• A commercial for a multi-vegetable juice: ‘It’s not easy to get all the vegetables you need, when you don’t like the taste of them’. Score cards appear above the heads of a black man and a black woman sitting at a table.
  • On each on their plates sits two whole, over-sized broiled chickens, surrounded by a few steamed vegetables. Each time the people in the ad eat a vegetable, their score increases by one. The black woman reaches across the table to give the black man one of her vegetables–offered on a fork straight to his mouth. He takes it, his score goes up, then he leans over and spits it out. He gets up, goes to the refrigerator, drinks some V-8 Fusion straight from the bottle and returns to the table–all happy.
  • No one mentions the over-sized chickens on the plate. They don’t need to. What the ads makers are saying is, ‘we know you don’t like vegetables the way they’re prepared, so why not get your daily allotment by drinking our juice?–like a baby from a bottle, all pureed into one mushy drink?
  • Adults don’t spit out vegetables at the table, kids do that–but not all kids and probably not most kids, but every kid knows a kid who does. So, this commercial is really for kids–validating their dislike for vegetables, then telling them that even when they grow up to be adults, they still won’t like vegetables. It’s also for adults–validating the ‘you don’t like vegetables do you’ mentality, that keeps children and adults disliking vegetables, because it’s socially acceptable to spit them out. A spit out, connotes disgust.
  • This indoctrination commercial is anti-vegetable and pro-slaughter–aimed at blacks. Don’t forget the chicken on your plate. We take great pains to prepare meats, to find the best cut, to make the best marinades and barbecue sauces, but take no pains to do the same with veggies, beans, grains, nuts and fruits. They’re thrown in front of us, like a raw piece of bloody meat would be slapped on our plate, had we not taken the time and effort to mask it’s taste and appearance.
  • We toil over the perfect barbecue sauce to make the animal palatable. Where are the home chefs in the veggie department? Why not make the veggie palatable? Oh, but once you put oil/fat on the veggie, the slaughter industry people go wild. Keep the fat off the baked potato if you want to stay slim, or so you can eat the steak is more to the point. No margarine on the corn and the cob, but eat the big, fat, juicy ribs on the grill. Come on. Stop it. If you don’t like veggies, don’t puree them in a blender; prepare them so you like them.
  • The Republicans are always saying to keep the government out of our diets. Why don’t they say that to the slaughter industry? Stay out of our diets.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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