Laughing Latinos

Hey, why don’t Latinos speak Latin? Why call people from Spain, Latin?

If all life started in Africa, then why don’t Puerto Rican’s look more African?

If black traits are dominant, and if all life started in Africa, then why doesn’t the entire world look more African?

If all life started in Africa, then all indigenous people and island people would look African. Most of them are short and resemble Asians.

From Mongolia maybe.

The Chinese not the Africans migrated to the Americas – coming in from the west, not the East.

But if Africans were on the planet first, then they set the example for what all Africans now lay at the feet of Europeans as the cause of what ails this world.

What role did the Africans play, except offer up their DNA to the world?

Well if all life started in Africa, then Europeans were Africans before they became Europeans. The origin keeps going back to Africa.

One might want to pick out some good that came out of Africa, but according to Africans there is no good – only the bad for which they blame Europeans, even though Africans created Europeans.

If all life started in Africa, I wonder how long it took for the Africans who travelled north to turn white and those who traveled northeast to turn yellow and as a result lose their characteristic African features? Those are some mighty big changes caused by immigration.

I wonder how the immigrants of today will look in a thousand or more years? I guess inbreeding and outbreeding plus diet and environmental challenges will determine that.

So where do the Laughing Latinos come in?

Next block over? I thought human life originated in Spain. I thought they were laughing, because the Africans took credit for originality.

I thought it originated from a fish. Humans.

Didn’t Spain teach Africa how to dance clicking shells in their hands?

No? Musta’ been somebody else.

Yeah, but which body of water? Ocean, lake, river, stream, test tube of water?

Hey, nobody mentioned anything about Noah bringing fish into the ARKansa.

Yeah, so maybe Noah didn’t bring any animals except humans on that big Ark of his and they were the apple forbidden, cause you know them, they’ll eat each other.

Those Laughing Latinos are being vague about what’s so funny. It’s almost like they know something nobody else knows – like what time it really is.

Somebody’s messin’ with the time. That’s what it is. Everybody has a different time, that nobody can agree on. wonder why everybody tells time differently.

It’s the grandfather’s fault. Old father time, forget to set his watch.

You mean one grandfather, or all of them?

The closer to death, the more they stretch it out. Nobody really knows who’s time it is?



I can’t stop thinking about all life starting in Africa. It doesn’t fit.

It’s pretty funny though that humans need to credit one place, only one place where life began; it’s like an obsessive compulsive disorder we all share about what we claim to need to understand and in what order and terms so we can find relative peaches with it all.

Okay, so the peach was here first, not the apple. But somebody had to shake that tree.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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