Imagine the beauty in Blacks saying ALL LIVES MATTER. And meaning it. Without a qualifier or disclaimer.

They can’t do that. They don’t see anything in it for them.

They don’t share by nature.

People don’t want PITY. They want RESPECT. If you have to earn it, you’ll never get it. Who’s Lording over whom now? Strings. It’s always about the strings.

Your eyes are your greatest asset. Why so negative? Try sweet. Try kind. Try soft. Stop exaggerating everything you think, say and do.

Ditch the anger look. Ditch the ‘I’m going to blow your fuckin’ head off’ look. Nobody needs nor wants to know how angry you are inside. Everybody’s angry. You’re no different.

I’ve lived in the same building with Black Africans for eleven years. I say hello and chat to everyone. If I don’t say hello first, they won’t take the initiative. Eleven years I’ve been doing it.

I’m tired of the silly arrogant game. If I’m talking to a Black person and another Black person walks up, the one I was talking to all of a sudden steps back as if they don’t know me – this was years before coronavirus and self-distancing. I’m tired of that too. I’m tired of no effort from them and me doing all the work of it.

If I go to the mailroom and all Blacks are standing waiting for their mail, they’ll look everywhere but at me. I talk to all of them individually, but when they’re in a group, they clam up and shut down, except to talk to each other. It’s some kind of unwritten rule.

Everybody wants to be a master.

One time I was talking to my husband when we got off the elevator and a Black woman I always speak to got up in my face with her evil eye and rigid body saying ‘what’s the matter, you too good to say hello’. I was shocked out of my attention on my husband. I hadn’t even seen her yet. I can still see that evil eye.

I’m fed up with all the rules they have that change like the wind. It’s as if someone is directing them on how to treat white peoples in any given week.

I’m tired of the drain.

I’ve contributed way too much of my life concerned about black people and all their issues and needs. It never ends. When do they think of anybody but themselves?

I’m ready to move to a different game. This one has gotten old and tedious. Nothing has and nothing will come of it.

I feel like a hostage, being pushed around from one black person to another, silently, like some strange universal force dictates it.

It’s too weird for me.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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