When you speak your prejudice it becomes discrimination. As long as one other person or being hears it, you’ve crossed over the line from prejudice to discrimination. Next stop enslavement.

“That’s just the way I feel” is a lame excuse for crossing any line which causes others humiliation,  pain, isolation and rejection.

I hate white people for what they did to my ancestors. I hate black people for making me work two jobs so they don’t have to work any.

I hate rich people for making me feel inferior. I hate poor people because they don’t take care of themselves.

Foreigners repulse me.

It’s not about the old adage: If you can’t say something nice about someone, then don’t say anything at all. It’s about explaining why you feel the way you do, if indeed you’re going to bring those thoughts out into the open.

All animals are dumb. Look I can smash this pig in the head with a sledge hammer and it doesn’t fight back.

1. animals are dumb = prejudice

2. cornering the animal = is enslavement

3. smashing the animals head in with a sledge hammer = torture

4. killing the animal = slaughter

In this case the explanation for the prejudice came too late. It came after the slaughter, as a justification for the slaughter.

“I don’t care, I still think we have a right to slaughter animals, they’re just dumb animals.”

This statement more often than not comes from the mouths, thus the minds, thus the souls of the peoples on this planet who have fought the hardest to end prejudice and discrimination…against their own kind, against those who called them dumb animals.

The hypocrisy is soul-numbing.

Better to toe the line for all living creatures regardless of your own personal assessment of their intellectual prowess or lack of it.

Better to toe the line by exercising discipline of your own thoughts and subsequent words thus actions, than to risk those prejudices turning into discrimination.

Better to toe the line than roll through the torture process without even giving it a further thought, since you already started the ball rolling, and who cares about the process?

Cross that line and the crash at the end of your ambivalent prejudiced thread will land you in a slaughter bin that you and only you created, and just might as a consequence to that ambivalence land you in a prison for life, because you couldn’t explain why you feel the way you feel.

All perceived necessary evils have a beginning and an end. The middle is irrelevant to the process precisely because it is evil, and thus rarely examined.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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