It’s the ‘getting it right’ most of the time that will get us to the ‘getting it right’ all the time place that most vegans want to be right now.

But the world isn’t there right now, so keep buying what you can buy in veggie capsules, or fill your own with herb and spice supplements, and the market will sway in favor – often times sooner than you think.

Yes, it starts with something as simple as a capsule. It’s the ‘keeping at it’ and not giving in or giving up that makes the long term difference no matter what you do or what your cause.

You can still take your antibiotics or life saving meds in animal capsules, because you know that ‘keeping at it’ in the ways that you can ‘keep at it’ will influence the rest of the capsule market to get on board.

Punching people, knocking them down, slows the process of evolution. Your punch is an expression of who you are as a person. It has nothing to do with animal rights. The animals didn’t turn you into an aggressor or agitator. The people who eat animals didn’t turn you into an aggressor or agitator. You ate animals before the animals were even on your radar as having a purpose at least as meaningful as yours.

People who are against plant meats are not for the animals; they’re for themselves. Those who spew repulsive words about plant meats or about having to sit beside a person at a restaurant eating animal meat, are less of a vegan in principle than those eating animal meat. At least they’re happy with their choice. You clearly are not happy with yours if all you can think about is what they’re eating, instead of enjoying what you ordered. They’re laughing inside about how tortured you look. What an advertisement for animal-free dining! They’re lovin’ theirs and you’re miserable. Think of the optics.

Facebook is a place people go to dump on people, just for the heck of it, or to release tensions by beating somebody up or a place to go to whine till the whole world throws up hearing about they’re stinkin’ life as a vegan.

Or it’s a place people can go to steal other people’s intellectual property, call it their own to look like a hot shot and get away with it. Why? Because they don’t have an original thought in their head. They’re DEAD HEADS – COPY CATS. AND THEY’RE EVERYWHERE – CALLING THEMSELVES VEGANS. Yeah, I’m watching all of you. Like a mother knows her own kids, I know my own work. And no I don’t hand my work over to the ’cause’ so you can put your name on it. Credit is to be given, or I will  make sure you receive what is actually yours. NOTHING.

Stop using veganism to get free psychological help on Facebook. Veganism is not a mental illness, so stop treating it like one. Stop being so weak, and spineless. Do you think the animals need you weak? What? They’re supposed to take care of you because you take care of them?

Well, you’re not taking very good care of them are you? If all you do is bitch and moan about eating a plant burger in a slaughter house. Today it’s one, next week it’s a million and one. So tell me again how and why you don’t like the speed of that progress?

That’s what I’m saying, you’re not a real vegan. You’re a whiner, a puncher, a slacker and a thief desperately scheming to get attention for yourselves. Get out of the slaughterhouse if it’s not your bag – and keep your big mouth shut unless you have something to contribute to the animals besides your incessant quest for disruption and violence. If you want the stage do something of significance or go to Hollywood.

So you’re in this for mental comfort? I thought none of you believed there is a God? What? No imagination? You just believe whatever is told, and do whatever is demanded? Really now. How can you not believe in something greater than your own humanity in the entire universe? That you’re smarter than everybody else, that’s what you believe? Could you have created the universe?? Oh, you must be Jew. Yeah, you carry the capital of veganism in your heart like it has a capital in Tel Aviv.  

Some of the people with vegan labels are hilarious. You can tell just by looking at them and reading them, that they just downed a steak, then showed up on your feed to stab you in the face for eating at a restaurant that serves an Impossible or Beyond plant burger and alongside an animal burger, and you require two kitchens, like the faithful Jews you are, to separate the flesh from the bloodmilk before eating it.

Your JIG IS UP. You’ve been at this way too long to think you can actually continue in the same vein the same way. All you do is replace either the bloodmilk or the flesh with a plant and you’re back to your old illogical ways of validating your own instabilities. As long as the animal meat isn’t on the same plate as the animal fluid, that makes it okay to eat it? You follow blindly the rules and don’t question? And you want to be the capital of veganism?

Veganism doesn’t have a capital. 

The Jews took Jerusalem as their capital town. The Americans moved their embassy to Jerusalem to appease, once again ad nauseam, the Jews. The Jews then, not wanting to give up on Tel Aliv, declared it the VEGAN CAPITAL OF THE WORLD? So they got two capitals and the Palestinians got none. THE JEWS TOOK TWO CAPITALS that were not theirs for the taking. Jesus Christ, did that just happen? Just like that? With no consensus? The Jews just take another capital, name it as theirs when it isn’t theirs, on their land that isn’t theirs. King of the Jews, King of the world, King of the Vegans too? That’s Jesus Christ!!@ You all did that in Jesus’ name? 

YOU ALWAYS GO TOO FAR TOO LONG. And you keep saying the world lets you do it, as your reason for doing what you do – leaving out of course the blackmail, extortion, threats of life-ruining, making hells of the lives of other people’s children whose parents you choose to extort when you don’t get what you want, and even when you do, you ruin a few lives just to let the world know you follow through on your promises. Why is it always the bad promises that you keep – rarely if ever, the beneficial promises?

This significant turn of events – making Tel Aviv OUT OF THE BLUE the capital of veganism, after the Jews vacated it as their capital city, when Jews are known for their separatist natures, laws, polices and practices vividly demonstrates the lies Jews and American Jews, and anyone else who succumbs to their demands, tell themselves. 

All people should be welcome then, absent conditions, to visit Tel Aviv, be warmly welcomed and served vegan food wherever they go. I doubt that all those fur-wearing Jews are going to hide them when vegan tourists show up en masse in Tel Aviv. Faux fur? I doubt those Russians who populate Palestine as their Jew Right Of Return will be giving up their furs, goats and lambs any time soon. 

It’s for Jews only. It’s not for all vegans worldwide. Only Jews and a few others who support the Jew agenda of stealing land, committing holocausts against indigenous people and stealing capitals and making up others, so nobody in future could claim it. They put their STAKE IN IT, raised their flag, pinned it with the Star of David. And thus it became the law of the world – just because the Jews said so. TEL AVIV, The SEPARATIST CAPITAL OF VEGANISM.

There is no such thing as a capital town or city, state or country that can justly lay claim to being the capital of a diet and an animal-exploitation-free lifestyle. That is counterintuitive and counter to the known practices of Jews worldwide – of everybody worldwide. But everybody world wide isn’t stealing capitals and STAKING THEIR CLAIM on others – what next? 

Tel Aviv is not exploitation-free. Remember, humans are animals. We’re made of flesh, blood and guts just like the other animals in the animal kingdom, as it was named a long time ago. The human inhabitants of Tel Aviv consume and exploit animals. Jews worldwide exploit Palestinians on Palestinian ground. Palestinians and Jews are animals by nature and science. Both factions exploit other animals on the same ground. Are Palestinians allowed in Tel Aviv? Do they work there? Dine there. Play there? Do they cook your vegan food? Dance the vegan JIG? 

Veganism is not a capital city. Veganism does not begin and end in one location, just because the Jews want it for the purposes of increasing tourism in Tel Aliv.

Jews as always try to take the entire pie. Jews are separatists. An animal-free diet and exploitation-free lifestyle are not. 

Jews tire quickly. They move around a lot. Many Jews who used to be vegans turned to other diets to explore when they became bored. Paleo, Raw, Mediterranean, mindfulness. Anything new, they’ll try it in search of the perfect food pill to quiet their chaotic minds.

I’ll bet they’ll count how many times I used the word Jew or Jews in this article. Then they’ll add any word beginning with a J, then the word before and after the word Jew or Jews, for the purpose of increasing the total number to make an exploitation point that will favor them in some way. Or so they think.

Who would think? Eh? Jews exploiting veganism for cultural and financial gain? It’s not such a bad idea, if you include everyone and you’re not eating beans and shitting lambs.

Is Benjamin Netanyahu, the one who staked the claim of Tel Aviv as the CAPITAL OF VEGANISM vegan? Does he eat animals? Does his wife wear them? Are furs disallowed in Tel Aviv?

You may have the name, but you don’t have the goods. You’ve got a lot of work to do to make Tel Aviv what you say it is, and I know how little you like to work. I’m no different.

Are there any other people, groups, factions, religions who aren’t allowed in Tel Aviv to dine and dance with the vegans? Setting an example that is real is the finest advertisement for any cause.

Alright, we’ll see if I get an invitation – all expenses paid of course. I think I deserve to see what this capital of veganism is all about. Forty-nine years working for a cause should qualify me. My own government probably won’t allow it, but I’d still like the invitation – to do a review on the vegan part and accessibility for other worldly peoples.

For Jews only? For Rich people only? Friends and supporters of Israel only? That’s Veganism??

Do it right. That’s all the world wants.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef

Chef Davies-Tight™. The Animal-Free Chef™. ANIMAL-FREE SOUS-CHEF™. FAT-FREE CHEF™. Word Warrior Davies-Tight™. HAPPY WHITE HORSE™. SHARON ON THE NEWS™. BIRTH OF A SEED™. Till now and forever © Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, Artist, Author, Animal-Free Chef, Activist. ARCHITECT of 5 PRINCIPLES TO A BETTER LIFE™ & MAINSTREAM ANIMAL-FREE CUISINE™.

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