be drinking contaminated water. So that argument doesn’t fly with me nor should it with anybody else.

Do You See? It’s those arguments, those stupid statements and visual aids meant to manipulate our thought process, so we’ll stop asking questions, that we as consumers deserve answers to, because we do drink the stuff and bathe with it, and force it on our babies and children and everybody we love on this planet.

And why would we trust a bunch of business politicians, that we don’t know the first thing about, except that they are not experts on water safety and water purity. If you’re not the expert, get out of the conversation unless you’re a concerned citizen. To go to the defense of the water company for the purpose of saving them money and eliminating liability is collusion to the detriment of the concerned citizens who consume a product that they pay for.

Don’t forget the pay part. We pay for what we use. Water is not free. Even if we don’t get a water bill, our usage is reflected in our rent.

Included in our most recent lease in August, was a demand that we allow National Church Residences to view our water usage as a condition of the lease. If you don’t sign, you don’t stay was the message that accompanied the coerced signing away of part of our privacy rights. I live month to month on a small social security check. I can’t afford to move. So they have us backed into a corner. Sign or leave. You have three months to vacate. That’s what I was told after living here for ten years, if I didn’t sign away my privacy rights to my water usage. Cold as ice.

Is that even legal? It doesn’t matter in Maxine Waters’ world. No one in HUD financed buildings has any privacy rights. They keep telling me that they can enter my apartment any time they want. The last assistant manager, after I voiced my requirement that no one enters without me or Steve present, said she could go into anyone’s apartment any time. “In fact, I’ve already been in yours”. I was horrified. “Why?” “I had to do a housecleaning inspection”.

A what??!! In ten years nobody has ever done a housecleaning inspection. Or did they? When I wasn’t home? I have a dog daughter that I leave alone when I have to. I do that reluctantly with the understanding that no one in the office or other tenants enter my apartment. There has never been an emergency. Fire Flood or Blood they say are the only reasons to call 9-11. But they’ll come rushing in when they know I’m out and who tells them I’m gone?

This building is known for people who beat up dogs, eat dogs, poison dogs, kidnap and sell dogs, cats too.

Checking to see if my apartment is clean? I pay full rent. I’m not on a program subsidy, but even if I were, no leasing agent or maintenance person should be entering when I’m not here. And I am always here when they tell me to be. What exactly did she do when she was in here? I’ll never know. She didn’t last long. She was a black nationalist (aka black supremacist) who thought all white people should sit at the knees of black people. She didn’t have to crack a whip, she was one.

So where was my 24 hour notice?

Yeah. They always have an excuse.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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