Therein Lies The Proof Of Privilege

Therein Lies The Proof Of Privilege

The ones oppressed weren’t assigned a people color. They were left out in the cold to fend for themselves – and they did exactly that.

They didn’t let the lack of formal education deter them; they educated themselves – not in the ways of the street but in the ways of the world.

They could rub elbows with anyone, speak the Queen’s English, help their community and respect their neighbors. They could dust themselves off and begin anew again and again should circumstances demand it.

All this because they weren’t assigned a people color. All the other color people didn’t think to include them when making their grand plans of bettering their lives at the expense of this unknown, unlabeled noncolor. They were irrelevant, insignificant, pesty, ‘minded their own business so no one knew they were there’ type of people who weren’t assigned a people color.

They taught themselves when nobody else would. They rose within their families to become respected and didn’t brag about their successes. They didn’t steal from others what wasn’t theirs, and didn’t cry or bemoan when someone else had more than they.

They held their head high naturally without telling the world to look at them. They were satisfied with their own efforts, while always trying to improve. They didn’t laugh at the efforts or failings of others. Petty wasn’t their nature. They saw too much suffering along their journey and saw too that the ones laughing and humiliating others were the ones reaching deepest into the pockets of those worse off than themselves.

No we don’t want a color designation now and we don’t want to be included in anybody else’s. We made it on our own and although the world can’t see us, doesn’t mean we’re not here, always building a better future for all unlike and unbeknownst to all the color assigned peoples.

We’ll tip our hats and bid adieu, comfortable in who we are and how we got here and where we’re going.

We’re the poor white people who nobody sees, hears or acknowledges or cares about. So we see, hear, acknowledge and care about ourselves and each other.

We learned early that we don’t need what we can’t provide.

We’re the colorless colorfree people. The ones who worked hard for our families, countries, Gods.

We stood strong and proud alone but confident through our individual struggles.

You don’t know us, but we know each other by our demeanor. Our nods don’t start wars or take sides. We do the work while others talk about it.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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