Speaking-Off-The-Cuff And Brainstorming

Most people want a president who speaks off-the-cuff, a brainstorming president, a person who says what’s on their mind, a president who doesn’t hide their personal thoughts by speaking from a script prepared by agents of the government, as did previous presidents in modern history. After all, the ones left in place when the politicians lose or win their seats, are the long-term agencies concerned about how the country runs and how it’s viewed, in relation to other countries around the world.

They do that, in part, by controlling what the masses everywhere and the leaders of other countries hear coming from the mouths of high level politicians and appointees, who to a significant degree determine how those countries will feel about the state of their own state and the state of its future, on any given day in any area of concern.

Well, speaking-off-the-cuff and brainstorming is what We The Citizens Of The World got in President Donald J. Trump. Be careful what you wish for many often say, because at least in this case, the world got what they wanted.

Now the world wants the USA to go back to the day when the CIA wrote the scripts or some other agency within the government that sanitizes and otherwise minimizes the impact of the message being told and disseminated in real time around the globe.

Now We The Citizens Of The World want the puppet back in the White House. Puppets give people peace of mind. At least we know it’s only a show and we can muse about what this meant and that meant – rightly or wrongly. But there’s no hysteria.

Transparency is messy. It’s chaotic. The world is chaotic. Every process is chaotic. Putting one’s best foot forward does not include transparency.

From watching what off-the-cuff and brainstorming looks like up close in the highest governing position in the USA, people everywhere can now accurately assume that their own governments are probably as chaotic as the USA government.

They just don’t present themselves that way. They’re starting to however.

Essentially Hollywood CIA was writing the scripts that controlled the response of the masses. A script is an act – like in a play. They’re in every government of every country under different titles and different rules.

So pick what you want, but then find a way to understand it and live with it when you get it.



Many of those who demand compassion from others have no compassion toward anyone except their own group or demographic.

Selective compassion creates chaos and mistrust.

Spread your kindness to all creatures large and small and see the world change for the better.



Communism is dead – because it worked in theory ONLY, not practice. Large parts of the world practiced it and large parts of the world suffered as a result. Only a tiny elite, ruling minority prospered under their own rule, which in essence made them a dictatorship by committee.

If you call yourselves a democracy because you have free elections, but everyone in the country prefers the policies and practices of socialism, then you’re basically a monolithic system of governing, which in essence becomes communism if practiced long enough, since everyone in the nation can’t all be rich, but they can all be at the poverty line, which eventually demoralizes the populace, which then requires a military presence in the civilian population to keep the system that no longer works.

The only time systems of mass control work in providing a more equal balance is when in transition. Once the goal is met, nobody likes it, because it’s too confining and restrictive. Paradoxically, it is always the masses who want and seek and rise up to achieve that equal distribution, only to discover that it produced more disadvantages, rather than fewer.

China’s system has never worked. The reason it appeared to thrive at various times throughout history is because the Chinese people were convinced by their leaders that suffering was a necessary part of the plan.

China’s system lays all the decision-making into the hands of a few old men regarding every single detail of China’s population, land, resources, and on and on.

China’s old men are no different than anybody else’s old men. Old men can’t handle that much responsibility. Young men can’t handle that much responsibility. Nobody’s men can.

Suffering, suffering, suffering. You wear it well. What a lie you projected to the world. Suffering brings you peace, wealth, happiness, ingenuity, invention? Then why do you spend so much time stealing America’s inventions? 

Long live China as a democracy. If China becomes a democracy, then China keeps Hong Kong and Taiwan. Everyone is different, but equally worthy to pursue their people’s dreams. 

Not all Chinese are the same. Accept that reality as the beginning of what an ultimate Chinese Democracy will look like. Better than any other democracy.

You know how to do it. You dreamed it for centuries.



It’s time to redefine Calm for those who accepted a definition they didn’t understand.

Chaos – Calm – Calm – Chaos.

The edge of calm. Which edge?

This side? Or the other side? The line is thin.

Which way do I cross to be on the right side?

Without a compass? How will I know?

That which repels or compels me to cross?

It isn’t north, west, south nor east. Neither sun nor moon nor light nor dark can direct me.

This side of calm is where you want to be, where you need to be. The side closest to you. That way you won’t commit atrocities in the name of somebody else’s cause or thirst for blood justice through blood vengeance.

This side of calm blocks you from acting or reacting even in your own name, or your own thirst for blood of any type.

That’s the zone you need to keep yourself in to keep you from harming others.

That’s your compass. Your compass is you.

One step over the line and you’re into chaos. A chaos you created by not staying on your side of calm.

Being on the edge of calm keeps you sufficiently alert to your surroundings, whereby you can react to any situation with measured calm instead of exaggerated chaos.

Measured calm doesn’t mean your finger’s on the trigger, or you’re just waiting for someone to slip up so you can feel justified in popping them, or making demands you know they can’t possibly meet to use as justification for lowering the boom.

Measured calm is a place where you reside in your mind/psyche that allows you to think freely of options. Peaceful options, productive options, smart options, alternative solutions that you can employ to stop chaos from happening before it does. Everybody knows what those are. You don’t need words to explain them; they’re written into everybody’s instinct DNA.

Use them now.


Hedonism – Freedom Or Chaos

Everything in life wasn’t meant to come easy or even naturally. Work, hard work, is an integral part of challenging us to do and be better.

Always giving way to what is most comfortable or taking the path of least resistance is seen as hedonistic – selfish.

As long as we live among other animals, we must take them into account in all our plans to dominate the planet, rather than toss them away or use, abuse and destroy their right to exist alongside and among us.

Hedonism promotes chaos not freedom.


No Intermissions

Some people have a need to create chaos. They function at their optimal levels (they think) when in flux. The problem here is that by being in flux all the time, they force others they encounter to experience their dramas with them. It’s like an ongoing play with no intermissions.

Steering clear or responding in kind aren’t viable options for their victims.

Their need for chaos is written into their DNA. Their perception of its value is not. All flaws can be corrected to some degree.

Calm is not an operative word nor a useful process for them. It sounds too much and feels too much like control. It enrages them.

So let it go.