A Cooling Down Of The Gut With A Sidewinder Joke

You don’t have to eat teeth to grow them.

You don’t have to eat brains to replace the one you say you have, but never use.

If you’re using a biased gut instead of your brains to solve your problems or to demand something from someone else, that you could provide yourself, you’re always going to be at the low end of the success stick.

If you don’t know how to brush your teeth well, then buying a new brush won’t help much after the novelty wears off.

If there’s only room for one person in your life and that person is you, don’t cry when your relationships don’t last beyond the meet, greet, and now I know you stage.

What’s a sidewinder? In cowboy terms. Southwestern USA. Northwestern MEXICO. I heard that word on television growing up watching westerns that were popular back in the day fresh off the reservation.

I heard Morgan Freeman say that word on a talk show referring to stereotypes of black African men. Sidewinder and shifty too.

It’s a reptilian hemorrhoid. Or more accurately a venomous humanoid with horns who is highly intelligent. In other words a snake, that can run at eighteen miles an hour and bite you in the ass without you knowing it.

In my expansive world view that sounds more like African women than African men.

It’s okay to ignore your gut when the facts are staring you in the face.