• Trayvon Martin was responsible for his own death, when he chose to surprise-attack a neighborhood watchman and then repeatedly smash his head against the concrete, while pinning him to the ground by sitting on top of him. Trayvon did not live in the ghetto.
  • Michael Brown was responsible for his own death, when he decided to rob a convenience store, strong-arm the owner, who then called the police, repeatedly punch a cop in his own car, try to steal his weapon, and then charge after the officer. Michael Brown had 2 fathers, so he was not lacking in the father department.
  • Eric Garner was responsible for his own death, when he decided to resist arrest. In 43 years he had been arrested 31 times. He knew the drill. He knew how to put his arms behind his back. In those 31 times he could breathe just fine. He flaunted his crimes openly, which meant the officers had to arrest him. He resisted and he died.
  • All 3 of these people lacked personal responsibility.
  • President Obama, Eric Holder and Al Sharpton gave the green light for black America to rise up, burn businesses, torch police cars, break windows, set off molotav cocktail bombs, steal whatever you can get your hands on, terrorize a nation, kill cops, block highways, shut down stores during the Christmas season knowing full-well, that these individuals caused their own deaths. They exploited these deaths to get something for the blacks – something the blacks didn’t deserve to be given – revenge. They operated like a gang with no thought to consequences.
  • The media allowed the blacks to spew their hatred over cable and network news/talk channels for months, working everybody up. A dialogue, a conversation everybody kept saying, but white people, you know all those people blacks love to hate weren’t represented. Oh they had white people who worked for the cable and network news/talk channels, with people talking in their ears telling them what to say. But they didn’t have any ‘real’ white people in on the so-called, now infamous ‘conversation’ about race relations.
  • They over-played the race card, gambled with people’s lives and lost. Two officers were assassinated because of it.
  • All Obama could contribute to the entire one-sided race conversation was that somebody mistook somebody for a store clerk, when they dressed down to go incognito, to avoid recognition when that somebody went shopping. How could anybody call that racist? Shows you what he thinks of store clerks.
  • The blacks lost.
  • They lost big.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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