Who Cares About Black History Month?

Nobody cares about black history month except Blacks and even most of them don’t care.

I didn’t even like history classes in school – never did – it’s about war and more war and who fought, who won or lost, names, dates, people wanting to be famous or remembered.

I didn’t like memorizing all that data that meant nothing to me. Women, according to the history books I read, weren’t even there. What did they do? Cook, clean and raise kids – that wasn’t even mentioned.

I don’t care about the past. Nobody learns anything by studying the past except how to repeat it.

So I have to wonder why black people want a whole month dedicated to them. It seems there’s always something black-inspired going on in every month.

What do white people get? I wouldn’t know; I’ve never considered myself white. That’s what black people call me.

I’m Lithuanian, Scottish, British, Irish and Welsh. One grandmother, nobody knows her heritage other than upstate New York and a touch of Dutch – meaning not much, but what happened to the other ninety-five percent of her?

She said I had Indian blood in me. I didn’t ask questions back then, none of it mattered. I was a mongrel with blue eyes.

Later ancestry.com tested my DNA and I was a whole lot more so I just call myself the United Nations to myself. Just so you know, ancestry.com can give and take away your heritage history, so I don’t hold a lot of stock in history – anyone’s version of it.

I’m about the here and now.

Why do black people think white people should care about their history when they have histories of their own that go way back to other countries? The European children who were brought against their will are all dead now, so what’s the point?

How about all those European families who had nine to twelve kids in America so they could work the farms so the family could eat? They’re all dead too, so what’s the point of resurrecting them? Guess you could call them child slaves living at home.

Ask any person on the street how old America is – black or white – and no one will get it right, unless it’s staged using actors and they’re told what to say.

America is a young country. Continental African countries have been around a lot longer, so they should have been the example for the newer developing nations.

Instead, Americans soared through the wilderness to make a life out of sky, dirt and trees at great cost of human suffering, while Africa today remains a developing continent. Nobody calls North or South America or Europe or Asia developing continents

Some of the oldest so-called civilizations in the world made no noteworthy historical contributions to society as a whole, that weren’t given to them by some other outside culture – in recent history.

They have children who in 2021 still walk mostly naked, ridden with disease, still scratching dirt for live worm snacks, roads and paths littered with trash, dropped where they finished with it, with no plans to devise trash-designated areas, with pick up and drop off times?

Except for the worm snacks I saw this same behavior by black people in the slum areas of Cleveland where I once lived. So how have they advanced?

Who would want to know that history? They don’t have to read about it, the world can see it right in front of them on television. Nothing much has changed.

Some cultures are simply like that, they resist change at every level with too many people involved in the decision making processes that end in no decisions being made. There is rarely a consensus or a mandate except in areas that involve violence where they are more pro than con.

That’s what I see. There’s nothing underneath, hidden or deep about it. That’s how they present themselves to the world. That’s my synopsis.

It’s the way you live and the motivation to survive and thrive where you are right now, no matter your socio-economic status that puts you on the developed and improving road.

It’s not the amount of money, it’s what you do with what you have. Always expecting somebody else to dry your tears with their ingenuity and hard work with no contribution from you is not the road to a developed individual, family, town or nation – or continent.

It’s a plan that makes them stagnate as a developing nation instead of an improving nation, which essentially means, ‘can’t stand on their own’ classification, which means ‘needs assistance in all areas of sufficiency, which translates to burden.

So they war against those who can do, to make others give them what they’re too feeble to achieve.

War is their answer for achievement. Steal rather than create.

America is 245 years old.

Look where America has come in 245 years compared to where Africans on continental Africa have come in many thousands of years.

According to at least one black sports writer the most prominent black people in America work for the NBA (National Basketball Association).

This happens to be an organization where it is acceptable to physically abuse workers for lackluster job performances with ‘ass whoppin’s’. And there is no plan being discussed to transition beyond physical pain used to motivate black people to improve their performance.

That this still exists in 2021 and the black community ignores it is why continental Africa and African communities in all countries are still in the third world developing stage, rather than in the stage of improvement.

Africans would rather fight to take what others create rather than create their own noteworthy history.

All tribes, clans and cultures used slaves. They still do. Now they get green cards or work visas to enter foreign countries to work at jobs for wages commensurate with their lack of sophisticated skills or knowledge of the language where they work.

In America the most prominent black people are the ones who play ball games in public for millions of dollars and no societal rules. They use, abuse and destroy lives at their leisure.

Black boys want to be famous ball players or gangsters and black girls want to be Hollywood.

When reality sets in they all blame some other group of people for not becoming rich and famous, rather than choosing another more realistic goal and achieving it. Even then if they fail to achieve what they set out to do, it’s always somebody else’s fault.

Studying anybody’s history will not make a better life right here right now. Only the individual can do that in their own way, by making their own mistakes and rising from their own ashes to try again in a different way or doing something totally new.

I’m down on history. You can raise up slavery all you want, but I want children to aspire beyond that.

Blacks rub their children’s noses into a history that never existed for them; it existed for their ancestors, yet they’re taught to internalize those slave ancestors, so they never forget where they came from, so they can perpetuate the exploitation of white people who weren’t even born when their dark families sold them down the river for thirty pieces of silver.

That’s a history that’s tough to shake – your own family being breeders of humans – selling their own. Blacks have a history of distancing themselves from caring about their children for that reason. They have yet to fully recover their bonding skills.

Hey, Chinese ate their own. They ate their neighbor’s children, so they wouldn’t feel the shame and sorrow of breeding to eat part of themselves. They learned to shut down a part of their conscience so they could do it. They have yet to recover that lost part.

They procreated workers in the image of themselves. They knew how to do it. They used their bodies to survive and thrive.

It may appear selfish, yet at the same time it was an option that was comfortable. They did not have to go outside the workings of their own bodies to survive. They stood by that, even if at times …

Well, everybody knows those times and those thoughts even though they didn’t or wouldn’t have engaged in those same behaviors.

Not long ago a health department inspector discovered the frozen body of a young Chinese girl in a restaurant freezer somewhere in the Cleveland area. Authorities chose to believe the family was holding it there until arrangements could be made. The Chinese community knew in their hearts something different occurred – something taboo in Western cultures.

Why so few cemeteries in Asia?

How did the ones who didn’t sell their own or eat their own survive?

It wasn’t much of a leap to jump to other species for their survival and then to actually raise those animals for slaughter, rather than capture them in the wild.

People still do eat humans in many rural and some affluent regions – too many to still exist in 2o21. What’s being done about that?

Take that history and shove it – I’m not interested in failure or anybody’s bad feelings about the past. I’m outta there!

Whew! See ya next February.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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