Somehow Tony Blair doesn’t think that killing/murdering 150,000 Iraqis (his estimate) qualifies as prejudice that led to discrimination, that led to enslavement, that led to torture, that led to slaughter.

And the world trusted him with the Palestinian-Israeli road map to peace.

There was never going to be a nation for Palestine, a peace for Palestinians, unless they conformed to the Israeli way, whereby the Jews owned all the land, whereby the Jews were landlords of the Palestinian territories. Whereby the Jews and only the Jews would eventually control all of the Middle East, because Tony Blair, a Jew himself, actually thought, once he actually met the opposition – in his own country – that Israel was the only correct, viable option for that part of the world.

Tony Blair’s sin was not the Iraq war that President Bush orchestrated; it was what he did to the Palestinians because he didn’t have a vision for peace.

That he could not see beyond his own comfort – a sin many rich people suffer from – and the comfort of England – and the comfort of those he considered more civilized, meaning Israelis, was his flaw.

The fact that Tony Blair still clings to the ideology, that killing one dictator was worth all those lives lost and many, many more, plus all the families suffering from those losses, plus all of the physical destruction of countries, making people’s lives living hells, tells you a lot about who Tony Blair is as a person.

He will wipe out a continent of innocent people, and destroy the earth beneath their feet to get revenge against one person who threatened at one point to kill President George Bush’s father, who was the head of the CIA, whose job it was to assassinate.

Tony Blair was never going to recognize Palestine’s right to exist. Even before 9-11, when Ariel Sharon was in power in Israel, Tony Blair saw Palestine as a State as a liability for Britain.

Unfortunately, Tony Blair was a virus.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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