I wonder why so many cultures of the world have ornate beds and no chairs? Why do they continue to sit on the floor to eat at a table a foot high, like they’re still in the cave? Cross-legged. Ouch. Grandma and Grandpa, how do they manage?

As kids we all sat on the floor to watch T.V. Once puberty kicked in I couldn’t sit on the floor cross-legged without my legs getting numb.

What makes their joints so limber? Is it genetic or something else? Maybe whatever that ‘something else’ is could help the stiff-jointed people of the world be less stiff.

It can’t be the consumption of animal products responsible for their fluid joints, since the modern world consumes more animals than the non-modern world.

Taking supplements isn’t the answer either. The modern world overloads their systems with supplements and what good does it actually do? Those same people usually end up taking no supplements.

In my neighborhood I see grown men from Eastern Europe and the Middle East lift their legs to sit on a bench with their legs crossed – like a toddler – that’s how flexible and strong their lower backs are. They don’t live in the old countries any more. They’re Americanized. So it must be DNA related.

I think it’s worth a government grant to study it.

Imagine putting a whole cow on the table like the Arabs do. Maybe that’s why they sit on the floor – the table would break from the weight.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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