Talk about Crosses To Bear

I’m not all white people. OMG What a burden that would be. I don’t know how black people carry it all. Talk about a cross! No wonder they cry so much! Cheers!

Well lo and behold, I went looking for a picture of people carrying crosses and came upon the DONKEY CROSS. Did you know that all donkeys have on their backs an insignia of a cross? And that Christians equate it with the donkey whom Jesus rode into Jerusalem to fulfill the scriptures claiming to be King? Later that donkey followed him to Calvary, and as the donkey turned to go away after Jesus dies, he could not leave. The shadow of the cross left an indelible mark on that donkey and all donkey’s thereafter. Apparently, no other animal carries that insignia.

Knowing and accepting this, one might think that those who practice the faith of Christianity would hold the DONKEY in high esteem, and by holding one animal in high esteem it would spread to all the animals throughout the animal kingdom. Quite the contrary. These so-called blessed donkeys were and continue to be abused by humans in every way conceivable to humans, along with the rest of the kingdom.

Jesus chose himself to fulfill prophecies in the old testament. He read the prophecies before he decided to fulfill them.

Crosses are symbols of discipleship – meaning followers. Disciples are not leaders, except when recruiting other potential followers to carry their burdens without complaining. It sounds a little like government not wanting to hear the complaints of the populace whom they largely ignore except for exploitation purposes.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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