I looked in the mirror, and for the first time I saw an old lady be me, and immediately zoomed to the teenager who met me in that mirror – like the teenager I used to be, looking in the mirror now looking at the old woman who is she. We both laughed.

Wow. Look at you. Look how I look now. I’m an old lady. How did that happen? Wow. So many years, people and places ago. I remember you.

I started talking to myself in the mirror. I blew myself kisses. How did it all happen? I’m 71 years old and still thinking somebody’s going to hire me so I can make some money before I die.

What would I do? What could I do? I’m been in solitary confinement for so many long years of my life, that I probably couldn’t do anything. There’s not a job description on earth for what I do. I don’t know if I could fit in or adjust to the real world.

Then I said, this is the real world, right where I am in my tiny castle reaching out, making better what others made worse.

That’s real. That’s worthy. What’s wrong with that? You old lady dog!

You look like old ladies are supposed to look. What a shocker. I think I’m mourning the death of my younger self on my 71st birthday. But hey, that teenager who looked at me in the mirror is still in me, so I feel energized by that. I loved her so, and now I know she loves me back.

I lost a lot. Maybe everybody does. Maybe it’s normal. Well, I never aspired to be normal. But heck, if that’s where I’m at, I’m looking fine with it.

Maybe I climbed too many mountains with nothing found at the top.

At 71 years old I can’t imagine being anybody else but me – otherwise I’d lose that teenager in the mirror, who after all planned this journey, planting me where and when I needed to be planted – a journey that isn’t yet over.

Sharon, Sharon, Sharon, look what you’ve done. Who would have thought? Wow. I’m in a good place viewing myself and my life of planting seeds in the minds where I traveled the universe.

I’m still here after all of it. Loving the space that surrounds me. It’s like seeing for the first time my place in the universe – as the universe wraps itself through me, bringing me into the fold as one with all now.

A gift from the universe to me. Wow – a hug sublime.

Happy Birthday to me.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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