Jews Arabs And Hate

I never heard of an Arab calling anybody anti-Semitic. Yet, they’re Semitic.

Jews do it all the time. Say anything about a Jew and they’re all over the media using all their contacts to name-call the person who dared speak of them, anti-Semitic. They ruin their businesses over it. Yet, Semitic includes both Arab and Jew.

You may speak of them individually by not invoking their affiliations, but not collectively, even though collectively is how they operate in the world. It is after all a manufactured Jewish majority they seek on the land of Palestine.

Arabs don’t talk about who they think hates them; in fact they rarely use the word hate – not in public. The Jews never shut up about it.

The Jews hate everybody except their family and non-Jews and most of the time them too. It should come as no surprise that because they hate so much, they would naturally think that all those everybodies hate them back.

Maybe they want them to.

Maybe they need them to.

Maybe they get energized by hating someone and having them hate them back.

Hate is like fuel to a Jew.

In absence of hate they can’t operate optimally.

They can’t function within the parameters of peace.

Be careful when negotiating with a Jew or Jews; they want to get you angry.

Parsing their words sets the stage for manipulation. Or the table for a feast. They breathe them slowly with distinct multi-purpose that seems all too organized with gates at every juncture so you can see the other side but can’t get there unless through them.

You’re their food. They can’t survive without you. They know it while doing everything within their power to make you think you can’t thrive in this world without them.

Existential threat they create by blinding the world to their presence, so they can sneak about under your radar to take what they want without opposition, knowing if you notice and speak up they’ll tag you anti-Semitic – earmarked for destruction.

I never heard a Jew call an Arab anti-Semitic.

Can a Jew be anti-Semitic? Yes. Jews hate other Jews, but they don’t call it anti-Semitic. Arabs hate other Arabs but they don’t call on their Semitism as a reason.

After all, what is a Semite? What qualities or traits do Semites possess that are so hate-worthy, that the Jews keep invoking them to get what they want?

Why does it instill fear into the hearts and minds of those who are called anti-Semites?

What do Semites do to non-Semite people that makes the world fear them so much that simply being called anti-Semite turns the person’s world on end?

“Sticks and stones can break your bones but names can never hurt you”.

Yes they can and do and the Jews exploit that avenue of hurt at every juncture of operation, whether it’s by spreading destructive rumors or attacking the opposition in full view in the public square.

Keep in mind that Jews regard all non-Jews as opposition. The only value a non-Jew has to a Jew is in business. There is no other area of cooperation.

It’s time for the Semites to come out of their respective closets and declare who they really are and their real purpose and their methods of operation.

Individuals and/or groups who destroy individuals or groups who dare question and/or criticize and/or recognize Jews as Jews and not mistake them for somebody else, as Jews would most often prefer, are terrorists.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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